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3:38 AM
@all in case you missed ...
in Hinduism, 2 days ago, by sv.
Question Idea for the daring people here: Why are lungies not allowed inside this temple?
in Hinduism, 2 days ago, by sv.
Whoever dares to ask this question on the main site, I'll guarantee my upvote :D
3:51 AM
@sv. What!!!!???? Many temples are insisting devotees to wear traditional wear like dhoti, kurta etc., IMO Lungi also comes under traditional wear in Telugu states. Don't know about Tamilnadu.
4:37 AM
@sv. Lungi or dhoti (పంచె)? Lungi is not professional 😁😁 . This is just rule of a particular temple and question will be closed immediately as opinion based. BTW, which temple is that?
5:12 AM
@TheDestroyer I can't properly look at the deity beside the plaque. I strongly suspect there it is a temple of Ammavaru as main deity. Some incarnation of lord Vishnu in the temple.
@sv. As lungis are very common in Tamil nadu, they may have imposed that rule.
@TheDestroyer I can guarantee you it will not be closed. I can tell you that because I just graduated 1st class from my How to Become a Moderator training :P
5:28 AM
@sv. Probably we can't find reasons for that peculiar tradition in Agama Sastra or Dharma Sastra. I feel it as opinion based question.
@sv. I will vote to close it as opinion based however you frame the question 😜
@TheDestroyer I can again guarantee you your vote will be reversed, this is all from the training I underwent :P LOL ...
@TheDestroyer Who wants citation from shastras? We want citation from Temple's website. Good enough.
Q: Why do Sabarimala devotees wear Black clothes ?

GaneshBlack cloth is usual considered inauspicious and not used especially when visiting a temple. But devotee of Ayyappa wears black clothes when they visit Sabarimala. Is there any reason for this practice. Does this have any related to Shanni ?

It will be no different than this ..
@sv. I'm sure this is not like your Housing question which i feel can be answered from Dharma Sastra or Vastu texts. But we don't know any info about temple. Ok.
@TheDestroyer Another example.
Q: Why are women not allowed in the Kartikeya Temple at Pushkar?

TrialcoderRecently I went to Pushkar. I visited a temple of Lord Kartikeya where women aren't allowed. What is the reason behind this?

@sv. Sthala Purana might answer these questions. But do you really think lungi has to do anything with Sthala Purana of temple? Why would any God hate people wearing Lungi?
@sv. Lungi in Tamilnadu = Trousers in Telugu states. Dhoti is formal way and wearing a lungi is informal.
5:40 AM
@sv. BTW, i think i can answer that question from Skanda Purana.
Fat book has info about all temples 😁
@TheDestroyer It's a fun question to ask. That's all. And it is valid for our site. We need a precedent to ask a question. I know some Hindus do celebrate Christmas. which is why I asked this question.
Q: Why and how do Hindus celebrate Christmas?

sv.Why and how do (some) Hindus celebrate Christmas? What have any modern Hindu Gurus commented on this practice? EDIT I don't think this is an opinion-based question. From What types of questions should I avoid asking? I think this fits into constructive subjective questions: "inspire answers ...

BTW @sv. @TheDestroyer What do you think about hats
@sv. Do you really think you get answers for why?
@SreeCharan I hate them.
I hated hats, as hats are obscuring Shiva in my profile pic 😐😁 — The Destroyer 18 mins ago
@sv. Some people celebrate Christmas just to show off they are "secular". Even some modern Hindu organizations celebrate it to attract Christians.
@TheDestroyer Yes they cover Vishnu and garuda in profile pic. I am not wearing them but earning them.
@SreeCharan Yeah. But i am not interested in either.
5:48 AM
May be they are suitable for other sites.
@SreeCharan why garuda has snake in your profile pic?
Also, who wrote this sloka?
माता रामो मत्पिता रामचन्द्रः ।

स्वामी रामो मत्सखा रामचन्द्रः ॥

सर्वस्वं मे रामचन्द्रो दयालु ।

नान्यं जाने नैव जाने न जाने ॥
@TheDestroyer Yes one day, a devotee visiting that temple will register on H.SE and post an answer .. :P Until then wait patiently :)
@TheDestroyer It shows the rivalry between Garuda and snakes. I think it is just a symbolism.
@sv. Ohh.. you replied to Christmas question..
@TheDestroyer It is a part of Ramarakshastotram. Written by Budhakaushika muni.
Q: Ram Raksha or Shiva Raksha : Which one was written first?

AADHinduismRam Raksha Stotra (श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रम्) is a Sanskrit stotra, hymn of praise, used as a prayer for protection to Lord Rama. This stotra is Written by Budha Kaushika Rishi. As I discuss in this Question, there is not a lot of information about Budha Kaushika Rishi like his date of birth and wh...

5:53 AM
@SreeCharan ok. Thanks!
Also there are verses in VR sundara kanda which compare Hanuman with Garuda picking up snakes. @TheDestroyer
But Garuda couldn't pick Vasuki.
@TheDestroyer I was hinting at the temple banning lungies! A devotee from that temple can answer!
before Sagara Mathanam.
@sv. Yeah. Got you. But i feel it will be good at least if we know name and location of temple.
@TheDestroyer ??? Didn't get you.
6:00 AM
@SreeCharan Lord Vishnu asked Garuda to bring Vasuki to churning site. But Garuda couldn't lift Vasuki and Vasuki would still touch the ground. Finally, Shiva spreads his hand and Vasuki wraps around His wrist. Vishnu asked him to bring vasuki this to reduce haughtiness of Garuda.
GM , What is winter bash - i am already feeling cold 😀🎎❄☃⛄
@SwiftPushkar It is the way of SE celebrating christmas and new year. I already earned 2 hats but not wearing.
Ric General, Hamburg, NY, United States
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@SreeCharan I think we should stop celebrating Christmas, English New Year etc. What do you think?
- Wow , i am in - 🎅🍬🍰🍦🎂
6:08 AM
what could he mean by saying this ?"warrior, defender and keeper of balance "
@sv. Why?
@TheDestroyer Good..changed his profile pic. Took my advice.
@TheDestroyer Loss of culture, values, mixture of religions.
@sv. Nope. He just changed for this community. His Network profile shows the same old pic.
@sv. I agree.
@sv. I don't celebrate christmas and new year. Is it possible to you to stop celebrating new year living in the US?
@SreeCharan Yeah. We celebrate Ugadi or Hindu new year.
@SreeCharan See this article .. some determined Hindus who don't want to celebrate.
@SreeCharan Never celebrated Christimas. Today I went to friends house there I saw a Christmas tree...my friends wife wanted to put a Christmas tree. He opposed but she won :)
6:18 AM
@sv. You are not secular now 😜😜
@TheDestroyer Secular doesn't mean I start my day by doing puja in morning, namaz in afternoon and visit church in evening .. :P
@sv. But that's the defintion in India. 😜
@TheDestroyer Your smileys are really confusing, I can't tell if you are laughing or coughing .. LOL.
@sv. what device are you using?
laptop ...
6:22 AM
Then give this credit to Microsoft :P
is SE giving any bonus reputation to users in winter bash 😀🆓➕100 😀
@TheDestroyer I find it irritating to chat from mobile devices. Good for quick reading.
@SwiftPushkar Try answering Keshav's bounty Q's :P
@sv. See this interpetation of Apple, Adam and Eve of Yukteswara giri
from here
Jul 16 at 14:26, by The Destroyer
@Tezz I think Interpretation plays a major role here. They might have wrong interpretations. Yukteswara Giri's interpretation of Apple, Adam and Eve is better.
@sv. - haha ya 😊👍
@SwiftPushkar Oh, btw, I worked in Pune for a few years. Wakadewadi, Shivaji Nagar areas. I had two friends with last name Latkar and Kumkar :)
@TheDestroyer Ok, will read them tomorrow. Logging out now. Bye.
6:31 AM
@sv. ok. Bye
@sv. BTW, i'm on windows 10 now. I just change to tablet mode to write smileys.
@sv. - oh , nice to know that , you were in pune , so you know all abt. the city , it's really nice.😊👍👍.If you can give me the names of those people , i will see whether i know them or not.Which company you were in ?
@sv. - have yoy visited Hinjewadi, IT park? Infosis , wipro , persistent ,TTL and many more are there
@moonstar2001 By the way, Which texts have you read?
6:57 AM
@SwiftPushkar क्या आप software professional है ?
7:55 AM
@SreeCharan - Not actually a software pro. , but we are vendors in some IT companies here.🛂
8:09 AM
@SwiftPushkar What's your age?
8:59 AM
@SreeCharan The proper way to wear a lungi when performing religious activities is the kacha style - i.e. the cloth goes in between the legs. Lungi -style is not advised. Strictly-speaking women also wear the saree in kacha style when doing madi and performing highly religious activities.
@moonstar2001 - Namaste 😊
9:23 AM
@SwiftPushkar namaste :-)
@moonstar2001 I know. That is called madi. But I doubt whether it is allowed for brahmacharis.
@AnkitSharma - Ohh , you are earning hat's , i was wondering in the morning why telephone is over your head and moving , just got the concept now😀 by the way , decent mr. gentleman avatar 👍
@moonstar2001 as you used the word madi, are you a telugu?
@SreeCharan what is madi?
@moonstar2001 @SreeCharan - We here in marathi call it as Dhotar धोतर , and Sowala @TheDestroyer - we were discussing abt this some time ago.
9:34 AM
@SwiftPushkar oh.ok
@TheDestroyer while performing puja to God, inorder to be very sacred, people wear dhoti or ladies wear sarees wear saree in kacha style. At this time, the one who performs pooja should not be touched by others till the puja is completed.
దేవుడి పూజ చేసేటప్పుడు పవిత్రం గా ఉండాలని దాని వెనుక ఉద్దేశ్యం . @TheDestroyer
@moonstar2001@SreeCharan - Sowala in marathi - सोवळ , that is clean Dhotar , untouched by others , to wear during daily , or spicial pujas , like Rudra Paath , satyanarayan , or GhataSthapana , etc.
10:03 AM
@SwiftPushkar That's my own pic with some winterbash hats
@Tezz @KeshavSrinivasan @TheDestroyer :
Q: Interpreting Bhagavad Gita verse 8.16

PandyaI do know that according to Upanishads, All the higher Lokas except Brahma Loka, are subjected to circumgyration/reparation (birth-rebirth). From Chhandogya Upanishad 4.15.5: अथ यदु चैवास्मिञ्छव्यं कुर्वन्ति यदि च नार्चिषमेवाभिसंभवन्त्यर्चिषोऽहरह्न आपूर्यमाणपक्षमापूर्यमाणपक्षाद्यान्षडुद...

@Pandya Good Question. Checking what Adi Shankara said on this. Apart from this question, i also want to reconcile "Vedic Indra vs Puranic Indra".
@AnkitSharma - Yes , i know that 😊
10:26 AM
@Pandya hmm.. interesting analysis..
@Tezz How to reconcile Puranic Indra and Vedic Indra? I stopped posting answer for this question as i don't know how to reconcile them. There are vedic verses which say Indra is Brahman but Puranas say Him as lecherous Deva.
Q: Immorality of the gods

Pythagorean MysticSomething that puzzles me is that many stories about the gods show that the gods exhibited immoral behavior sometimes. For example, Indra had sex with wives of Rishis. So, what exactly do the gods mean? Enlightened sages don't behave like this. But gods do. How to explain to children about Rama...

@TheDestroyer I'm not sure how to accurately intrepret it... I (personally) intrepret it in following way: ● Vedas talk of absoulte level so they describe Indra as Brahman (which is true also) ● In the Kaushtiki Brahmana and Satapatha Brahamana we see: "Prajapati said to Rudra "You are Indra"" and in Atharvaveda we see "Bhava Sarva the destroyer of Vritta".. so it may be that Vedic Indra is potency of Lord Shiva actually..
●While Puranas talk of Vyavaharika level
10:45 AM
@Pandya Do you want commentaries of Adi Shankara on Chhandogya Upanishad 4.15.5, Prashna Upanishad 5.5 and Mundaka Upanishad 2.3.6 ?

About the books that I've been reading.

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@TheDestroyer @Tezz - पर्जन्यो भगवानिंद्रो मेघास्तस्यात्ममूर्तय।
तेs भिवर्षन्ति भुतानां प्रियणम जीवनं पय:॥8॥

Nanda said - Devaraj Indra is Rain-God, clouds are his own form.They pour the water which satisfy all the living beings.

SB 10.24.8
will see wht it says more , & abt description of indra in that , various stories , names etc.
5 hours later…
4:24 PM
@Tezz I just came to know Adi Shankaracharya read Suuta samhita of Skanda Purana 18 times and thereafter wrote commentaries for Brahma sutras.
@Tezz Which Suta samhita do you have? There are no english translations of it.
I found these versions are good
ASS_025. Sutasamhita with Tatparyadipikaa Part 1 – VS Pansikar 1891
ASS_025. Sutasamhita with Tatparyadipikaa Part 2 – VS Pansikar 1891
ASS_025. Sutasamhita with Tatparyadipikaa Part 3 – VS Pansikar 1925
@Tezz I found a book on flipkart but title has some typo mistakes.
@KeshavSrinivasan I think your following question:
Q: Who is the deity who escorts you to Brahmaloka?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in the this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa which summarizes and systematizes the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. You can rea...

is related to Brahma Sutra 4.3.4 to 4.3.16
@KeshavSrinivasan ^^
@TheDestroyer can you provide me a source/link to Adi Shankaracharya Brahma Sutra Bhashya English text? /cc @Tezz @KeshavSrinivasan
other than sacred-texts.com
4:42 PM
@Pandya Shall i send it to mail or post the link here?
It was translated by Swami vireswarananda
@TheDestroyer as you wish...
I'm not sure of copyright so. download it .
i will delete immediately
4:55 PM
:34210802 oh! I was busy out side, seems missed it. no-problem . I've found one which I cited in my recent question.
@Pandya Even i posted the same.
@TheDestroyer wow! coincidence!
@TheDestroyer @Tezz Btw, Reading Brahma Sutra Verses 4.3.4 to the end of Brahma Sutra may help in getting about Brahma loka for this as well as this questions.
Btw, going to sleep haha!
5:18 PM
@AnkitSharma See this tag suggestion. meta.hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/470/…
6:10 PM
@Tezz I just created a Hinduism-related post on the Medium website, and I posted a chatroom to discuss it:

 A Question that cannot be posted on H

Discussion about my Hinduism-related Medium post: medium.com/@...
6:33 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan You said you were going to meet HH chinna jeeyar swami. Make sure you don't miss this question.
6:44 PM
@SreeCharan Yeah, I could ask that, although I mainly want to ask more technical questions.

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