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9:28 AM
Q: Recent progress in the irrationality measure of $\pi$

E. JosephThe context. For any real number $x$, let's define the quantity $$\mu(x):=\sup\left\{\mu\in\mathbb R_+\, \text{there is an infinity of rationals $p/q$ such that}\ \left\vert x-\frac pq\right\vert<\frac 1{q^{\mu}}\right\},$$ and let's call it the irrationality measure of $x$. We know that $$...

I believe there were some questions related to this topic: math.stackexchange.com/search?q=irrationality+measure google.com/…
There are also several related posts on MO: google.com/search?q=irrationality+measure+site:mathoverflow.net
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12:16 PM
Q: simple questions tag-changing

JHBonariusI'm not a mathematician, but an electircal engineer. However, EE guys also use a lot of mathematical theory. So Mathematics Stack Exchange seems the best place to ask questions about those. In the past months I've asked some questions about mathematical notation. E.g. Correct notation to combine...

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3:04 PM
Dec 18 '17 at 13:20, by Martin Sleziak
I am not sure whether it is useful to have and as two separated tags on meta. Synonym?

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