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4:57 AM
in Hinduism, 2 mins ago, by S S
@TriyugiNarayanMani Congrats on reaching 6k mark!!!
@Tezz @LakshmiNarayanan I just posted an answer related to the Brahma Sutras:
A: What are all doctrines or philosophies discussed in Brahma Sutra?

Keshav SrinivasanHere are the main philosophical schools discussed by Vyasa in the Brahma Sutras (which you can read here: Vedanta: The Brahma Sutras are the defining text of Vedanta school, so in some sense all the Sutras are giving the views of the Vedanta school. Samkhya: Kapila's Samkhya school seems to hav...

My answer has some formatting problems though. Can someone fix them?
@KeshavSrinivasan A copy editor asking others to edit their answers?!!!!
@KeshavSrinivasan Editing is the most favorite part on Stack exchange.
@KeshavSrinivasan What are topic 5, topic 1 etc., in your answer?
@KeshavSrinivasan I will do it. It helps for copy editor.
@SS The Brahma Sutras consist of four Adhyayas, each Adhyaya consists of four Padas, and each Pada consists of many Adhikaranas. Each Adhikarana is a set of Sutras which discusses a certain topic.
@SS You can read the Brahma Sutras here: advaita.it/library/brahmasutras2.htm That's what I'm copying and pasting from.
@SS OK, so there are three formatting problems with my answer: 1. Some block quotes and some regular text is for some reason not properly indented. 2. Some of the text outside of the block quotes is for some reason included inside of the block quote. 3. Some of the numbering format within block quotes is messed up, i.e. the numbers aren't appearing on separate line.
5:19 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan What is the example for 2. Some of the text outside of the block quotes is for some reason included inside of the block quote.
@SS For instance, in point 3 the text "What that means is that the arguments used in Adhyaya 2 Pada 1 Sutras 1-2, which were used to refute the Samkhya school, apply equally well to the Yoga school." should appear outside the block quote.
@SS The same problem is there in points 5 and 7.
@KeshavSrinivasan Topic names? They should be outside of the block quotes. Isn't it?
@SS No, they should be inside the block quotes.
@KeshavSrinivasan Okay. Adyaya pada 3 should come after adhyaya pada 2. isn't it?
@SS Which point are you talking about?
5:27 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Purva mimamsa.
@SS Oh, I didn't notice thee problem concerning "Upanishads reveal Brahman". Yeah, "Topic 4" should go in a separate line after "means of its knowledge."
Do you want point numbers like 11,12 or should I convert them into bullet points? @KeshavSrinivasan
Are those numbers given by the writer of the article or they denote specific sutra?
@SS The numbers within the block quotes are specific sutra numbers, whereas the numbers next to the names of schools in bold are my numbers. If you want, you can change my numbers to bullet points. That doesn't matter to me.
@KeshavSrinivasan I am keeping them.
5:59 AM
@TheDestroyer @Tezz @SwiftPushkar A good read on "Is our future pre determined" vedanta.unworldliness.org/2011/07/…
6:17 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Are you satisfied with my edit?
A: Who are Pancha brahmas' Lalita Devi sits on and Why are they called so?

SwiftPushkarI am providing another reference about “ Pancha-Brahmas” you asked in the question , from Linga Purana – Uttar Bhaga – Chapter 14 –Panca-Brahmas . According to Linga Purana Lord Shiva the form of Panca-Brahmas. In the form of Panca-Brahmas, Shiva is the creator of the universe , beside being i...

yesterday, by SwiftPushkar
@SS - hmm , if available I will give one answer of your question .. guess which ?
Good Afternoon All :)
@SwiftPushkar Wow! Sorry.. I didn't see that message.
@SS - oh , its ok , i was also wondering why you haven't replied that day , but anyway its ok , it happens with all of us :)
Why are t Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswara and Ishana called Pancha Brahmas ? @SwiftPushkar @Tezz
@Tezz - Namaskaram , pls see the explanation given by me about lalita devi sitting on pancha-Brahma in above answer , what do you think about that ?
6:30 AM
Because these five are recognised as the five brahmas widely on which Lalita devi sits on the contrary of what I have seen in the answers.
From left to right, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheshwara and on the bed, Shiva is Ishana.
@SS - i have provided the another explanation , see that also :)
@SwiftPushkar ^^'
@SS - ok , here is my explanation - " So we can see that each of these five brahmas resides in the different sense organs of embodied beings ,So in a another way Lalita Devi sitting on the PanchaBrahmas. Means she is the master of al these senses and ruler of those."
@TheDestroyer- You also please review my answer :)
@SwiftPushkar Your answer is a good one. Last paragraph in Tezz's answer is the relevant part to the exact question I asked Rest of it is the explanation of Five faces of Sadashiva.
@SS - Thanks , What do you think about my explanation , i do thought a lot about that , and this explanation came in my mind :)
6:39 AM
@SwiftPushkar Yes. This also makes sense. Good explanation.
@SS - this is the screenshot , i will also add this in answer :) I think its not properly visible , the big screenshot will be needed , in answer :)
yesterday, by S S
@Pandya @SwiftPushkar In Bhagavatam or any purana, Is there any mention of anyone who controls the horses of Sun god other than Sun and Aruna?
@SS - no , i don't think they are controlled by anyone else , at least i heave not seen anywhere mention about this :)
> But it means sitting over Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswara and Ishana which are also PanchaBrahmas.
@SwiftPushkar How will you explain this statement? Sitting on these five means ?
@Pandya - haha , wait , i will ask today or tomorrow , will prepare the question. :)
@SwiftPushkar @AnkitSharma ^^
6:57 AM
@SS because they are Brahman and they are five...😀😀 so called Panchabrahman...😀😀
@SwiftPushkar yeah your answer is also nice...😀😇
@AnkitSharma Most of the early site questions were in HNQ.
Now the views stop at 800 or so.
@SS - WOW 280 amazing , i never got more than 125-130 in single day :(
@Tezz - thanks , :)
7:14 AM
@SwiftPushkar Bounty was awarded and two answers were accepted. So, I got that score. You will also hit the rep cap soon. I wrote 4answers on a day. Which is my highest till now.
A: Is Kusha (kush) son of Lord Rama?

surya prakashIn Ramayana it's this way that Kusha was born: Once Sita goes to fetch water from a lake carrying infant Lava in her arms. Sage Valmiki then comes to the ashram from outside and asks where Sita is. The ashram people say she has gone to fetch water with other ladies and he does not see the child ...

I heard this story too but don't know the source
@SS - yeah , i will try my best :) Thanks , and yeah the image is more clear now :)
Lost a chance to get a revival badge... :( . Lazy me..
You got an answer
7:22 AM
not satisfied
yesterday, by S S
@SwiftPushkar Hint: It is one of Ankit Sharma's questions.
@AnkitSharma ^
yesterday, by S S
I have another answer ready but waiting for tomorrow to write it.
Anyway... that question doesn't qualify for revival.. So no problem...
@AnkitSharma Behappy's answer says it is not true.
> Can a person who masturbate be a maharshi?
LOL... Are you kidding me?
7:40 AM
@SS - have you given that answer ? what is that , i cant find it :)
@SwiftPushkar NO. I didn't write it yet. I may write it today.
@SS - OK , all the best :) I will write the META Q .. :)
Q: What is Lord Hanuman's weapon of choice from scriptures?

Ankit SharmaLord Hanuman always depicted with carryinging a mace: But during few conversation with our in-house user Sree Charan, he said There is no explicit reference that Hanuman used Gada/mace. In Sundara Kanda(a chapter in Ramayana an epic of India), he used a iron club which he finds in Lanka i...

RAINING STARTED TODAY ... Finally MONSOON CAME .... WE were waiting for that ...🌧
8:13 AM
What is the Argument to show that there exists a soul apart from the body?
@All @Aghori ^
@KeshavSrinivasan You too!
@SS No, unfortunately I'm not. I want the text and block quotes under each numbered point to be indented.
basically, how to counter "There is nothing apart from the body that is responsible for consciousness"
@SS Let me show you what I mean. Look at this answer:
A: What are the curses given to Ravana?

Keshav SrinivasanIn this chapter of the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana, right before deciding to wake up Kumbakarna, Ravana enumerates various curses that he's received which have led up to the defeat he is now experiencing: All that great penance performed by me became a waste indeed, for, I who am equal to Ma...

@SS Do you see how all the text in point 1 is to the right of the number 1? That's how I want it.
@LakshmiNarayanan Didn't we discuss this earlier?
@KeshavSrinivasan Haha Amnesia, I know we discussed but i'm talking to a friend and not able to convince him that we are more than a bag of chemical reactions.
@KeshavSrinivasan In fact there doesn't seem to be any question that discuss this on the SE directly
@KeshavSrinivasan Point number out side of the block quotes?
8:28 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Just to consolidate the arguments and as a ready reference in the future, i've posted a question on this:
Q: Is Atma the same as the body?

Lakshmi NarayananWhat logical arguments do our scriptures advance to show that Atma is not something material like the body? How do the different vedantic philosophies like VisistAdvaita, Dvaita and Advaita, etc,. stand on this issue?

@SS Yeah, I'm saying that the numbers outside of the block quotes should be left of the block quotes.
@LakshmiNarayanan My question here is relevant:
Q: Does Adi Shankaracharya believe the existence of the soul requires scripture to establish?

Keshav SrinivasanIn Hindu philosophy there are three main Pramanas or valid means of knowledge: Pratyaksha or sensory perception, Anumana or inference, and Shabda or revelation/scripture. And there is a hierarchy of these Pramanas: Anumana is only applicable to those things which cannot be known through Pratyaks...

@LakshmiNarayanan I'm actually not sure what Pramanas Ramanujacharya believed were necessary to establish the existence of the soul. Adi Shankaracharya thought that Adhyaya 3 Pada 3 Sutra 53 of the Brahma Sutras was about the existence of the soul, and he thought that Shabara had copied his argument for the existence of the soul from the Brahma Sutras.
@LakshmiNarayanan But Ramanujacharya thought that this Sutra is about a completely different subject, and so he doesn't address whether the existence of the soul can be proven through empirical means or if it requires Sabda Pramana. Or at least he doesn't discuss it in his commentary on that particular Sutra. But he may discuss it elsewhere.
8:51 AM
Q: Is this a Hindu deity?

MaximinIs this a Hindu Goddess? If yes which one and what do they represent?

I have found it 😀 its Vajra-Varahi ,from Tibetan Buddhism @Tezz can you somehow verify this ✔
Vajravarahi derives from the boar-headed Hindu goddess Varahi (female aspect of Vishnu’s boar-headed avatar Varaha), reflecting the incorporation of Hindu imagery into Vajrayana Buddhism. The head of a sow projects from her head. Wearing a garland of severed heads, she dances on a corpse, wielding a chopper with a vajra (thunderbolt) finial, evoking the cutting away of illusions.
@KeshavSrinivasan I find that the second blockquote of AdiSankarAcharya's Commentary a bit difficult to understand, need to make it into steps lol
@SS didn't got it
@SS uhuunn what O.o
9:18 AM
9:31 AM
@LakshmiNarayanan - Nice question , will try to answer😀👍👍💐
10:16 AM
Sep 28 '16 at 16:06, by SwiftPushkar
@Tezz @TheDestroyer - look at the hand , its like the fig. is doing some magic act or so ..Anyway @Tezz -Interesting find :)
Sep 28 '16 at 16:20, by Tezz
@SwiftPushkar also what is that nailcutter or key chain or माला ...
Sep 28 '16 at 14:12, by The Destroyer
@Tezz @SwiftPushkar Who is she?
@TheDestroyer - 🖕🏻
@LakshmiNarayanan- 👇🏻
Brahma Sutras Sutra 2,4.19

वैलक्षय्णाच्च ||

There is, moreover, a difference of characteristics between the chief Prana and the senses. The organs do not function in deep sleep, whereas the Prana does. The chief Prana alone is not reached by death, while the other Pranas are. The staying and departing of the chief Prana, not that of the sense organs is the cause of the maintenance and the dissolution of the body.
@SwiftPushkar Good find.
@TheDestroyer - Not sure though , but both are holding a pot in right hand , both are dancing , and both wearing garland but need to confirm once again :)
@TheDestroyer - But only thing is Vajra is absent in the photo of the question
10:56 AM
@SwiftPushkar Do you have gita press version of Bhagavatam?
@SS - Yes :)
Can you post the translation of 6.6.1-3 when you are free? A screenshot. @SwiftPushkar
@SS - yes I will :) but its in marathi , what do you want exactly?
The word translation used for dharma. @SwiftPushkar
Oh!I thought it was in hindi
@SS - The word Daarma is is the same , its about 60 daughters of prajapati :) he given 10 to dharma (wives) :) its the same word , do you need sanskrit shlokas ?
11:07 AM
@SwiftPushkar So, it is not Yama? Vedabase uses the word Yamadharma raja here.
I wanted to clarify about that
@SS - ok , let me see .. wait
@SS - Gita press isn't clear about Dharma = Yamaraja , its just saying , Dharma , and that is not yudhishthira its sure , so may be they are right , will find more :)
@SwiftPushkar cool
@SwiftPushkar No. It is not Yudhishtira. Yama is called Yama Dharma Raja in telugu states. I meant it in that way.
@LakshmiNarayanan - But that verse is talking about chief prana , not general pranas , and i don't know what are other pranas (pancha- prana)
@SS - oh , ok :)
2 hours later…
12:51 PM
Q: Description of Tripura (3 cities) which were destroyed by Shiva from puranas?

SwiftPushkarTripura- meaning three cities, were constructed by the great Asura architect Mayasura. These were united afterwards , Maya's cities were destroyed by god Tripurantaka, an aspect of Shiva. The above link provides very interesting but a very short description of those 3 cities. So I am interes...

@SwiftPushkar ok...
@LakshmiNarayanan - 🙏🏻 :)
1:27 PM
@Tezz - Yeah , many puranas have the story , its the simple question , that's why i asked , many can simultaneously write the answer.👍👍💐
@Pandya - ok , but i want more detail description than that , anyway , nice try👍
@SwiftPushkar Yes, but I don't know story from other Puranas, I think @Tezz will answer as he know Shiva Purana describe in detail.
@TheDestroyer - Yeah , nice find , but the question is little different 👍👍
@SwiftPushkar Yeah, tat's why related. I will post answer from Shiva Purana. It is also described in Vedas.
I just found @SwiftPushkar 's leela on the site! Haha
@Pandya - its ok , search shiva related Puranas , like @Tezz said , 👍
@TheDestroyer - Ok , i am waiting 😊 all the best 👍💐
@Pandya - haha , BTW upvoted 👍👍👍✔
1:36 PM
@Pandya haha. Pushkara's leelas are many and this is one among them..😀😀
@TheDestroyer - may be i need to reformat that answer , I asked that question on Tripurari pournima , but nobody answered , so given the answer in hurry😀😀
@SwiftPushkar Actually, i couldn't find exact reference for Shiva's Tripura Dahana and Kartika Pournami.
@TheDestroyer - yeah , we have discussed about that also , but i will try to find , from some discourses or other books.
2:22 PM
@Tezz Do you know authentic sources for metaphorical intepretations of tripura: I found two sources :
I also want to add metaphorical meaning behind three cities.
@TheDestroyer - 👍👍
@SwiftPushkar I will also add metaphorical meanings behind those three cities.
@Pandya - Flagged
@SwiftPushkar Someone made an anonymous edit removing personal details and i approved it.
@TheDestroyer - Oh , that will be a good addition , I was only asking about mythological description , but the metaphorical meaning will also be added advantage to the answer 👍
@TheDestroyer - oh ,ok i saw edit (1) , but it is service promotion also , do i Flagged ,👍
2:35 PM
@SwiftPushkar Yeah. Goddess is called Tripura Sundari not just beautiful in 3 worlds or 3 Puras, but control over all 3s. Trimurtis, Three Vedas (based on Mantra type classification), three worlds and so on........
@TheDestroyer - hmm , interesting .. BTW your answer covers all , but let's just wait , for sometime for somebody giving answer from other Puranas.
@SwiftPushkar 👍
2:56 PM
स एव मायापरिमोहितात्मा शरीरमास्थाय करोति सर्वम् ।
स्त्र्यन्नपानादिविचित्रभोगैः स एव जाग्रत्परितृप्तिमेति ॥ १२॥

स्वप्ने स जीवः सुखदुःखभोक्ता स्वमायया कल्पितजीवलोके ।
सुषुप्तिकाले सकले विलीने तमोऽभिभूतः सुखरूपमेति ॥ १३॥

पुनश्च जन्मान्तरकर्मयोगात्स एव जीवः स्वपिति प्रबुद्धः ।
पुरत्रये क्रीडति यश्च जीवस्ततस्तु जातं सकलं विचित्रम् ।
आधारमानन्दमखण्डबोधं यस्मिँल्लयं याति पुरत्रयं च ॥ १४॥
@TheDestroyer mystical meaning of Tripuras is also described in Kaivalya Upanishad:
12. With his self thus deluded by Maya or ignorance, it is he who identifies himself with
the body and does all sorts of things. In the waking state it is he (the Jiva) who attains
satisfaction through the varied objects of enjoyment, such as women, food, drink, etc.
13. In the dream-state that Jiva feels pleasure and pain in a sphere of existence created by
his own Maya or ignorance. During the state of profound sleep, when everything is
dissolved (into their causal state), he is overpowered by Tams or non-manifestation and
@Tezz who is He here?
Ok. Shiva right?
@TheDestroyer yeah He means Brahman/Shiva there...
@Tezz ok. 8th point says it.
8. He is Brahma, He is Shiva, He is Indra, He is the Immutable, the Supreme, the Self-luminous, He alone is Vishnu, He is Prana, He is Time and Fire, He is the Moon.
@Tezz Thanks! I will add it to my answer.
@TheDestroyer yes... btw this verse is also cited in Shankara VSN while explaining the name Shiva...
@TheDestroyer yeah add it...

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