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6:46 AM
A new tag was created by M.Mass.
Q: How to plot phase plane of the ODE system?

M.MassI have the system (took very basic example on purpose, to understand the idea): $$\begin{cases} \dot{x} = x \\ \dot{y} = 2x -y \end{cases}$$ so I have plot phase plane. what have been done so far: $$A = \begin{pmatrix} 1 && 0 \\ 2 && -1 \end{pmatrix}$$ $$\det A = \begin{vmatrix}1 - \lambda &&...

A new tag was created by Yanior Weg. The same user created a tag-excerpt.
6 hours later…
12:33 PM
Two new tags and created by supremum in the same question. (In fact, was created there too, but removed in a subsequent edit.)
Q: Similarity dimension and Hausdorff dimesion

supremumHow do we prove the similarity dimension equals the Hausdorff dimension if the self-similar set satisfies the open set condition? Which article contains this proof?

3 hours later…
3:30 PM
@MartinSleziak Ugh... I really don't think that we need any of those tags... :\
But subsequent edits have gotten rid of all of them.
3:42 PM
FYR: self-similar solution is very commonly used in PDE, so it's probably not a good idea to have the "self-similar" tags.
@ArcticChar Indeed. I could, perhaps, see the use for a "self-similar-fractals" tag, but my guess is that the set of questions with that tag and the "fractals" tag would be nearly identical.

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