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7:34 PM
All but one of the answers on my question don't actually answer my question with the specific requirements I stated. Should I flag them, or just downvote them, or what?
Q: Is there an app that lets me use an iPhone as a mouse?

timothymhI'm looking for an app which enables me to physically maneuver my iPhone on the desk to control my Mac's cursor. (I am not looking for a "remote trackpad" app—there are dozens of those.) I did a great deal of searching and found nothing. Is this even possible? If so, is there an app in existenc...

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8:48 PM
less is more and more is less, no?
A: Is there a way to have something similar to Cygwin on Mac?

grg03002Assuming it's the same as on Linux, you could also use: less /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/BO_V2/data/logs/log-2014-07-10.php Then press Shift+F to have it tail automatically, or just Shift+G to go to the end of file.

@timothymh You should comment as to how they don't work, but also be open. If your question wasn't clear and lots of people misinterpreted what you asked. Feel free to +1 the answerers, explain your edit, etc...

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