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11:32 AM
in Later's Room, Aug 12 at 9:14, by Later
Although the community team insist on killing off any tag, some communities insist on retaining this misleading tag. I argued against the tag in a meta post, which was immediately closed and deleted by a moderator who claimed that it was an off-topic (?!) post.
A: Should any Meta post that calls out a user by name be deleted, not just downvoted?

animusonThis is actually something that just came up internally that we've been pondering. We want to have a bit more guidance around these issues, especially for our moderators, to prevent some of the very negative experiences we've been seeing around some particular users over the years that originate ...

The linked post is rather old - I am not really sure whether it is relevant.
To be more specific - it exists on MathOverflow Meta and on Meta StackOverflow.
I am not really sure what is the question here. If the tag is considered problematic, it should probably be discussed on meta.
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12:49 PM
BTW some stats related to were posted here when the tag was brought up on meta: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2020/7/12
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7:33 PM
I guess both and would be a good fit here, but that would go over five tags: What is the Solution to CAREFUL Serial Down-voting?
Q: What is the Solution to CAREFUL Serial Down-voting?

Consider Non-Trivial CasesI came to know that there is a script to prevent serial down-voting but as it is the case always for any script, there is a set-threshold, and if a careful person somehow figures that out (for example, by trial and error method), he can do Serial Down-voting by carefully waiting and then down vo...

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10:34 PM
@MartinSleziak I'd be down to remove a few a day until it's gone

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