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in C.R.U.D.E., 9 hours ago, by amWhy
Just curious @MartinSleziak. I'm surprised by the difference in the ratios tags/(questions asked) with respect to math.se (very high average number of posts per tag), and that same ratio on meta. I really think that too many tags on meta actually hinders efforts to search. I'll plan to study the tags, and compare number of questions tagged under a tag, over the total number of questions asked on meta. We should not need more than 240 tags on meta.
in C.R.U.D.E., 9 hours ago, by amWhy
On the other hand, perhaps I am comparing apples with oranges (tags on main, and tags on meta.)
Basically, I think that if we do not have problem that there are more than 5 tags that would fit a question, we are doing ok.
I think that most of tags from meta.SE would be a reasonable tags also here - since main meta and local metas often contain similar topics.
However, some of the topics do not appear that frequently, so perhaps they are oke on meta.SE but they are not really needed here. Your example with - I would probably not create it, but I would not delete it.
Of course, it is a judgement call. So for example you would prefer to remove , I considered it a useful tag.
BTW as I see here it wasn't created by me: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2017/4/20 What I did was that after it was created, I have added it to some questions. (So I remembered it wrong.)
Quite often I ask in this question whether creating some new tag could be suitable. But it would not be easy to find this in some other way than going through transcript. Perhaps I should mark such post with to make them easier to find.
Probably if you search for new tag or tag created you can see that newly created tags are often also mentioned here.
To add an example of a message asking whether some new tags could be useful on meta, you can look at these: chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=problem+statement&room=3740
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7:18 AM
@MichaelHardy Thanks for correcting the spelling of the tag.
So there is a new tag , Michael Hardy also created tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Distances between $3$ random points on $[0,1]$

pwerthSuppose $3$ points are drawn uniformly at random from $[0,1]$. Call them $x_1,x_2,x_3$ with $x_1\leq x_2\leq x_3$. I am interested in the distances between them. Fix $0<a<b<1$. I want to compute the probability $P$ that $$x_2-x_1 < a, \ \ \ \ x_3 -x_2 < a,\ \ \ \ x_3-x_1 > b$$ In other words,...

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8:22 AM
One more minor comment to the discussion about tags on meta we started with @amWhy (see above).
One additional advantage is that if we have meta tag for some topic, tag-info is a good place to collect relevant information.
For example, if somebody hears about SEDE for the first time and asks what it is, I can get them link to data-explorer tag-info. They find some information there. Or if somebody asks what community bulletin is, I can use this link.
If somebody stumbles upon the same message a year later and some information concerning SEDE has changed or some additional information was included in the tag-info in the meantime, they will find updated information at the same link.
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12:54 PM
The tag was created, but the user EyesOnBud (who is both the OP and tag-creator) has in the meantime deleted all questions where it was used - I found (through Google) this question: Twin primes & product of two equidistributive functions also being equidistributive.
It went through several revisions, the original title was "The product of two equidistributive functions in a semigroup, with semigroup partition is also equidistributive."

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