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11:36 PM
A new tag was created by user100101212.
Q: Maximal Ideal of Noetherian ring with property

user100101212Suppose that $R$ is a Noetherian Ring, $m$ is a maximal ideal and $I$ is an ideal. Prove that if $\exists n \in \mathbb{N}$ such that $m \supset I \supset m^{n}$ then $I$ is a primary ideal. That is, $ab \in I \implies a \in I$ or $b^{n} \in I$ for some $n \in \mathbb{N}$.

A new tag was created by Makogan, including a tag-excerpt: "For questions about the Gaussian probability distribution, its definition, properties and use."
Q: What is a Gaussian kernel?

MakoganI am trying to understand a paper where the term "Gaussian Kernel" is used often. Upon first reading it I thought kernel and $\sigma$ (standard deviation) were synonyms, but upon reading this document, it sounds like the sigma is one of the parameters of the kernel, but it isn't one to one with i...

Q: Searching for a second order ODE whose solution is bell shape (Gaussian function)

CauteI'm studying a nonequilibrium dynamics of a stochastic system. I found that in mean-field approximation the numerical solution resembles a bell shaped function (Gaussian function) with is zero at initial time, then reaches its maximum and finally decays to zero. I was wondering if there exist a s...


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