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Q: Intuition of the Wronskian

DaniyalI've got a question regarding the intuition of a Wronskian, in the following sense: The intuition for the determinant of a square $n \times n $-matrix is that it represents the area/(hyper-)volume between vectors. But what is the intuition behind the Wronskian of let's say two linear functions...

Q: Wronskian for multivariate functions

DaniyalI've been reading about the wronskian and I got stuck in the following: Suppose we are given a multivariate function describing e.g. a plane: $z = m_1 x + m_2 y + b$. How is the wronskian computed? We have here to two variables ($x,y$). How is this case dealt with the wronskian? Best regards

Q: Linear dependence and linear independence of functions in linear algebra

prakash nainwalI am trying to understand linear dependence and linear independence of real valued functions on a set. Say S. I want to know that using wronskain how can we say that a set S of functions is linearly dependent. I was thinking that if wronskain is zero everywhere on the domain then S is linearly ...

Q: Problem regarding Wronskian

cmiI have got a problem from Wronskian..I am a first reader of Differential Equation. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem? Attempt: I know that if $n$ number of $n-1$ differentiable function are dependent on $I$ then their Wronskian will be identically zero on $I$. But the converse ...

Q: Number of zeros of Wronskian

pisoirIs there some relation between the number of zeros of a Wronskian and properties of given functions? Having Wronskian (e.g. $2$ x $2$) $$W(x)=\left|\begin{array}{c}f_1(x) & f_2(x)\\f'_1(x) & f'_2(x)\end{array}\right|$$ For example, the number of zeros, i.e., $W(x)=0$ is at most the number of zer...

Q: Homogeneous second-order differential equation with constant Wronskian

Hanul Jeon Problem Prove that if the Wronskian of any two solutions of differential equation $y''+p(x)y'+q(x)y=0$ is constant, then $p(x)$ is zero. My attempt. : Let $y_1$ and $y_2$ be two solutions of given differential equation. Note that the Wronskian $W=W[y_1,y_2]$ satisfies $W'+p(x)W=0$. Since $W$...

Q: differential equation problem

Believerthe wronskian of two independent solutions of second order linear homogeneous Differential equation is never zero but can we say that wronskian of n independent solutions of n-th order linear homogenous Differential equation is never zero.?

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Q: Relating to create a new tag named "wronskian"

nmasantaI have created a new tag named "wronskian" and given the full details about it and also I fit some questions relating this new tag. I just want to know is it acceptable for this site? If all goes well, I shall attach the rest of the questions. I want a suitable opinion about that. Thank you ...

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A: How should basic questions about transfinite ordinals and cardinals be tagged?

Asaf KaragilaLet me preface this by saying that there is a thick borderline between set-theory and elementary-set-theory where things are not very clear cut, and at the end of the day require set theorists to actively clean up the tag choices. (Because ultimately the set-theory tag is aimed to focus on what ...


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