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5:33 AM
There were several gender related discussions on meta. Should tag be created on meta? (Or some different name.) My guess is that the tag is probably not needed.
Q: Recent influx of new users with female "glamour" pics for profile

ChrisI don't mean to 1) complain about women being present on the site or 2) suggest that women could not both be interested in glamour and mathematics, but I've perceived a curious uptick in profiles like this in the past couple of months: profiles with female usernames and glamour- or modeling-type ...

Q: Why do women participate less on our site using their real names?

Richard NashThis list https://math.stackexchange.com/users?tab=reputation&filter=all contains mostly male names. Women seem to be relatively invisible here on math.SE. Is there any particular reason behind less participation of women on our site using their real names? Is this not a cause for concern?

Q: What is the male-female ratio among Mathematics Stack Exchange users?

LancelAnother question asks why there are so few female users at Mathematics Stack Exchange. I would like to investigate the premise of that question. In order to state a question that has an objective answer, this is what I ask: What is the male-female ratio among the top 100 users of Mathematics Sta...

Q: Gender-neutral pronouns, they, zie, hir

PhiraIn the answer to Examine function extreme values the user dfeuer used the pronouns "zie" and "hir" which were edited to "they" and "them" by the user Matt (please regard the edit history). Obviously, the original user does not like it. I have rolled back the edit, because I feel that this should...

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9:31 AM
Q: The Hausdorff property versus closedness of the diagonal in the context of convergence spaces

goblinGiven a topological space $X$, the following are equivalent: Given points $x$ and $y$, there exist neighborhoods $A$ and $B$ of $x$ and $y$ respectively satisfying $A \cap B = \emptyset$. Every proper filter converges to at most one point. The diagonal set $\{(x,x) : x \in X\}$ is a closed subs...


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