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10:57 AM
@amWhy Does editing tag descriptions push questions to the front page? — Rodrigo de Azevedo 2 days ago
@RodrigodeAzevedo I just wanted to confirm that editing the tag-info does not bump any posts.
Although I suppose you know this from your own experience.
11:12 AM
tag appears again.
@MartinSleziak As discussed before.
It was an approved tag.
@MartinSleziak Thank you for the confirmation.
12:15 PM
Q: Adding (hartshorne) Tag?

Marco VerguraWell, the title is quite self-explaining. I haven't read anything so far in Hartshorne's Algebraic Geometry, but looking at ME (and listening to what a close friend of mine told me about it) it really seems that one has to prepare to hard and painful days if interested in reading/studying it. Act...

Q: Hartshorne II prop 6.9

SethI feel completely in the dark, like I am totally missing what is going on behind the scenes in this section. I apologize in advance. Prop. 6.9: Let $X \to Y$ be a finite morphism of non-singular curves, then for any divisor $D$ on $Y$ we have $\deg f^*D=\deg f\deg D$. I don't understand ...

I just realized how much I want a "hartshorne" tag. — Slade Oct 17 '14 at 1:46
I second that. $ $ — Seth Oct 17 '14 at 1:53
I added the tag and hope that they grant us the wish. — quantum 2 hours ago
@quantum I have removed the tag, following the previous discussion on meta. See here: Adding (hartshorne) Tag? and other posts linked there. — Martin Sleziak 24 secs ago

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