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6:40 AM
was removed
A: Tag management 2015

Grigory M Resolved: Shog9 has burninated this tag. Let's as an upvoted answer to the old thread and comments here suggest remove intersection it's used for questions from «why intersection of two ideals is an ideal» to «how to compute this area of intersection using integral»; as Najib Idrissi puts ...

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9:04 AM
@MartinSleziak I see that removal of has already started.
I don't see (visualization) as a superset of (art). Of the questions currently tagged (art) I think only five (one, two, three, four, five) are legitimately about math and art. Of those I think only the first two are really suitable for the site. The first is certainly not about (visualization). (So IMO it would be a tiny tag.) — Arthur Fischer ♦ 20 hours ago
At the same time on a site close by: math-and-art (created two days ago). — quid 20 hours ago
Q: algebraic topology and 3d/4d printing

Vasili GalchinI googled for papers on applying algebraic topology to 3d/4d printing. It just seems to me that there has to be a connection. Any help, kind audience? edit: 4d printing means 1-parameter families of 3d printed objects. Movies with 3d printed objects, one object per frame.

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11:02 AM
I see that was created here (and after a while also removed).
Maybe we could keep the tag, but make it synonym of . (This would prevent creating tag again and again by various users.)
This is one of the suggestions for "tag-redirects" mentioned here:
A: Tags as redirects for correct tags

Martin SleziakThis is a CW-answers for collecting some potentially useful "tag redirects". subgroups could be synonymized with/redirected to group-theory cauchy-schwarz (or maybe cauchy-schwarz-ineq) and cauchy-bunyakovski could be synonyms of inequality The tags ellipse and parabola are already synonyms of ...


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