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1:43 AM
@MartinSleziak these are pretty large tags. Thanks for the info. I'd not have recalled the earlier exchange.
10 hours later…
11:28 AM
What would be a suitable tag for this question about injectivity/surjectivity of a complex-valued function? I have removed the inappropriate , but I am not sure what to use instead.
11:42 AM
@MartinR Typically, for questions asking whether some function is injective, surjective, I have used . Depending on the question, might be suitable, too.
A: About (functions) tag

Martin SleziakTag functions is intended for elementary questions about functions, which include: definition and basic properties of functions (domain, codomain, inverse function, bijective/injective/surjective functions, image and preimage of a set, even/odd functions etc...) names and notations for various ...

A: Tag management 2016

Martin Sleziak Resolved: The tags have been removed. The tags bijectivity, injectivity and surjectivity have been created not so long ago (they are still in the list of new tags.) A natural question is what to do with these tags. So far the questions about these topics were typically tagged functions and...

11:59 AM
@vitamind Yes, meta is a reasonable place where to propose a new tag. Either as a separate question or in the tag management thread.
12:42 PM
@MartinSleziak OK, thanks.

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