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2:16 PM
The tag was created by Paolo Leonetti in Maximal ideal with bounded ratio gaps - the question was then deleted. A separate tag for ultrafilters was discussed before on meta.
Q: Would tags such as "ultrafilters" or "Stone-Cech compactification" be too specific?

Martin SleziakI've noticed that one question was recently tagged filter. (It is the only question having this tag at the moment.) I was thinking about a few related tags, which might perhaps be useful; but I wanted to ask about the opinion of other users before creating any of these tags. (I might be biased, ...

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4:13 PM
in Math Meta Chat, 5 mins ago, by Nick
Is there a tag for ? ? Something like that?
in Math Meta Chat, 2 mins ago, by Martin Sleziak
@Nick You can look on meta at the discussions tagged to see what other users think about this.
in Math Meta Chat, 2 mins ago, by Martin Sleziak
As far as I know, there is not tag specifically for this purpose.
Alright and related tags.
may be worth a discussion.
A: Competitions on MSE

Martin SleziakThis is only marginally related to the topic from the original post, but I thought it is worth pointing out that the challenge-problem tag was created recently. At the moment in contains only one question. The tag-wiki is empty at the moment. The tag-excerpt is: For the question that is int...

@Nick Just to make sure that this is clear. There is a tag on meta, which is used for discussions about such posts. There is no tag on the main site.
As you can see in the above example, when a tag for this purpose was created in the past, it was removed relatively quickly.
So if you think about creating such tag, it might be better to open a discussion on meta about that first. I don't think the tag is likely to survie, since it is generally advised to avoid "meta tags" - see: The “meta-tags”. (Of course, I can be wrong.)
^ will any of these terms be acceptable?
@Nick I do not follow. Acceptable for what?
@MartinSleziak for the purpose of tagging contests/challenges or other FCFS time-sensitive q&a
4:26 PM
I do not think is a good name, since it will be easily confused with . (Which is for entirely different purpose.)
A: Using Math.SE for contests

Mark BennetIn a sense every question on the site is a contest - at least that is how the rewards work, to try to motivate users to produce the best answer. There is general encouragement to work together with others (through comments and edits) and subsequent answers which are essentially the same as previo...

I think (suggested in Mark Bennet's post I linked above) or might be reasonable names - but the real question is whether a tag for this purpose should be created at all.
"After all there is a long history of mathematicians throwing down challenges for each other (e.g. the solution of the cubic) - and perhaps (this would be a major change) to allow an immediate bounty on a challenge question." - Mark Bennet
My impression from the previous posts on meta is that opinion on whether such questions are good fit for the site is split. So it is natural to assume that there will be opposition to creating a tag for such purpose.
I'd like to figure out whether it tag or community that is required.
The scope is large enough for the latter but the idea garners limited support.
@Nick If you are thinking about creating such tag, my recommendation would be: 1. To read the previous discussions on meta about on-site contest and challenges. 2. To post a question on meta proposing the tag. (Where you should explain why you think that the tag could be useful. It would be good if in that question you also mention staff you saw in the past discussions.)
I think that would be a good idea.
Q: Competitions on MSE

Ahaan S. RungtaI've always wanted math competitions on MSE ever since I've joined. These could be either user-held or officially held, whichever seems better. User-held competitions would run as follows. A user starts a competition with a specified level, with original problems that he/she writes. People sign...

I see someone tried
You've been superbly helpful @MartinSleziak, thank you. Hope that this will catch on.
But as I say, to me the question whether such tag would be useful seems the more important one - if there is some consensus in the community that such tag should be created, users can think about fine-tuning the name.
I need a LOT of context and a preferably, a PoC before approaching the community meta with this.
If it turns out this in no way adheres to SE's Q&A format, I will have to step into alternatives.
@MartinSleziak yes.
I meant to mean a community prototype with useful contingencies foreseeing every use case of either a Math Challenges community or tag on the main math site.
Without tedious effort, I'm unsure this proposal will float well with the existing biospace of MO, MESE, MSE and others.
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10:15 PM
The tag was created by user122424.
Q: $\leq_{\frak K_\lambda}-\text{increasing continuous}$

user122424Here (in the context of Abstract Elementary Classes) on the page 43 at the bottom,-6th line, what does it technically mean $$\leq_{\frak K_\lambda}-\text{increasing continuous}$$ ? I think that this should be a condition on limit ordinals, but in his text, Shelah uses $\alpha$ for both, limit an...

The tag was created in the same question.

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