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7:09 AM
A new tag was created by AIM_BLB.
Q: Density in Compact-Open Equivalent to containment of subbases

AIM_BLBLet $X,Y$ be Hausdorff spaces and consider the compact-open topology on $C(X,Y)$. Let $F\subseteq C(X,Y)$ be a non-empty subset and consider the topology $\tau$ on $C(X,Y)$ with subbase $$ B_F\triangleq \{f\in F: f(K)\subseteq V\}_{K \mbox{ compact in X}, U \mbox{ open in Y}}. $$ Is $F$ dense i...

Q: Follow up: Density Characterized by Weak Topology

AIM_BLBThis question is a follow-up on: this question. Let $F$ be a non-empty subset of $C(X,Y)$, where $X,Y$ are Hausdorff (and for simplicity assume that $Y$ is metric). Let $\tau$ be the weak topology on $X$ generated by $F$. Let us denote $(X,\tau)$ by $\tilde{X}$ to avoid confusion. Is $F$...

@AIM_BLB I see that you have created the (function-spaces) tag. It might be useful to create at least some basic tag-info to clarify the intended usage of the tag. (Is it meant for topics from general topology, functional analysis or both? What is relation to some existing tags, such as (lp-spaces)?) — Martin Sleziak 13 secs ago
2 hours later…
8:56 AM
Should and be two separate tags on meta? I see some arguments in favor of keeping the tags with those names separate on the main site, as discussed here: What is the usefulness of having “proof-verification” and “solution-verification” as different tags? But on meta, I don't see the need for such distinction.
@rschwieb I agree that on meta there is probably no reason to keep the two tags separate.
I don't remember a discussion about these two tag on meta. (Only the discussion about the tags on the main.) Although they were occasionally mentioned here in chat.
Dec 18 '17 at 13:20, by Martin Sleziak
I am not sure whether it is useful to have and as two separated tags on meta. Synonym?
4 hours later…
12:29 PM
@ArnaudD. I certainly agree that some meta tags (in this sense) are useful. Still, one should be careful before creating new ones - I'd guess that it would be reasonable to expect discussion on meta first for such tags.
1:19 PM
Q: Tag proposal: concatenation

TheSimpliFireA simple lookup of "concatenation" reveals 1,637 questions with that word in the post. Thus it is not uncommon on MSE with questions based around that topic. Questions Here are some suggestions. Below each question I have added some ideas as to the pros and cons of them. Should the tag conc...


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