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2:21 AM
This fine person might need a little help overnight if anyone is so inclined and I’m not around to see the next drop of info.
Q: Does a removed version of Catalina use storage that generates a "low volume storage message

HammyEarly 2015 Macbook air with a 128 GB hd I installed Catalina, realized all of my 32 bit applications would not run, so I resorted to my older os(Mojave 10.14.6) from time machine. I now get notifications that my disk is full and memory is running out. I have 2.83 GB available according to "about...

(And anytime you think, nah, that can’t happen, this is a reminder of yes, yes it could be exactly like the person describes)
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4:39 PM
Q: Merging technical sites with Stack Overflow

Resistance Is FutileListening to the recent podcast A chat with our CEO about the future of our company and community it seems that merging other SE technical sites with Stack Overflow is imminent. That was also vaguely hinted in most recent Survey What does “Should we add technical Q&A sites like Server Fault, Sup...

What's the time in your timezone @bmike ?
It's 2200 here
It varies
@bmike what! just keeping system info open cleaned up the disk!
I was thinking Catalina partition...
5:00 PM
When you observe a system, sometimes interesting things happen.
5:19 PM
As for that meta question, the only thing that caught my eye that’s written down and I’ve seen is “ creating a more integrated experience between Stack Overflow and other technical sites on Stack Exchange” but as you see, here’s not much consensus if that’s something being explored or a decision has been made and we will start to hear about it over time.
That could be as simple as allowing teams sites here or it could be dramatic like the person is theorizing.
1 hour later…
6:31 PM
yeah animusion commented about linking sites using UI buttons etc., not mixing sites
@Allan apple.stackexchange.com/questions/380288/… one more post for Catalina battery drain problem ?
2 hours later…
8:28 PM
@ankii - Yup. We'll have to monitor so when a fix comes out, we can write up a canonical answer and link them.
9:03 PM
@Allan I'll just drop the new ones here and ping you, is that Ok ?
I wouldn't be a good choice for keeping the list.
Maybe start a meta post?

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