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3:07 PM
I was a bit hesitant whether to add or not. If somebody can have a look whether choice of the tags seems reasonable: $e-2\approx0.71828$, but I got $1$
Q: $e-2\approx0.71828$, but I got $1$

Mrigank Shekhar PathakWe know that: $$\frac 1{2!}+\frac 1{3!}+\frac 1{4!}+\frac 1{5!}+\frac 1{6!}+\cdots =e-2\approx0.71828$$ But I am getting the above sum as $1,$ as shown below: \begin{align} S & = \frac 1{2!}+\frac 1{3!}+\frac 1{4!}+\frac 1{5!}+\frac 1{6!}+\cdots \\[10pt] & = \frac 1{2!} + \frac {3-2}{3!} +\fra...

Also this comment gives somewhat unusual reason for close vote (however, this is unrelated to the topic of this room):
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it seems to be a way to silently challenge us while the OP knows the answer. — Yves Daoust 45 mins ago
3:23 PM
@quid (or any other mod): The tags and are another issue which has been around for quite a long time. (It's about synonymizing and/or merging - so involvement of a moderator might be necessary.)
A: Tag management 2016

Mark McClurePerhaps the chaos-theory and chaotic-systems tags should be merged? The second has no official description but I can hardly imagine what the difference should be.

A: Tag management 2017

suomynonAThe list of proposals on the 2016 thread that are still open: Proposal to rename the "adjoint" tag Proposal to join the "chaos theory" and "chaotic systems" tags Proposal to change the name of the "divisors" tag Proposal to make the "compactification" tag a synonym of the "compactness" tag Pr...

There are not that many users who have score 5+ in the tag: math.stackexchange.com/tags/chaos-theory/topusers (So even if some regular user suggest a synonym, there will probably not be enough users who notice the synonym and then vote on it.)
Sorry, my second link was intended to be this one (although it is also mentioned in the above list):
A: Tag management 2017

WrzlprmftPlease merge chaotic-systems and chaos-theory. I am active in these tags and the respective field and I fail to see a meaningful difference between them, let alone a need for a distinction. This already got 10 upvotes last year.

3:56 PM
BTW I see that my suggestion about is not in the list of open proposal from 2016. Maybe somebody could have a look whether you consider something like this reasonable:
A: Tag management 2016

Martin SleziakI propose creating relation-composition tag and making it a synonym of function-composition. I think that if composition of functions is important enough to have its own tag, then so is composition of relations. But it would probably be better to have both topics under the same tag. We definitel...

4:45 PM
Q: Sum of $2^k/k$ and Lerch's transcendent.

ablmfMaple shows that $$ \sum_{0 \le k \le m} \frac{2^k}{(k+1)} = -i/2\pi -2\,{2}^{m} \left( 1/4\,{\it \Phi} \left( 2,1,m \right) -1 /4\,{m}^{-1}-1/2\, \left( m+1 \right) ^{-1} \right) $$ where $\Phi$ denotes Lerch's transcendent. How can we prove this? I have checked a few books but haven't got a cl...

In mathematics, the Lerch zeta function, sometimes called the Hurwitz–Lerch zeta-function, is a special function that generalizes the Hurwitz zeta function and the polylogarithm. It is named after the Czech mathematician Mathias Lerch [1]. == Definition == The Lerch zeta function is given by L ( λ , α , s ) = ∑ n = 0 ∞ e ...
5:39 PM
@MartinSleziak merged into
@MartinSleziak would work instead?
@MartinSleziak merged with syn. Chaos theory master (among aothers, as it had a wiki)
@MartinSleziak seems good to me. // I can understand where the voter to close is coming from but it seems strange in the specific case. If an OP asks like this and then becomes obnoxious about some answers it's a different situation.
Sorry for the many pings. But the back-linking might be helpful for later readers.
6:05 PM
I have not problem with the pings, they were made for a good reason.
@quid From the reply I guess you find the suggestion to have common tag for those at least somewhat reasonable. I am fine with whichever name. (It seems a bit long, but maybe it's clearer than having relations just as a synonym an mentioned in the tag-wiki...?)
We have some similar tags.
I guess we can marked some issues in the past thread as resolved. (Namely both 2016 and 2017 entry for chaos theory.)
I'll wait to see what happens with relation composition, so that we do not bumpt them twice in a relatively short time period.
And thanks a lot for doing this!
1 hour later…
7:36 PM
@MartinSleziak I am not a fan of synonyms in general, so I try to avoid them. Merge done, . I thought maybe to start with function is better. I did not yet update the tagwiki.
I have added at least something very short there.
The tag-excerpt contained a definition of $g\circ f$, I have moved it to the body - it's probably a better place.
Will you do the honors of adding to the meta posts that those issues are now resolved?

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