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11:51 AM
The tag was created, probably by Rohan. There is also tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Can all Venn diagrams be constructed?

Fred KlineI have a question that relates to this question about Venn diagrams. Has anyone shown that all Venn diagrams can (theoretically) be constructed?

Q: Probability : Venn diagrams; independent

Think Are both the Venn diagram's (i and ii) showing dependent properties (showing that A and B are dependent on one another), I am told that the quartered one is independent (Venn diagram i), however I do not see any difference between the 2 diagram's. Surely P(A|B) (probability of B given A), will co...

Q: Venn Diagrams and Negative Numbers

JayI am confused about creating a Venn diagram from the question below from one of the past papers as there is a negative number involved. Is this possible in Venn diagrams? A survey of students in a lecture revealed that a total of $15$ played rugby, $30$ played football and $35$ played cricket. $...

Q: Venn Diagrams in Discrete Structures

RickybobbyI'm hoping someone can explain how I go about drawing up venn diagrams in my discrete structures class. The book this class uses doesn't explain much at all, and gives only two examples.. My homework asks me to: Use Venn diagrams to determine whether each of the following is true or false: ...

Q: How to show venn diagram?

dimoHow to show the following sets by Venn diagrams? Case 1: $$A=\{1,2,B\},B =\{3,4\}$$ Case 2: $$A=\{1,2,3,4\}, B=\{3,4\}$$

Q: Venn- Diagrams, Probability

LuciaI want to know how to draw a Venn Diagram with the given information below.. There are 30 students: 16 are girls; There are 7 girls and 6 boys who have blue eyes. A student is randomly chosen to be class monitor. Draw a Venn Diagram to represent this information. Progres...

Q: Venn Diagrams Set Theory Explanations

MatthewLI was hoping someone could explain how these sets map out on the venn diagram. Mainly, i am confused on what the Triangle means in terms of the venn diagram. (The Triangle represents: The symmetric difference between the two sets) Is there a proof in which i can replace the triangle into unions ...

Q: venn diagram based

Likhith LikhiIn a group of students, 30% play only cricket, 20% play only football and 10% play only basketball. 20% of the students play both football and cricket, 15% play both basketball and cricket, 10% play both football and basketball. 15 students play no games, while 5% of the students play all three g...

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1:20 PM
I am not sure whether it is useful to have and as two separated tags on meta. Synonym?
Q: Answering "is my approach correct" with a different proof

Federico PoloniOn this site it is common to see questions where OP asks if their approach or their solution to a problem is correct. Often, people answer these questions by providing their own entirely different proof. Example 1 Example 2. My opinion is that these answers do not address the question, and they ...

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2:43 PM
@Rohan: PLEASE don't go on retagging benders after deciding that a new tag is needed without some input from the community first. Namely, wait a few days and let people decide if this is a good idea for a tag. You should speed things up by opening a meta thread. (In recent memory.) — Asaf Karagila 15 mins ago
@AsafKaragila Sorry sir. Will definitely do as per your suggestion. — Rohan 20 mins ago
I see that is up to 19. (It was at 6 questions when I mentioned it here - which seemed reasonable.)
@AsafKaragila Since you happen to be here, would you tag this as (elementary-set-theory) or (set-theory): Cardinal Arithmetic $a^ba^c = a^{b+c}$ It surprised me to see that Andres E. Caicedo used the more advanced tag.
I did not consider this worth pinging somebody - but sine you appeared in chat after some time...
@MartinSleziak I'd keep this as elementary. I generally refer to Andrés when it comes to the choice of the two, but this might have been a slip of the mouse. Definitely the elementary (if there would have been an answer justifying otherwise, then maybe, but there is none).
Thanks for the response. I am glad to see, that you confirmed what I thought (and did).
Anyway, if the tag stays, I recall some interesting questions about drawing Venn diagrams with more than three sets. They should probably added.
When a new tag is created, we should mainly try to retag those old questions which are the most relevant. (Trying to retag all old questions related to the topic would be overly ambitious.)
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9:43 PM
@MartinSleziak I don't know. Should this really be preserved? I mean, what purpose does it serve, really?
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11:54 PM
I will not strongly object if it goes either way. (If it's kept or if it's removed.)
I certainly agree with you that it would be preferable to discuss creation of a new tags on meta first.

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