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10:26 AM
The tag was created by Javi - but it was quickly replaced by the already existing tag.
This seems to be the first time that the tag with this name was created: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/927958/… data.stackexchange.com/math/query/927958/…
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11:53 AM
Q: Added the tag schubert-calculus

Matt SamuelI have added the tag schubert-calculus and begun tagging the numerous questions that should have it. Though this is a highly advanced topic usually more suitable on MathOverflow, Schubert calculus questions certainly do get asked. Those who frequent MathOverflow often go on this site as well and ...

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3:00 PM
Wow - was created just a few hours ago and now it has 23 questions. Matt Samuel created also tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
As you can see, he also made a post on meta related to this: Added the tag schubert-calculus.
In mathematics, Schubert calculus is a branch of algebraic geometry introduced in the nineteenth century by Hermann Schubert, in order to solve various counting problems of projective geometry (part of enumerative geometry). It was a precursor of several more modern theories, for example characteristic classes, and in particular its algorithmic aspects are still of current interest. The phrase "Schubert calculus" is sometimes used to mean the enumerative geometry of linear subspaces, roughly equivalent to describing the cohomology ring of Grassmannians, and sometimes used to mean the more general...
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5:45 PM
A new tag was created by vidyarthi.
Q: Relation between deficiency and conformability

vidyarthiLet $G$ be a graph with total vertices $|V(G)|$. Let the maximum degree of the graph be $\Delta$. Let us assume the graph is total colourable( no adjacent vertices, adjacent edges and an edge and its incident vertices receive same colour) with $\Delta+1$ colours. Let the vertices be properly colo...

6:02 PM
I will add link to a previous discussion about adding newly created tags (in connection with Matt Samuel's question):

Retagging with newly created tag (how fast and other advice)

Dec 6 '17 at 13:40, 20 minutes total – 28 messages, 3 users, 3 stars

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