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1:09 PM
Any typos or suggestions here?
A: What is the best way to connect a mid 2012 macbook pro to a new ultra wide external monitor?

bmike The best way to connect any Thunderbolt 2 Mac to a display is Thunderbolt since that gets you video and hub (USB / ethernet) functionality. This cable costs second most of the 4 options. Second best is to connect to a Thunderbolt dock. This costs more, but not all modern displays support Thunder...

1:52 PM
Anyone know of any apps/tools/scripts that would allow for proportional mouse movement across multiple monitors?

A Windows example of what I would like is: LittleBigMouse at https://github.com/mgth/LittleBigMouse
Also, would a question like that be acceptable to ask on Ask Different?
There’s a meta post explaining what software recommendation questions get good votes and receptions @Merlin-they-them-
as long as you clearly list some requirements and list your research, should be fine
I assume you want answers different than this?
Q: Proportional Mouse Movement across Multiple Monitors?

Merlin -they-them-I have a MacBook Pro 2018 with Catalina (1920x1080px) and a 2nd external monitor (3440x1440px) arranged as below in Displays. I understand that there are scale options to change the resolutions but I don't want to actually scale them because then I lose screen width and height. Currently the mous...

2:09 PM
Thanks @bmike. That is the question I want answered. It initially seemed like superuser was a good place to ask, but since I wasn't getting answers, I thought I'd ask in chat first before actually creating or migrating (if possible/sensible) a full question about it.

From my initial research, I worry no such app exists and so I might need to create it myself. Is it better to ask an OSX coding app question on Ask Different or on StackOverflow?
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10:47 PM
Wonderful questions. We can help tailor a question for here vs SU.
For code level - we specialize in the services, not the API or code level questions.
You can Leah’s flag your SU wuations and point here to OK to migrate if they are hesitant, too @Merlin-they-them-

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