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12:05 AM
Good comment. (The post is nice, too, especially with that comment there to protect people.)
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5:13 AM
OT after all (see comments).
Was I wrong to delete this answer?
Why do people think answers are "deleted automatically by the system"?
5:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +6 more: supplementstest.org/zygenx/ by icxs on askubuntu.com
6:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +6 more: supplementstest.org/zygenx/ by farhanuste on askubuntu.com
6:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body: Can't install Ubuntu alongisde Windows 10 , Should i convert to GPT by Sele on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +5 more: www.hairlosspropecia.org/ultra-pure-memory-boost-xl/ by Dary1929 on askubuntu.com
6:43 AM
I suspect that many of these answers are on questions we should consider duplicates either of one another or of other questions.
7:01 AM
Dupe (not actually off-topic).
7:26 AM
@EliahKagan very worrying. Probably because certain people say on meta that the system deletes whatever is a problem for the system
Well the one I had mentioned earlier while cleaning up Yoda comments was from January 2015.
And the other one was from today.
But I think I've seen a whole bunch more. I'm not sure from when.
7:41 AM
certain people have said that repeatedly on meta
That was cleverer than most spam. It had a title that made it seem like it was a question about Ubuntu.
Repeatedly over the years?
@EliahKagan but Smokey got it pats Smokey
8:02 AM
So, now that SmokeDetector has settled in to the Downboat...
...do we want FireAlarm?


A side expansion of the SOBotics project to the SE network. Fo...
already voted
@EliahKagan I don't know. Have to think about it haha
I guess one question is, does it do anything that the review queues aren't doing?
8:20 AM
the first reviewer thought it looked OK :(
flagged for migration because the system will not delete it
Wait, is the Community bot not being programmed to eventually delete that question (due to its answer of positive score) really the reason you flagged it for migration?
no, it has a good answer, so it shouldn't be deleted, but the question and its answer do not belong here
Yes. I agree with that.
8:40 AM
By the way, although I don't think we're obligated to migrate it, that question is specific to Kali. In Kali the default setup is that one runs as root all the time--the idea being that one uses a more appropriate distro for everything that doesn't require being root. That's why the OP has a root shell even though they're just trying to move a file to their own desktop folder.
So in almost any other distro, including every official flavor of Ubuntu, one typically does that as a non-root user and gets:
mv: cannot move 'rockyou.txt' to '/Desktop': Permission denied
In Kali, however, you don't do anything special to get a terminal where you are running a root shell.
So a good answer for Ubuntu would include, "Don't use a root shell to move stuff to your own desktop folder."
While a good answer for Kali would include, "Make sure it really makes sense that you are using Kali Linux."
8:55 AM
yeah. it's also why there is a directory in their output /root/Desktop
which would be an odd thing to have in an Ubuntu system
9:47 AM
Haha, I went to click on that and it disappeared in chat. :)
10:31 AM
NAA and I'm out votes for the day.
downvoted, but it says "this item is not reviewable" although review is not complete
and I can't cast a delete vote outside review unless someone else downvotes it
you ran out of votes early in the day...
Oh. Yeah, in that situation it's best to click Recommend Deletion before casting the downvote.
I wasn't in review at all
Never mind then.
but if I am in review, I've always been able to click the link, downvote, refresh, and delete vote if it goes from 1 to 0
10:38 AM
Hmm. I don't think I have.
yeah you mentioned having issues with this
I got into review then by clicking the "from review" link in the comment after downvoting... so it's annoying and not obvious why I can't review it. Maybe I landed on that post while reviewing earlier in another tab and then wandered off/did something else
10:54 AM
@EliahKagan Any thoughts about those?
Many of the answers are similar, so some of the questions may be dupes.
Trying but I can't find much of a question
Is this really off-topic? It seems to me tat an answer can be posted explaining why there is no solution through remote login.
11:11 AM
Dupe (see comments).
Where does the idea that apt-get upgrade will remove packages come from? If that were the case, there would be no need for dist-upgrade. I wish I had noticed that comment when it was not followed by numerous other comments.
Anyway, is this a duplicate of that question.
Well, I've VTC'd, but commented for the OP in case the solutions there aren't enough.
@Zanna We can vote to delete that answer now.
11:28 AM
@edwinksl VTD?
(20k needed for that)
delete what?
i can't delete answers
I keep forgetting you're not 20k.
Sorry about that.
feel free to transfer 10k to me
11:31 AM
Sorry for the pointless ping!
er seems like a Windows problem. But the fact that I haven't a shadow of a clue how to do that and would immediately look for the answer on Super User if I had that problem is probably not a good indicator
Was I right to close this?
I believe this is a dupe.
well I was wondering whether to vote to close it anyway, since it is pretty unclear and the "solution" seems... flukey. But if it was left open and the the answer never got upvoted, our query would catch it and we could look at the anon feedback after a few months...
That actually would've been smart.
Well it's not worth reopening, is it?
(unrelated to above and below) This is a dupe of this or that.
I wish I had thought of that.
Now I understand the meaning of...
Jun 14 at 10:00, by Zanna
see I am not all about DELETE ALL THE THINGS
I think. I haven't checked its actual context.
Jun 14 at 10:00, by Zanna
getting delete-voted but I edited in an attempt to save it
that was the preceding message haha
11:43 AM
Dupe (see comments).
more than once I've suggested someone paste something to paste.ubuntu.com and post the link and they reply "ok, I've pasted it there, please check"
Yeah that's happened to me a lot. Especially when I was way more active on Lauchpad Answers.
(That's not what was going on in that post, though.)
yeah, don't know where that one went :S
I think we can dupe this (see comments).
Do we have something for this?
oh yes
A: System freezes completely with Intel Bay Trail

ZannaYour processor is affected by the c-state bug This causes total freezes when the CPU tries to enter an unsupported sleep state. It's a problem for many Bay Trail devices especially with newer (4.*) kernels. Affected processors AFAIK: Atom Z3735F (Asus X205TA, Acer Aspire Switch 10, Lenovo MIIX...

11:49 AM
What to do with this?
@EliahKagan oh what could be the reason for that?
@Zanna For which part? The emergence of the problem after installing updates?
@EliahKagan yeah, sorry
And then this happened.
I think this one can be duped. The question says "DOS" but it's tagged .
I think no repro.
NAA (it's intended as a success report, not a new answer -- the method it says works is fully shown in the accepted answer, which it refers to)
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2:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Live sass compiler ubuntu by Saibal on askubuntu.com
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3:20 PM
@EliahKagan depends how well FPs and LAs are being reviewed
3 hours later…
6:45 PM
If it were not for how they're using it at a business where likely they are responsible for keeping clients' or employees' private data secure, it would be awesome.
My favorite OS of all time is still Red Hat 6.
Erm... I... I mean.... Ubuntu.
I think this answer could use another edit -- at least to merge the old and new material, separate the nonrecursive and recursive techniques, and to use the trash-cli-provided command with the gvfs-provided command as the alternate option -- but I'm not sure how best to do it.
7:28 PM
@EliahKagan I think I could manage to edit that post later if I remember
@EliahKagan Lol :)
No problem.
Is this intended as an answer, or not?
1 hour later…

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