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1:52 AM
It’s discounted more than the price of the maxed out MacPro as well, @ankii
2:40 AM
This seems like someone will know exactly what the blue flag with white piping is...
Q: What is this blue arrow and how do I get rid of it?

UnitasBrooks On macOS this arrow just appears, and overlays on top of any window. How can I get rid of it?

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3:09 PM
I calibrated the color on my mac display. It looks nicer but I'm not sure if its accurate. How can I tell the accuracy of a display?
@JBis How much do you want to spend and what is your measure of accuracy?
And more importantly - are you willing to rest your eyes to tell you something is red for this exercise?
> So it's not that your brain is being tricked into inventing the red information, it's that your brain knows how much emphasis to give this red information, so that colors that it would see as cyan or grey in other contexts are interpreted as red here.
@bmike Just my current MBP display (none). I don't know. What ever the industry standard of display color accuracy for photo and video editing ?
@bmike Don't really understand but that link is pretty cool.
3:30 PM
Well - we spend $3k for a physical calibrator that measures color chips, readouts like a lab would have calibrated items. For most people, getting the white point correct is what they mean by "accurate color"
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7:51 PM
Without a million bucks to spend, I get by with a i1Display Pro* & a ColorChecker Passport [maybe $350 total spend]. I don't need in-house printer or scanner accuracy, I let other people worry about that & order out.
*I've tried cheaper, they aren't good enough. I have 2 old colorimeters, a Huey & a Smile that just weren't up to the task.
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9:01 PM
Q: SSH port forwarding not working in macos catalina (10.15)

mreppySomething in macOS Catalina (10.15.1) is interfering with ssh port forwarding (needed for localhost debugging and developing against a web server system deployed in AWS). I assume something with the enhanced security features, but I've been unable to figure out what from searching and poking a...

@Tetsujin DataColor has some very reasonable ones, I’m impressed with their value if you don’t go big bucks - spyderx.datacolor.com

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