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1:56 AM
A new tag created by ajotatxe. I think this tag can be safely removed - the same tag has been created and removed before.
Q: Is there a better, or simpler or more elementary proof that $\pi > 3$

ajotatxeConsider a regualar dodecagon ABCDEFGHIJKL inscribed in a circle of radius and center $O$ Then $OA=OC=AC$ form an equilateral triangle., and the kite $ABCO$ has area $1/4$. there are $4$ kits like this in the dodecagon, so the area es $3<\pi$. I know this is known result, but not very well-kno...

If/when the gradient-related tag is created, I'm happy to spend some time adding the tag to higher-visibility gradient-related questions. I'm familiar with the principle of avoiding bumping too many posts at once (in this way or any other). Are there guidelines/best practices for this recorded somewhere? I couldn't find any in meta with some naive searches.
2:15 AM
Here is what we talked about in connection with another tag: Retagging with newly created tag (how fast and other advice).
Although it is mostly discussion between me and one other user - it would be nice to hear also from other users on this.
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4:07 AM
@AlexanderGruber I'd prefer one tag that is called convergence-divergence rather than a synonym. We might end up with the opposite situation of divergence (in the vector calculs sense) being remapped to convergence. — quid ♦ Oct 14 '18 at 1:26
5 hours later…
9:19 AM
Q: How shall we handle big numbers / computer searching problems?

SilThere are certain questions that ask about finding an object find certain property, usually some large number. Now to me it is on the edge of what this site is about, as the question is not really about understanding the math, but rather asking for help with computation (although sometimes an asw...

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2:20 PM
Creating or would partially resolve also the other issue, which was how to rename the tag so that it is clear that it is not about .
A: Misuse of tag "divergence": How to deal with questions with the wrong tag?

Martin SleziakProposal: Changing the tag name to something more descriptive might make it clearer to the user what the tag is intended for and thus incorrect use will be less likely. (And thus reducing the frequency of this problem in the future.) I would suggest divergence-vector-calculus or divergence-vector...

Several users suggested .
Right, the suggestion from that answer part of what motivated the suggestion divergence-operator, which I like better than the suggestions for the tag name given there. — Travis Willse Nov 21 at 1:45
Of course, even if a synonym is created, still there is the question whether $\to$ would maybe be better than $\to$ .

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