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5:24 AM
Now the tag has a tag-excerpt.
10 hours later…
3:23 PM
I took the liberty of copying the text of the excerpt also into the tag-wiki and adding some Wikipedia links.
The tag started to grow. I have added in to one question: About $\operatorname{Spin}^\mathbb{C}$ structures. And today OP of this question used the tag: Universal Cover of the Lorentz Group in $n$ Dimensions.
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6:38 PM
Q: Should "natural-numbers" really be a synonym for "elementary-number-theory"?

M. WinterThe title said it all. I disagree with this tag synonym. I (more than once) used "natural-numbers" to tag my questions about the logic structure of natural numbers, more related to logic and model theory than number theory. I then wondered where this strange number theory tag came from. Once, som...

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9:33 PM
A: Tag management 2017

M. WinterI suggest removing natural-numbers as a synonym for elementary-number-theory. I would favor natural-numbers as an own tag. But I am not sure wether this would result in a tag with two big use cases in wildly different areas. So I would like to discuss this. Not every question about natural numbe...

A: Tag merging and synonyms

Asaf KaragilaI find the tag natural-number unneeded, with only 11 questions tagged under it, some of these questions belong to elementary-set-theory (however tagged under set-theory) and others fit well under currently available tags. I see no actual use of the tag for real questions that are not fitting wel...

(natural-numbers) tag

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10:44 PM
Will Jagy created tag.
Q: Integers represented by a norm form

Will JagyEDIT: this seems to be a lost cause. Here are the numbers up to 5000 for which I can't get it to work: 4951 = 4951 ::::: 1 17 22 12 Prime ! 4931 = 4931 ::::: 1 14 20 9 Prime ! 4591 = 4591 ::::: 1 18 28 15 Prime ! 4555 = 5 911 ::::: 1 13 15 6 4451 ...

In mathematics, a norm form is a homogeneous form in n variables constructed from the field norm of a field extension L/K of degree n. That is, writing N for the norm mapping to K, and selecting a basis e1, ..., en for L as a vector space over K, the form is given by N(x1e1 + ... + xnen) in variables x1, ..., xn. In number theory norm forms are studied as Diophantine equations, where they generalize, for example, the Pell equation. For this application the field K is usually the rational number field, the field L is an algebraic number field, and the basis is taken of some order in the ring of...
@WillJagy I see that you have created (norm-forms) tag. It might be useful to create also tag-wiki or at least tag-excerpt. (Especially considering that tag name contains some rather common words.) It might help other users to use the tag correctly. Another reason is that the tags used on only one question are automatically deleted after certain time unless they have tag-wiki. — Martin Sleziak 23 secs ago
Another recently created tag is .
Q: Integrate over a triangle in the 2D normal distribution

flawrI'd like to evaluate following expression efficiently (numerically). $$g_a(x) := \int_0^x e^{-t^2} \int_0^{at} e^{-s^2} dsdt$$ If I want a given fixed accuracy, and evaluate both integrals using e.g. a summed quadrature formula for each integral, the cost is about $O(ax^2)$. Is there a better w...

11:14 PM
@MartinSleziak, thanks. I am looking for an acceptably short description; certainly all I had in mind was a certain determinant...Given that the question was something of a dud, I may just let this one slide. But first, let me at least try to call up the facility that would begin making the wiki — Will Jagy 4 mins ago
11:26 PM
@MartinSleziak I put in something simplified. — Will Jagy 1 min ago
Now there is both tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Thanks for doing that. I guess we might remove the most recent comments here - since they are not related to the question, only to the creation of the new tag. If you agree, feel free to ping me here or in chat and I will remove my comments. — Martin Sleziak 9 secs ago
@MartinSleziak, alright, remove your comments, I will check back later and follow suit. — Will Jagy 1 min ago

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