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10:20 AM
Do we really need tag?
Q: Finding x with other variables involved

ComandanteHow do you find $x$ when there are also other variables like $P, A, t$ $$P=\frac{A}{1+xt}$$ Here's what I did, I'm not sure if I'm correct LCD: 1 + xt $$1+xt(P=\frac{A}{1+xt})$$ $$(1+xt)P =1+xt(\frac{A}{1+xt})$$ $$P + Ptx = A$$ Is the above correct? I couldn't continue it because I don't kno...

This has definitely nothing to do with but I think that is a good fit.
Q: How do I avoid the overuse of subscript?

JonathanSo I'm doing some computer vision, namely a segmentation task with a depth camera and I'm trying to express the way in which pixels are added to specific regions. I'm unsure of the best way to notate this in my report. In general I'm not hugely experienced with maths and I often trip up when it c...

Perhaps instead of ?
Q: Is there such a thing as 2.3 variables?

ArjangIs there such a thing as 2.3 variables? for example there are system of equations of n variables, but what about when n is not an integer , when n is a real number or even complex number? What about matrix? Is there anything in math that generalises the notion of variable? or even defines it? ...

I am not sure how to tag this one.
BTW the list of new tags says that (variables) was created Sep 5 at 9:04. So most likely in this question.
BTW the OP seems to have problems with tagging that question too. The last sentence of the question is: I really want to tag this question "What am I looking for"
Relevant posts I was able to find on meta:
A: Can I ask question that is to identify the name of thing? What tags I should use to post such question?

Willie WongAside from the suitability of the question proposed above: In general it is okay to ask about names of things and identifying objects. Please tag them with notation and/or terminology as appropriate.

A: Where is the best place to ask for the names of mathematical things?

Bob HappYour question immediately made me wonder how come there isn't a terminology tag. But then I looked it up and found there is in fact such a tag: http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/terminology Questions on the usage and meaning of words in mathematics, the names for mathematical e...

However, I am not sure would be a good fit here.
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Here I mentioned that there were a few user-based tags on MO: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2014/12/25. They are also mentioned in this answer:
A: Should we create an Erdős tag?

user9072Since other "named" tags got mentioned, I would like to make some general remarks first. I see (at least) three different types of tags or tagging involving the name of a mathematician, and I think it is important to keep them separate. The purpose of ask-johnson and ask-noam are to signal ...

5:57 PM
I am not sure whether is supposed to be for singular matrices...?
Q: Prove That A+B is Singular if A and B are Singular

ZulfeThe following problem is presented: Prove that, if A and B are singular $n \times n$ matrices, that $A+B$ is also singular. I have the following solution, whereupon I assume that $x_1 = x_3$.

At the moment, there are only 3 questions tagged singularity+matrices.

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