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12:54 AM
@Natty tp
5 hours later…
5:31 AM
OT 12.04
5:56 AM
@Natty tp
6:51 AM
2 hours later…
8:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (62): How to change user and group to myself instead of root by techyinvestor on askubuntu.com
8:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer (122): Get a log of kernel updates by techyinvestor on askubuntu.com
9:27 AM
these were edited to remove the link, but I think they should have been deleted as spam instead ^^
10:07 AM
@Natty tp
@Natty fp - though I don't see why that would be correct
@Natty tp
@Natty tp - The OP's solution, which this mentions but does not really reiterate, should exist as an answer, though, especially if the question is not to be considered no repro.
Although this question is not very high quality, it's neither unclear nor opinion-based.
opinion-based or too broad
@Natty tp
too broad, opinion-based
Can this question be edited to be clear?
11:16 AM
@EliahKagan does this comment make sense?
Thank you for the response. Can you help me to fix the settings. The selectable version options I see are all 32 bit — Victor Kumi Tuah 10 hours ago
@EliahKagan I edited this question. It looks like a BIOS - enable virtualization (intel vt-x / amd-v) problem to me.
Thanks. That makes sense.
@EliahKagan Here's a link to the question's review: askubuntu.com/review/close/1062928
11:31 AM
Thanks, I've reviewed it Leave Open. It's still in the queue.
@EliahKagan It needs one more Leave Open vote to kick it out of the CV queue.
It's now out of the queue.
12:21 PM
dupe. Add second dupe target from karel's comment. The issue wasn't with WINE's PPA. Instead the issues were with other PPAs
1:02 PM
1:13 PM
dupe, please use the link from my second comment (reposted)
^^ Or perhaps better if a mod can delete this straight away as the OP reposted the question within about 9 hours (cc @Zanna @jokerdino @Ravexina)
you voted it as a dupe of something else
shall I delete the old one and you vote to close the new one? Or I can merge the new one into the old one (as it has an answer) and delete that one
@Zanna Yes, before I found out OP reposted. The (accepted) answer posted to the new question covers my initial target.
oh I forgot ... merging removes accepts
@Zanna So better to just delete the old one.
I will perhaps post the link below the new question too.
thanks, done it
thanks for fixing the title
1:29 PM
@Zanna Even the screenshots were not there, I imported from the older question. :D
great job, thank you very much
So... there's nothing left here for me :D
I'm done here I guess :D
1:44 PM
NP :D ;)
@Natty tp
@Zanna One small clarification, my initial dupe target doesn't completely apply as I assumed one step beyond! :D
I thought the OP was trying to fit an image of different aspect ratio to the desktop somewhat intentionally. It got zoomed and they couldn't find a way to choose another "adjustment" option (tile, centre etc.).
Turns out the OP was not even aware of the problem with aspect ratio mismatch in the first place. The answer posted to the new question covers both the aspects (pun definitely intended) nicely.
2:01 PM
:D great
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad ns for domain in body, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at beginning of body, +6 more (731): Weight Loss Pills 2020 by MaryS Bechtel on askubuntu.com
2:30 PM
Should we trust this question?
OP asked the same question before, which was closed as OP uses KDE Neon.
People often try out multiple systems. I'd at least wait and see, before assuming that the claim is untrue.
@pomsky But they insisted KDE Neon is same as Kubuntu with a newer KDE version (from memory, referring to a deleted comment, perhaps a mod can have a look).
I'm quite sure they're being dishonest here.
> KDE Neon is basically Kubuntu (which is on-topic) just with newer KDE software. For the record: I had the exactly same issues on stock Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME.
2:46 PM
@Zanna Thanks. Don't think having the exact issues on stock Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME is much relevant to the question.
2:56 PM
I don't know what the best way to handle that is.
do we know what could be the cause of that issue?
3:11 PM
@Natty tp
@Natty tp
4:41 PM
OT-no repro? I'm little confused with this comment. Did they reinstall the system?
@Natty fp
5:11 PM
(unrelated) Do we consider issues occurred due to organisation's policies/restrictions as OT-no-repro?
I don't think there's a universal answer to that. In general, probably not, since people can have unusual goals, and their questions are still on-topic if they can explain their goals well enough for it to be possible to judge answers. An organization's policy "Don't do X," makes a question "How do I achieve A?" into "How do I achieve A without doing X?" and disclosing that the reason is the policy is actually good as otherwise it looks like an XY problem.
Is there a particular question you're thinking of?
Q: Cannot install g++-10

n. 'pronouns' m.Running Ubuntu 18.04. I have added ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test. I have successfully installed gcc-10: $ sudo apt-get install gcc-10 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done gcc-10 is already the newest version (10.1.0-2ubuntu1~18.04). I have also i...

OP already posted an answer. I don't think it is a reproducible issue.
Q: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS + Maven 3 + Java 11

JoergiI have a fresh new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed on my machine. I also installed Maven (Apache Maven 3.6.3) and Java (openjdk version "11.0.7" 2020-04-14) If I download now for testing the Spring Boot Demo project I always got the error: [1]+ Stopped mvn spring-boot:run -X It...

5:47 PM
OT-Parrot OS. Nevermind. Ravexina closed that.
1 hour later…
dupe. Doesn't seem like a good signpost.
dupe. Please add this question as second dupe target
dupe. See OP's answere
@Natty tp
dupe. I'm out of close votes for today.
8:25 PM
@Kulfy Done.
8:36 PM
9:34 PM
@Natty fp
@Natty tp
[ Natty | Sentinel ] Link to Post Contains Blacklisted Word - this guide; Low Length; No Code Block; Contains Whitelisted Word - try to; IntelliBL - -0.4; Low Rep; 3.0;
10:27 PM
@Kulfy Oh. I don't know if we have a consensus about that. I would be reluctant to close them, especially the first one (which ironically is the only one with close votes right now) since the first one is somewhat specific as to what was going on, identifying a specific system.
It's not obvious to me that these questions--especially the first one--would not be useful to people experiencing similar problems. These are cases where particular software is producing the effect, and the OP didn't know about the software. That doesn't seem no repro to me.
If we consider it generally, you have multiple (at least two) examples--and, though I admit I might be mistaken, you do seem to view this as a recurring issue on the site (and thus, for people who ask questions).
On the other hand, considering each case individually, there might be some that don't have enough information to be useful and are thus no repro (though some of those might simply be unclear), but other cases would have enough information to possibly be useful and would not be no repro.
@EliahKagan I mean the answer to the first one is somewhat specific. (But the question does have considerable detail... maybe enough to people people in a similar situation.)

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