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7:49 AM
Q: Tag for a single algebraic equation?

Respawned FluffThis may seem like a silly question but I can't seem to find something to tag a question asking a solution for an algebraic equation. There is a systems-of-equations tag, but its description seems to strongly imply that it should only be used for... ahem... a system with more than one equation.

8:07 AM
Some of the tags (algebra-precalculus), (polynomials), (roots), (quadratics), (cubic-equations) might be suitable for such question. (Notice that the tag-info for (polynomials) specifically mentions solving for roots.) — Martin Sleziak 31 mins ago
Ok, but not all algebraic equations involve polynomials. The most recent example tagged "systems-of-equations" involves only exponentials (in a singe equation). N.B.: I see the commonly accepted def for "algebraic equation" involves only polynomials. What should we even call the other "algebraic" ones that aren't differential? — Respawned Fluff 21 mins ago
That recent example mentioned there is
Q: How to solve сurrent exponential equatation?

elgolondrinoThere is an equation: $$3^x + 7^x = 21^x$$ How to solve this?

Personally, I would go with and .
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2:06 PM
There would really be no good reason to have a tag for single algebraic equations. — Alexander Gruber ♦ 5 hours ago
8 hours later…
9:59 PM
Q: Tag editing etiquette on old questions

Matt SamuelJust now I went through all of the questions I'd answered in abstract algebra and tagged the ones related to group theory with the group-theory tag. Honestly I did this so I could get the bronze badge for group-theory. I figured there was no harm since the tagging was correct, and I was under the...


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