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12:50 AM
Q: Almost-half iterate of $x^2+1$

NilknarfBecause I can't find a function $h:\mathbb R\mapsto\mathbb R$ with the property $$h^{\circ 2}(x)=x^2+1$$ I'm looking for a function that almost has that property - that is, I would like to find a closed-form (and preferably elementary) function $h:\mathbb R\mapsto\mathbb R$ satisfying $$\lim_{x\t...

Q: Functional Square Root of Piecewise Functions

Nilknarf Let $s:\mathbb R\to\mathbb R$ be the function defined as $$s(x)=x+(-1)^{\lfloor x\rfloor}$$ Find a function $t:\mathbb R\to \mathbb R$ such that $t^{\circ 2}=s$, or prove that no such function exists. I was fairly sure that I could construct such a function $t$ by taking multiple cases a...

Q: If $q(x)=x^2+1$, does $q^{\circ 1/2}$ exist?

NilknarfI've been doing a lot of research about functional half-iteration, and I posed the following question to myself: Consider the function $q:\mathbb R\mapsto\mathbb R$ defined as $$q(x)=x^2+1$$ Does $q^{\circ 1/2}$ exist? Does a continuous $q^{\circ 1/2}$ exist? What about a differentiable $...

Q: Partial iteration and inverse iteration of $e^x$

Jacob Claassen Find the general $f^n(x)$ where $f^1(x)=e^x$ $f^{a}(f^{b}x)=f^{(a+b)}(x)$ where $n,x\in\mathbb R$ I'm fairly confident that no two $f^n(x)$ with different values of $n$ will intersect, since then we could use the argument that if $f^n(x)=x$ at some point $A$, then $f^m(x)=x$ a...

The tag-excerpt and and tag-wiki were created by Simply Beautiful Art.
in Simply Beautiful Art's realm of calculus and analysis, 45 mins ago, by Nilknarf
Why isn't that a tag on regular MSE?! D:<
in Simply Beautiful Art's realm of calculus and analysis, 37 mins ago, by Simply Beautiful Art
@Nilknarf Btw, don't put the tag on too many questions really quickly.
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5:02 AM
Q: Why so many Riesz Representation questions in such short time?

Aloizio MacedoI was scrolling through MSE on the cell phone earlier today and these popped up: and the list went on. Is this an artifact of the search engine, or is there some reason for the sudden "interest" in it? It should be important to notice that most of those questions, as far as I recall, are...

7 hours later…
11:52 AM
I have half a mind to just go through all these posts and obliterate the tag. Not because it's not useful or something. But just because I'm annoyed. — Asaf Karagila 1 min ago
(Especially since mean-value-theorem is also a brand new tag from the same maker.) — Asaf Karagila 1 min ago
@quid Asaf's comment reminds me that we left the discussion about (mainly here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2017/12/1) unfinished.
Suggestion was to remove the tags from some of the question and merge the rest (either into calculus or into complex-analysis). Suggestion to remove the tag is currently at +8.
What the hell is ???
I have notice that tag in taxonomist list, too
It seems that tag was here for some time: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2015/9/1 IIRC it was not widely discussed on meta. (If we do not count exchange of a few comments between me and joriki which you can see here.)
@AsafKaragila Since you follow meta very closely, I assume you know this. But anyway - there is a meta question about the new tag: Should we have a tag for the mean value property of harmonic functions?
And, as you can see above, some users (quid and John Ma) have also joined the discussion of this tag here in chat.
I don't follow meta that closely these days, I'm afraid. Not the same as before, anyway.
Thanks for the link.
People who literally shit all over the tagging system are really getting under my skin.
I think the correct way to solve this is also to add some checks and balances when someone tries to create a new tag. Not just a reputation threshold or a name-check. But more.
In any case, I'd guess is probably going to stay. But even if it should be removed, most questions probably can be simply merged into . So probably there would be less questions to retag than in teh case of .
12:07 PM
Yeah... well... In either case, I think that a better system for creating new tags is in order.
7 hours later…
7:34 PM
@MartinSleziak my POV is that it should be removed. We can retag half and merge. We also could ask for a delete. I am not sure how common that is though. Given the size I think we might handle it locally.
I think the voting is clear enough.
Specifically I propose to retag the calculus half, and leave the harmonic half for the merge. The point being that the smaller the master tag the relatively larger the disruption.
If this soubd reasonable to you, I'd say we just do it. I can do some, or all if it must be, of the retags later today.
3 hours later…
10:49 PM
@quid Thanks for the reply. I will join retagging of . (In fact, I have already retagged a few.)
I have accepted John Ma's answers on meta question.
I have also added this comment as a reply to the Asaf's comment mentioned above:
@Asaf Since you have mentioned (mean-value-theorem), I will mention that this is going to be removed. This will be done based after the discussion on meta: Should we have a tag for the mean value property of harmonic functions? (and also in chat, namely here and here). — Martin Sleziak 53 secs ago
Mainly because the tag is already mentioned in the comments - so I wanted add link for other users who stumble upon that exchange in comments.

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