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6:32 AM
A: Tag management 2016

Najib IdrissiWhat on Earth is the tag algebraic-identities for? It seems to me that questions containing at least one equal sign get randomly tagged with it, including questions that have nothing to do with algebra. The tag excerpt (there's no tag wiki) mentions "algebraic structures", which I guess includes ...

The tag excerpt for the tag currently looks like this:
"For questions regarding identities in algebraic structures, including the construction, composition, and interpretation thereof."
I wonder whether the fact that Alexander Gruber created the tag-excerpt for this tag should be interpreted as a sign that he supports this tag. He might even be tag creator; since this is the oldes question in that tag.
Q: Does a four-variable analog of the Hall-Witt identity exist?

Alexander GruberLately I have been thinking about commutator formulas, sparked by rereading the following paragraph in Isaacs (p.125): An amazing commutator formula is the Hall-Witt identity: $$[x,y^{-1},z]^y[y,z^{-1},x]^z[z,x^{-1},y]^x=1,$$ which holds for any three elements of every group. $\ldots$ One c...

@AlexanderGruber Since you probably are the creator of the (algebraic-identities) tag, I thought it would be a good idea to leat you know that it is currently discussed on meta. — Martin Sleziak 27 secs ago
Pinging the tag-creator when a removal/usefulness of a tag is discussed seems to me llike a reaonsable idea.

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