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5:00 PM
wait was that right?
now we're writing led zeppelin lyrics
I think it's just a nickname for the puzzle, now, Deu
oh alright
Though, if someone answered..... lol j/k
How can enlight me about the midden hill thing? Tried to google it unsuccessfully...
5:01 PM
I'm a bit amused that you haven't tried looking at my recent one, again, Deu. You were close to the ending.
oh, i'll take another look
It was just one of the possible words that Fimmqpcirr could translate into.
But a midden hill is a pile of shite.
@fondor: Someone tried pattenmatching and that was one of the things that was in the dictionary
the mellowness upon midden hill / in the yellowness of the wifferdill
the Catacombs?
5:02 PM
Random question is random.
PS - I like that the wifferdill puzzle is about a letter he got
but the only information we got was the name on the letter
like, open the letter. maybe it's money
"my dude"
hmm I think if it leave it as it, it will only work out one way so for now I will hold off on editing it
5:06 PM
"Wow what did you get in the mail" I don't know, a letter "Well what's in it" I don't know it just says Fimmqpcirr "Who do you think that is" oh probably just the old, ugly, unknown murderer, again
Who said that there was an envelope involved, q_a? Come on. Be nice.
It could have just been the letter 'Q'
or....you know...'K'
5:07 PM
kk, i've looked at Cryptos a couple times and can't see anything - concatenated all the letters and divided into groups of four, tried looking at all the places where four letters are in a square...
might take another look
Why whoa, q_a? :P
haha I was feigning shock at the idea of it just being a letter
oh, hahaha
Reminds me of an episode of my son's show, "Bubble Guppies"
They're talking about the letter 'B', then one of the characters gets scared because he's "Afraid of 'B's!", at which point it starts chasing him around.
congratulations to your son on getting a show
(I'm joking!)
(but congratulations anyway, he probably deserves it)
ooh, I like this one
Q: A long winding road

SeravielStart at the mountain of kings Then go down the country to face the oldest rivals. Go on down through the bizarre, And you'll find the place that cuts. Go south to find birds, Then leave to see those who fought metal in the end. Go North, passing the one above To end where the lightning strikes. ...

Haha, that's why it reminded me...
"Molly talks about the many things someone can send in the mail when she sees Gil holding a "letter", a giant B. She tells him and Gil puts down the B before revealing he's scared of B's, which then proceeds to chase him! "
The episode was about learning the mail system.
I just can't believe that the spam answers on that puzzle are still around, since yesterday
5:13 PM
well wait
weren't we just saying that we don't have enough people to delete?
my flags on them haven't been reviewed, actually, it looks like
yeah, just the mods - heh
(Disappearing over to my Unity stuff, in another tab)
yep, we literally cannot delete spam since the rep jump
I can't think of any ohio cities that involve birds
there's a Cygnet, but it's in western OH - not exactly south of cleveland
I added a hint to my puzzle and was able to stay in character, yay
5:30 PM
we should make a puzzle hunt - have one person make the meta (probably me since i'm the most experienced with them but if someone else wants to that's fine too) then everyone else makes puzzles based off the individual answers
@Deusovi i'm in. :D
(in case I am eligible)
sure, as long as we get enough interest!
I still don't understand a meta puzzle
does it have anything to do with the meta section of the site?
I never meta puzzle I didn't like! haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw
@Matt it's more like... a puzzle where solving it involves solving other puzzles
@question_asker who makes this sound?
5:37 PM
@manshu people who laugh in a very loud and annoying way
nothing to do with the meta section of the site
a metapuzzle involves combining answers from other puzzles together
then what's the difference between a meta puzzle and puzzle that requires multiple steps?
oh...you mean humans.
usually with some hint at how they combine
@Matt it's more like the solutions to the puzzle would themselves combine to form a bigger puzzle (from what I can tell)
5:38 PM
so... it's kind of a giant puzzle with multiple steps
for instance, here's one from the MIT Mystery Hunt from this year
oh, so it's a multistep puzzle, but the prerequisite steps are different puzzles (questions on this site)
every component puzzle will give you a word or phrase as the answer
then those words or phrases are combined in some thematic way to get the meta answer
5:41 PM
But...it.... Goes back to unity
like with my graduation meta, every answer had SE (for Stack Exchange) in it, but with an extra letter in between - you could extract those extra letters to reveal "THANK YOU"
Oh..it's a great puzzle. I am gonna upvote it.....
Oops, I mistakenly downvoted it. And now my mouse is not working. So now I can't even upvote it. :(
wait can you link that post @Deusovi ?
Q: A Message to the SE Admins

DeusoviWe're graduating! I feel the only appropriate way to respond is a Stack Exchange themed puzzle: Albertan politician who succeeded Lucien Maynard (6, 7 or 6, 8) Approved for passport authorization (6) Famous stage direction from The Winter's Tale (4, 7, 2, 1, 4) Method of hiding messages undetec...

for this one the component puzzles were just crossword-style clues
oh right that one, I thought you made a post in meta that was secretly a puzzle
5:43 PM
normally they're much more elaborate though
oh wow, the clue that was too broad has been changed!
"go south to find birds" was getting my dander up a little
oh sorry, "meta" is common shorthand for "metapuzzle" in puzzle hunts
it confused me when i came here and everyone was mentioning "posts on meta"
wait why the heck did this get protected?
Q: A long winding road

SeravielStart at the mountain of kings Then go down the country to face the oldest rivals. Go on down through the bizarre, And you'll find the place that cuts. Go a hundred miles southeast to find birds, Then leave to see those who fought metal in the end. Go North, passing the one above To end where the...

5:46 PM
err...maybe bcz of spam answers
too many spam answers
ohhh, right
yeah when the answers were deleted I couldn't see them anymore. I look at so many puzzles I forget which ones have the bad answers on them
so, anyone else interested in the community minihunt thing?
@Khale_Kitha ^^^^
5:48 PM
@Deusovi I only see a reference to the one puzzle there ... how is it meta?
I haven't been part of the conversation - will try to read it later, sry
so I bet that next clue is pittsburg (penguins) and then the thing about metal is probably the steelers?
like i said, in that one the individual "puzzles" are standard crossword clues - it's because it uses the idea of combining words or phrases you get from other things in some thematic way
@Deusovi I can try. I've never made a puzzle before though :P
(I get the feeling I'm the only one caring about that puzzle)
5:50 PM
nah, i care about it!
well, then, I can also contribute
We'll need a locked room then.
"go north, passing the one above" might have something to do with Moon, PA
I get way too much enjoyment commenting on really bad puzzles lol
@WesleySitu, @Matt: you don't have to! it's up to you - first i'll have to think of a theme of some sort
5:52 PM
I'd be happy to
omg the guy answered his own riddle and it plastic bag quality
ooh which one
it's a mare apparently
oh for crying out
the nonhorse horse riddle
5:54 PM
Q: Name the animal who looks like a horse but is not a horse

A JWell, this riddle has confused me. Hope someone knows the answer. Name the animal that looks like a horse, but is not a horse.

I enjoyed my little back and forth with him at least
the rest of us enjoyed it too
...am i going crazy or is the font slightly bigger?
it's time to close this fun :p
aw, I just commented
@Deusovi former :p
oh alright then
5:57 PM
Do that Ctrl + negative sign.
or Ctrl + Scroll down
i'm on mobile
and i changed nothing
bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug
lol he deleted his own answer, thats pretty great
i'm probably just going crazy though ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
@GordonAllocman He accepted another answer. It's cute :D
6:00 PM
I love how we've become a tiny bit mean
@Deusovi Welcome to my world. :D
mare is up there with fate and plastic bag
"Quick where is the fire extinguisher?!?!?"
but we weren't mean? we just pointed out that mares were horses
@Deusovi and each of them describes a slightly different kind of bad puzzle
mare is "intended answer doesn't fit criteria", fate is "nebulous concept answer to nebulous clues", plastic bag is "seems like a reasonable riddle until it's been solved, at which point it's discovered to be trash"
6:02 PM
I think that cover's pretty much any bad riddle
Ohk...We have added another definition in our puzzling book
oh hold on
what about lawsuit
"The answer's not horse, you ass, it's pony!" (Not being insulting, it's meant as a joke)
And wifferdill
6:05 PM
lawsuit was the one that was like "you don't want to have it, but if you have it you don't want to lose it"
oh right
which... I dunno, that maybe doesn't deserve its own category
and yes, wifferdill
god damn I love wifferdill so much
...lol at this "What's the phrase"
Hint 5: I will give no more hints.
I wish the horse puzzle breaks all records of downvotes.
Hint 6: Oh wait, here's another hint.
6:08 PM
@question_asker you forgot to add troll puzzle in your definitions :p
The nice thing about this site is that good puzzles are enjoyable, and bad puzzles are also enjoyable (for obviously different reasons)
and then there's the "what's my name / blank space" type of bad puzzle
where OP thinks it's a lot harder than it is
which in real, turns out to be broad.
Its a shame we can't redact usernames from those questions and keep them around for historical purposes of what not to do
we can take screenshots, blank out names, and post on meta
but i feel like singling them out if the users are still active is... not a good idea
6:11 PM
Yeah good point
ps - when I said we're being mean, I just meant here
I have posted 14 puzzles, out of which 8 are "What am I" kind. And now I feel like I offended myself.
damn the ultimate trio has shown up in chat
ultimate trio?
me, three times
6:14 PM
theyre pictures line up so perfectly
f" manshu question_asker, in that order
oh ha
Manshu, quit yelling at me!!
arreee ha
. I'll just edit this
6:15 PM
OK so I'm gonna say something, then manshu, then f''
we need to make our avatars into comic strip panels or something
6:17 PM
or just single solid-color letters on a solid-color background
I was just thinking the same thing, haha
and see what we can spell
And see what words show up!
I won't change my dp
6:18 PM
You need to create a horizontal version of this 67.media.tumblr.com/0809ca3a0021a29787732140b53920b0/…
oh gordon
gordon are you mocking that or do you like that strip
I need to know because. well.
I think there's a storyline there - but I don't see it
Neither, it's just been so meme'd I no longer have an opinion
OK I'll count that as "mocking"
6:19 PM
too dark maybe?
smh manshu
@Khale_Kitha it is called Loss and that should explain the story line pretty much
6:22 PM
I wasn't sure if that was it, or if there was supposed to be something more - k
I think we all should choose a meme and then screen shot it.. (if we are still doing that)
That's so 5 minutes ago
@Khale_Kitha I was checking my meme folder at that time shrugs
The fact that you have a meme folder is disturbing enough, manshu :)
I don't have a meme folder
I have a meme backup harddrive
6:25 PM
Hi, I'm auditioning for the role of Manshu, and I'll be singing "Teenage Suicide" from Heathers.
What's that, we're not meming?
There - a backup meme.
@Will No, that role goes to @humn
Image memes are so last year, soundcloud/youtube memes are whats hot in the meme market these days
@GordonAllocman I have these latest things in my floppy drive
@Deusovi Okay, added a hint.
6:34 PM
@Will Greetings and salutations!
I hope the Christian Slater voice came through in that one
It did.
"the catacombs of cryptos" sounds like a death metal song by a probably very bad death metal band
I wanted to put this GIF right after Manshu's comic but I couldn't find it.
audio memes are pretty dope
I wish I could meme the oo-waa-aa-aa-aa from down with the sickness for any time somebody said something super edgy
here's an audio meme
6:42 PM
Personal Note number 2: Never ever recommend something.
"hello, etc, my old friend ... "
whenever you recommend something, you silently claim liability for whatever happens
I'm not a lawyer but I'm positive this is true
@Matt I am learning things. :)
this is probably the best place to do that
second best, after prison
6:44 PM
@question_asker I guess this is the worst advice.
Who the heck....
Here's a game premise, I see on steam - it starts with:
"You are a hungry zombie who flies around on the dead pterodactyl." At this point, I stopped reading.
if that was a tab, I'd close it
the dead pterodactyl
there's the problem
there's only one dead pterodactyl
Actually, I don't even think that's the problem
see, if it was "one of the dead pterodactyls" I'd be all over that
6:46 PM
The "dead pterodactyl" looks like a magic carpet.
oh no why did I look at that
it's worse than I thought, and now I feel... pity?
And the artwork is like someone tossed random graphics at a wall to see what'd stick.
But now it's a tab you can close, q_a.
Nice...From Counter Strike to ZombieRush
6:48 PM
the future of,, game's
the future of,, moneygrabs's
...fixed it, q_a
they were out of budget to make a pterodactyl, so they went with the next closest thing instead?
which is clearly a magic carpet
It looks like they just grabbed whatever art assets they could get their hands on and threw them at it - main character and all
look here's the problem
It was fixed a bug on the 13th level !!
6:49 PM
I mean hell - at one point, his weapon is an alligator
The carpet is named The Dead Pterodactyl
the fun part is this can actually be a good deal for the buyer
Rofl, Will
people are going to look at this and go "this is the problem with zombie games"
several games are so cheap they're worth less than the trading cards that come with them
6:50 PM
when zombie-themed shit has been boring for like 15 years
so you buy the game, sell the cards, profit
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 ГГц
Memory: 1 MB RAM
Graphics: 512 Мb (nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 4800)
Perhaps, ffao
What year is it??
but many games, like this, the cards (if there are any) sell for $0.05
6:50 PM
A little known fact is that the Carpetus Magicus is a distant ancestor of the Pterodactylus
BUT....Zombieland is one of my fav. movies.
Yeah, this one is too expensive for that
what the hell is a Gamma Gamma mu?
But I got a few very bad games at $0.11 or so
and the cards sold for $0.24
or is that a tiny cyrillic ts character
6:51 PM
Cough cough bad rats cough cough
Part of the main review for the game:
"The game can't even reliably keep track of how much food you've collected which, as its main victory condition for each stage, is just utterly diabolical."
Wait, i need a meme...
so people buy them for $0.24?
"Bad rats" don't exist all rats are Good and Pure.
Gotta make that trading card profit man
6:52 PM
why don't they just buy the game instead
because you can only buy the game once
Some of the cards go for as much as $0.30 - $0.40, on occasion
while you can buy separate cards as many times as you want
on the other hand, you only get a finite, and limited number of cards for a game
(right? has that changed?)
And many games don't give any
6:53 PM
but yeah I suppose if you bought a game for \$0.89 and it gave away cards that sold for \$0.24... you'd make a few cents off the four cards you got?
you can get packs randomly, but mostly accurate
Yeah - I haven't bothered to sell cards, much, myself
Though I guess I should
99% of my card trading/selling happens during the steam sales when they give you cards for logging in/making badges/buying games
6:55 PM
I sold most of the ones I got, though I used a few to get a nicer profile with my Wings of Vi background
Yeah, the only time I've ever done it was during one of those
Then they added that gem system in, and I don't even know how it works.
Haven't cared to look into it
The gem system is trash as far as I can tell
I just know when they added it in, you needed TONS of cards to do anything with them
you get like 1% returns or something stupidly low compared to selling
I straight up never bothered to try to figure out the gem thing
6:57 PM
I feel like it's really just an idiot trap
Oh, never noticed this....
nevermind,t he UI was just being odd.
Oh right, that's what it was from
My cards for Tales of Zestiria are the ones going for $0.30+ right now
wonder if I should just sell them - not like I do anything else with them but let them look pretty in my collection
I just sell any unless I'm so bored I feel like making a badge out of them
undertale cards were a gold mine for a while, probably due to the tumblr hype of the game

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