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12:01 AM
i feel the last sentence ("should i repeat the salah") is irrelevant and should be a separate question.
it seems to be a constructive enough question otherwise.
a bit vague, but answerable.
I don't think it is a bit vague, I think it is really vague. And this is only one question among a few
i took the liberty of editing it for focus.
Q: Question quality

AnsariWhat do people think of the question quality so far on the website? My two cents: I fear it is quite low and it may just be the reason this becomes just another forum where Muslims hang out and hash out the same old topics, rather than attracting experts on Islam (Muslim and non-Muslim) and bec...

this has not have an answer yet
Q: Scope of this site - and type of questions

user88What type of questions are more welcomed here? The one that ask about basic ruling of Islamic about different things such as zakat,Hajj, prayers and so on. Or the ones that are philosophical and required some good explanation for example what is the meant by this and why it is so. Or the on...

@goldPseudo it is better, but still down-vote worthy, in my opinion that is. Maybe not others
fair enough. as long as it doesn't clearly need to be closed, there's probably no reason for moderators to interfere until there's a flag.
it's at the level where upvotes and downvotes are more than enough to keep things in line.
(i feel)
@goldPseudo I agree
I just edited the "how to urinate"" question and took out the tag, in this question it is quite similar to the tag
12:21 AM
yeah, i'm not sure the tag is really useful; a "Sunni" ruling only really helps if you know what school it comes from, and we have the school-specific tags for that.
this is an interesting question
Q: What does doing the sunnah have to do with loving the prophet?

Umar binI don't understand what doing the sunnah has to do with loving Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After all, we do our deeds for Allah's sake and not for Prophet Muhammad's sake (peace be upon him). From my understanding of Islam, a classic example of not loving the Prophet Muhammad (peace be ...

what is even more interesting is it is tagged with the tag
Or I should say it was tagged with the tag
18 hours later…
6:46 PM
Asalam Alaikum @Imtiaz
how are you doing?
Wa Alaikum Assalam. Doing fine. Thanks. @AlUmmat .Was reading through your previous discussions.
@AlUmmatمجاهد I was wondering.... Is this question re-openable?
@Imtiaz Alhamdulillah, that is good to hear. Read away :)
@Imtiaz I don't think so, it isn't a good question, it assumes something which isn't fact, one of the requirements of asking a question is "do your homework"
but that is only my opinion regarding the question, anyway, we try to let the community itself do it's own thing, if it thinks it should be reopened then the question will need 5 votes to reopened
moderator votes, regarding closing. reopening, and deleting are binding
@AlUmmatمجاهد I got it. Thanks. Why i thought of re-opening that question was, It would be beneficial to non-muslims or newly-muslims.
Most of the people don't know how to ask, yet they need answers. Not everyone is fluent in English. So should we not try to understand, what they want to say behind their nearly not-understandable question?
7:05 PM
@Imtiaz maybe so, but we want to provide information that isn't that readily available, we want to make an online repository of high quality information
see this
Q: Should we allow encyclopedic questions?

yasar11732Where should we stand on encyclopedic questions? For example, one can ask "How should I salat?", it is a question that you can google and get more answers than you want, or you can ask "How can I divorce according to islam?", although a good question, this one is quite googleable too. What should...

@Imtiaz That is one of the reasons why we have the "editing" and the "comment" feature. Further more, we don't accept any question that is asked, for questions that can be answered by looking at an easily accessible source that is available to all, like googling and so on
we would like the questions here to be a bit above the beginner level
but we do acknowledged that we must have both beginner, middle, and advanced level questions and answers, the problem with that is finding a proper balance
Yeah, And I think for high quality answers, you really should recruit a group of experts and scholars.
I noticed there are some high quality questions here that don't have any answers yet.
@Imtiaz we have been trying to do that since the beginning of our site, and this is not only one persons job, or two or three, but the whole of the community's job, all users can help by inviting experts
See this, perhaps it might help
Q: Inviting experts

AnsariWe're getting a lot of great questions now Alhamdulillah. But we need experts to answer them! Whenever you see a question and you know someone who is knowledgeable and can answer it, send the question to them. This is a template that I use (after greetings and a short personal message): I'm t...

@DhoweedYaAgov salam :)
@AlUmmatمجاهد wa alaykum
i was in college today, and i noticed one girls hijab a bit loose, and i figured it was because of the headphones
then i was thinking, if you make your hijab tight there is no room for headphones, but if you make it loose, people can see your hair
what to do? :P
@DhoweedYaAgov they can wear headphones over the hijab. :D
7:17 PM
its in-ear headphones
@DhoweedYaAgov Are you trying to find out an innovative solution for this?
Q: What should the Hijab for Muslim women cover?

shoehadaI'm asking this since there's a range of "coverage" that we see in Muslim women, from the niqab which covers everything except for the eyes to a headscarf that covers just the head and not the neck/chest area, and other variations.

right she wore a hijab and idk the name of the cloth under it to cover the hair
super tight
@DhoweedYaAgov Not everyone follows properly, no one is perfect, for instance in india many women wear their headpeices so that their hair shows or it falls back and their whole head shows
@Imtiaz God willing, by keeping the quality of the questions high, the scholars and experts will be naturally attracted to the site. Experts are unlikely to want to frequent a site with a bunch of low-quality questions.
Ideally, we need to stand out from the typical "anything-goes" that you see on the internet at large, otherwise we'll just be lumped together with all the other sites that scholars and experts typically don't hang around on.
7:28 PM
@DhoweedYaAgov further more, I am not a women, but if I understand how most whomen put on their hijab today, they can reach in to attach their ear headphones, and then recover what has been exposed
of course I am no women or scholar
so don't take what I say with any weight more than a grain of salt
@goldPseudo I understand now.
basically, no scholar really wants to answer the same questions that have been answered a hundred times before; it's boring.
(well, there might be some, but they're probably a minority)
so we want to attract questions that are interesting both to the person asking the question, and to the people we expect to answer the question (i.e. the community at large)
exactly where that line is is hard to say; we're still trying to figure out the perfect balance.
I got it completely. Thanks. I got it from a good reference: blog.stackoverflow.com/2011/02/are-some-questions-too-simple
i still remember the podcast that prompted that post. i logged right into the site to see if Joel really did post the turtle question (he did).
i see they deleted a lot of the original comments. those were amusing as well :)
7:45 PM
Oh, now I see... :D (lol to me)
I'm over and out... May Allah bless you all. Assalamu Alaikum.
@Imtiaz Wa Alaikum salam :)
watch that
8:03 PM
@DhoweedYaAgov what regarding it?
nice documentary
3 hours later…
11:25 PM
Interesting Fact: Following a Madhab/مذهب (other than that of the Prophet's, in other words his way) fanatically, becomes a sort of shirk.

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