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12:39 AM
A new tag was created by Aleksejs Fomins.
Q: State of the art library for estimating differential entropy from real data

Aleksejs FominsI am looking for a state of the art library for estimating differential entropy from finite samples. In an ideal world, it would have the following features: Work with real-valued multi-dimensional data (compute joint multivariate entropy) Optimized for high performance (e.g. Implemented in C) ...

10 hours later…
10:28 AM
A new tag was created by draks. Should the existing tag be there instead?
Q: Relation between Graphs and Codes via $\zeta$ Functions

draks ...Since I'm looking for a way to relate graphs with codes, I was happilly surprised, to find the following: In What is a zeta function?, Chap. 2.1. Functional equation: $$...\zeta_{{G}}(1/qT)=\left(q^2T^2\frac{1-T^2}{1-q^2T^2}\right)^{\#E-\#V} (qT^2)^{\#V}\zeta_{{G}}(T),... $$ Let's remark...

I see that you have created a new tag (code-theory) (with an empty tag-info.) I wanted to ask whether you wanted to use the existing tag (coding-theory). — Martin Sleziak 27 secs ago
7 hours later…
5:05 PM
@MartinSleziak The tag was edited away by the OP.
@MartinSleziak yes thanks — draks ... 2 hours ago
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
A new tag was created by Javi. The same user also created the tag-excerpt and the tag-wiki.
Q: Quotient set of associate elements

JaviLet $R$ be a ring with $1$. We say that $a,b\in R$ are associate if $a|b$ and $b|a$, i.e. there exist $r,s\in R$ such that $a=rb$ and $b=sa$. This is an equivalence relation on $R$, and I would like to know if the quotient set $R/\sim$ (where $a\sim b$ when $a$ and $b$ are associate) has interest...

A new tag was created by miosaki. This tag was already created and removed before, there was also a meta post about this tag.
Q: some physical intuition on invariant measures

miosakiThe question is already here (what is so great about having an invariant measure?), I was also interested in the same question, what I would say to a non-mathematician, that why one would be interested to know whether invariant measure exists or not, why one would be interested in preserving pr...

Q: Proposal to delete tag [tag:integer-relation] and [tag:invariant-measure]

Don Thousandinteger-relation only has two uses, and neither usage seems to use the tag properly. I suggest we remove this tag (I don't know the protocol for this, please let me know if this is not how one should do this). Likewise, invariant-measure has one use, and that too is a PSQ.

As there seems to be a consensus on meta that the tag should be removed, I have edited it away.
2 hours later…
9:03 PM
A: Tag management 2019

heepoProposal: rename quasiperiodic-functions to quasiperiodicity. Reason: posts tagged quasiperiodic-functions may also be tagged quasiperiodicity, but the reverse is not always true (ie. posts on quasiperiodic tiling or oscillations). Because none of these topics get much attention, there should be...


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