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12:50 AM
A new tag was created by Dbchatto67. To me it sounds like a meta tag, so I think it can be safely removed.
Q: How does $g \notin \mathfrak p \implies$ $g$ is nowhere vanishing on $V$?

Dbchatto67I am studying localization right now from the lecture notes given by our instructor. In this notes he describes an example of localization what he told us yesterday in the class. Here's this $:$ Let $\mathcal k$ be a field. Let $A= \mathcal k [X_1,X_2, \cdots, X_n].$ Let $\mathfrak p$ be a prime...

As discussed on meta and in this room, the tag was created by rschwieb, including tag-excerpt.
Q: Vanishing of $\text{Ext}(M,R)$ for Noetherian $R$

MartinLet $R$ be a Noetherian ring and $n \in \mathbb{Z}$ such that for any f.g. $R$-module $M$ and $k > n$ we know that $\text{Ext}^k_R(M,R) = 0$. Does it follow from this that $\text{Ext}^k_R(M,R) = 0$ for arbitrary $R$-modules $M$ as well? I am trying to show that the $R$-module $R$ has injective di...

@rschwieb I have added also tag-info with the idea that some links related to the topic might possibly be collected there.
Probably a good deal of retagging is ahead of us.There is 456 questions tagged , 51 questions tagged dimension-theory+algebraic-geometry, 39 questions tagged dimension-theory+commutative-algebra, ...
... 21 questions tagged dimension-theory+krull-dimension, 18 questions tagged dimension-theory+abstract-algebra, 17 questions tagged dimension-theory+ring-theory,
2:06 AM
@MartinSleziak 🤮
Maybe that's just some fonts missing on my side, but all that I see in your message is a square.
2:34 AM
@MartinSleziak Really? It’s rendering in the iphone app ok: it is just a Unicode emoji for a vomiting smiley. Your browser really ought to support it by now!
2:50 AM
Even worse than that, I am not fluent in emoji speak. :-( I hear it's the fastest growing language in the UK: The Emoji Language - Have I Got News For You
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4:15 AM
@MartinSleziak I have removed from that question: math.stackexchange.com/posts/3210677/revisions
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6:40 AM
@MartinSleziak Reminds me of xkcd.com/1102
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1:33 PM
perhaps one of the only questions that actually needs dimension-theory: math.stackexchange.com/q/2999995/29335
It's certainly true that it might be difficult to choose tags for Axioms that characterize the notion of dimension or When is a function a dimension? after (dimension-theory) is renamed. (Probably both of them as you used here...)
2:00 PM
Q: lim$_{m , n \to \infty} S(n,m)$ exists but iterated limits do not.

cmi$S(n,m)$ is a double sequence. Can anyone give me an example where lim$_{m , n \to \infty} S(n,m)$ exists but lim$_{n \to \infty}$( lim$_{m \to \infty} S(n,m)$) , lim$_{m \to \infty}$( lim$_{n \to \infty} S(n,m)$) do not? My Attempt: I thought of an example. $S(1 ,m) =m $, $S(n , 1) ...

@MartinSleziak Or . :P
To be honest, I do not see how (category-theory) would fit for those questions. (But maybe that's just my ignorance.)
Maybe we need (abstract-nonsense) tag as they have on MO...? mathoverflow.net/questions/tagged/abstract-nonsense (Probably not. Or at least we should spend some time thinking about content of such tag if we considered creating it.)
2:29 PM
I removed the tag as it already falls into .
2:46 PM
@MartinSleziak It was a joke.
The answer to the question is, more or less, a "dimension" is an invariant of an object preserved by isomorphisms in an appropriate category.
3:11 PM
@MartinSleziak How to deal with this? (in particular, I want to know whether you consider the tag to be useful)
5 hours later…
8:01 PM
@MartinSleziak I did not follow this in detail. But looks good to me.
8:40 PM
@YuiToCheng I would lean more towards removing - or at least to ask first on meta before creating the tag. Let's wait to see what others think about the tag.
Generally if a new tag was edited away but then the OP put it back into the question, some of the reasonable option what to do might be these ones:
1. Simply let it be for some time to see what other users think. (Whether somebody else removes the tag, or comments here on meta.) Or:
2. Edit the post once again, this time leaving a comment - or at least edit summary - with some explanation for the removal of the tag. (Explaining the tag does not seem to be that useful or suggesting to clear it on meta first.) In any case, if the tag is added back after second time, definitely do not go into editing/retagging war. Or:
3. Do not edit the question again. Instead add the suggestion that the tag should be removed in the tag management thread. (With a brief explanation why you do not consider tag useful.
4. Perhaps bringing this to the attention of moderators would be an option too - but probably in cases where it is entirely obvious that the tag should not exist and the OP insist on creating it.
And maybe I should also add: 5. Something else (which I did not think of at the moment).
A new tag was created by BPP and added to seven question. Is there some difference between this tag and ?
Q: How to solve this inequation

John SmithGiven two real numbers $0<a<1$ and $0<\delta<1$, I want to find a positive integer $i$ (it is better to a smaller $i$) such that $$\frac{a^i}{i!} \le \delta.$$

Q: Terminology: how to call this relation (inequality/inequation)?

robert.marik.czhow would you call the relation like this? $$\ln(\sqrt{5})<\ln(5^2)$$ Is it inequality or inequation? Motivation for this question: In Czech we have different words for a relation involving equality sign and a problem involving equality sign and a variable and the value of the variable is to be ...

Perhaps the post on Math Educators by the same user is related to this: Why isn't the term inequation widely used in English?
Well I just added the tag "inequation" to that site. — BPP 2 hours ago
A tag called inequation was created and removed before, in 2011 math.stackexchange.com/posts/28084/revisions and 2013 math.stackexchange.com/posts/294757/revisions
@BPP It's not clear to me what is the purpose of creating such tag when the tag (inequality) already exists. (Did you want to add it as a synonym of the other tag?) But that' probably a thing which should be discussed on Mathematics Meta or in the Tagging chatroom. — Martin 1 min ago
9:09 PM
@Martin You may not use it but other may use it. (inequation) isn't synonym to inequality; see the accepted version or see the wikipedia article. — BPP 3 mins ago
As far as I can tell, the proposed tag-excerpt and tag-wiki do not clarify the distinction between the two tags.
> For questions about solving an inequation or a system of inequations.
I have approved both edits - so that the proposed wording is saved somewhere. The edit to tag-wiki is still pending, it says:
> An inequality is a question, in the form of an inequality between two algebraic quantities. This inequality contains unknowns. To solve an inequality is to find the values of these unknowns that make inequality true. For example $3x-2>0$ and $(x^2-5x+6)(x^3-1)\leq 0$ are inequations to be solved.
9:36 PM
@BPP Since the discussion here is actually not that related to this question and is actually about tags on another Stack Exchange site, it would probably better to discuss the issue on that site's meta. I have already posted this question on Mathematics Meta to see what other users think about this: Should there be distinction between the tags (inequation) and (inequality)? (And it is also a good place where you could clarify the purpose of the newly created tag.) — Martin 16 secs ago
Q: Should there be distinction between the tags (inequation) and (inequality)?

Martin SleziakYou might have noticed that recently the tag inequation was created recently. (See also a few comments and related links posted after the creation of the new tag in chat: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3740/conversation/the-inequation-tag.) The tag was created by the same user who posted th...

Just for the record, the questions that have the at the moment are the two I linked above and:
Q: Solve this inequation

Rick SanchezThe inequation is as following: $$\frac{\pi x^2-(1+\pi^2)x+\pi}{-2x^2+3\pi x}\gt 0$$ So far I was able to factor the inequation, but I don't know how to proceed from now on: $$\frac{(x-1)(x-\pi^2)}{-2x(x-\frac{3\pi}{2})}\gt 0$$

Q: Parametric inequation...

I.GandakovSupppose we have $a$ a real positive number that's not equal to $1$. Solve the following inequation: $$\log_a(x^2-3x)>\log_a(4x-x^2)$$ If it's known that $x=3.75$ is one solution of it.

Q: Solve inequation with nth root

Lucas WillemsI have the following inequation : $\sqrt[n]{10} \geq \frac{10}{9}$ and I would want to know for which interval of n the inequation is right, but I have no idea how to solve it. I hope somebody could help me.

Q: Inequation with absolute values

franckHow would one proceed in solving this difficult inequation with multiple absolute values? is there a way one should proceed ? $$\frac{x}{||x|-2|} \le \frac{x-1}{|x-3|}$$ thanks

Q: Trigonometrical inequation problem

MikhaelM Solve the inequation: $\sin^4x+\cos^4x \geq 1/2$. I did this: $(1-\cos^2x)^2+\cos^4x \geq 1/2$ $-2\cos^2x+2\cos^4x \geq -1/2$ $-2(\cos^2x-\cos^4x) \geq -1/2$ $\cos^2x(1-\cos^2x) \leq 1/4$ $\cos^2x\sin^2x \leq 1/4$ $|\cos x\sin x| \leq 1/2$ Now what? :S I feel it should be easy from he...

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