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8:33 AM
The tag has now three question. (In all cases added by the tag creator.)
Q: lim$_{m , n \to \infty} S(n,m)$ exists but iterated limits do not.

cmi$S(n,m)$ is a double sequence. Can anyone give me an example where lim$_{m , n \to \infty} S(n,m)$ exists but lim$_{n \to \infty}$( lim$_{m \to \infty} S(n,m)$) , lim$_{m \to \infty}$( lim$_{n \to \infty} S(n,m)$) do not? My Attempt: I thought of an example. $S(1 ,m) =m $, $S(n , 1) ...

Q: What is the definition of double sequence $a_{mn}$ being convergent to $l$?

cmiWhat is the definition of double sequence $a_{mn}$ being convergent to $l$? I have this definition. Definition: The double sequence $(a_{m,n})^∞_{m,n=1}$ is said to Converge to the real number $A∈ \mathbb R$ if for all $ϵ>0$ there exists an $N∈ \mathbb N$ such that if $m,n≥N$ then $∣a_{m,n}−A∣<...

Q: Sufficient condition for having finite double limit of a double sequence.

cmiIf $(s(n,m))$ is a double sequence such that (i) the iterated limit lim$_{m \to \infty} $(lim$ _{n \to \infty }s(n,m)$) = a, and (ii) the limit (lim$ _{n \to \infty }s(n,m)$) exists uniformly for every $m \in \mathbb N$, then the double limit lim$ _{n,m \to \infty }s(n,m)=a$. Can anyone p...

It would be nice to hear from other people visiting the room what they think about usefulness of such tag.
And if it seems that the usefulness of the tag is questionable, then take some question. (Bring this to meta? Remove the tag and suggest to the OP to bring this to meta?)
I will mention that there was a tag called which seems related to some of the above questions: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740?m=45630823#45630823 I suppose it was either merged by a moderator into another tag or removed by the script which deleted single occurrence tags without tag-wiki since it is not shown in the revision history: math.stackexchange.com/posts/2848741/revisions
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12:55 PM
A: Tag management 2019

lhfI suggest we rename fixedpoints to fixed-points for consistency.

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4:25 PM
@MartinSleziak No, there is no difference. This particular user is, I believe, a native French speaker, and wants mathematical English to conform to mathematical French more closely.
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5:49 PM
@XanderHenderson Yes, I have noticed the question. (I have linked to it in my post on meta.)
It's probably better that there is a post on meta where the community can show what they think about a new tag - in that way, we're more likely to avoid an editing war (repeated creation and removal of the tag).
@MartinSleziak Indeed. I have been following the meta thread.

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