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5:08 PM
Q: All tag labels suddenly appear in bold font

Dan MašekOn all the sites, the tag names started appearing bold in the last 15 or so minutes. Looks rather garish. Is this some new un-announced feature release? For example: One of the worst affected pieces of UI is the "Watched Tags" box, which can easily end up with ten or more lines of bold text. He...

5:21 PM
Q: Seeking feedback on tag colors update

PiperUpdate February 15th, 2024 Thank you for providing the requested feedback on the original post. From the discussion, it seems like Option 3 and Option 4 were more favorable. Therefore we have taken that into account and settled on Option 3 as the base style due to its cleaner aesthetic. Since the...

5:37 PM
Q: Tag color: blue or gray

MathStackexchangeIsNotSoBadIs there a change in the appearance of tags in MSE?? It used to be blue in color but now it is gray. What is happening in Mathstackexchange?


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