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8:37 AM
in Math Mods' Office, 37 mins ago, by Arthur Fischer
@NajibIdrissi IMO (intersection) should definitely be done away with. I'll get a request off to a CM to get them to kill it. The (morphisms-of-schemes) could really be gotten rid of by almost anyone by simply editing it out of the (currently) 8 questions tagged with it.
in Math Mods' Office, 36 mins ago, by Arthur Fischer
As for (art), I actually think it could be a viable tag, although currently it's probably used in too many disparate contexts to make it worthwhile. I actually had thought to post something to that request a little while ago, but got sidetracked.
9:02 AM
in Reopen? Undelete? Close? Delete?, 19 mins ago, by Arthur Fischer
There's pretty good support for removing the (intersection) tag. It's pretty big and can't really be merged into anything else, so I've put in a request for a CM to kill it. As it stands this would create a fair number of (untagged) questions. So I ask for help in going through the questions here which are tagged with only (intersection) to do something to them. (Close/kill/edit)
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12:51 PM
in Reopen? Undelete? Close? Delete?, 10 mins ago, by Lord_Farin
@ArthurFischer Two questions remain. I don't think they add value to MSE, so they could be closed/deleted.
1:01 PM
A: Tag management 2015

Najib IdrissiAlong the line of morphisms-of-schemes, I see no reasonable justification for having the tags graph-isomorphism, vector-space-isomorphism and group-isomorphism. I suggest that they are made respectively synonyms of graph-theory, vector-spaces and group-theory.

I'm not sure at least about graph-isomorphism - that's certainly more specific than just graph theory — Grigory M 2 hours ago
1:26 PM
A: Tag management 2015

bartoThe congruences-issue should not be forgotten. It has been mentioned more than a year ago in Disambiguating the [congruences] tag but has not been solved since. Gathering the main ideas from the answers there: Create congruences-geometry Create polynomial-congruences Create congruence-relations...

Maybe that post is useful in the sense that it reminds users about an older issue:
Q: Disambiguating the [congruences] tag

Lord_FarinThe tags congruences and modular-arithmetic seem to cover similar ground (judging from the questions which have them). However, the former can also be misunderstood as talking about the general congruence relation (i.e. a relation $R$ such that $aRb$ and $cRd$ imply $(a\circ c)R(b\circ d)$ with ...

On the other hand, this might lead to fragmentation of the discussion.
Moreover, this answer mentions several possibilities what to do with . So meaning of upvotes and downvotes on this answer in "the long thread" will be rather unclear.
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3:55 PM
A: Tag management 2015

Martin SleziakThe tag gcd is already synonym of divisibility. It seems logical that the tag least-common-multiple should also be a synonym. (And maybe also lcm could be created and added to the synonyms; so that some user does not create this tag as a separate tag in the future.) As I do not have sufficientl...

I proposed the synonyms. (On the after-thought: it would even be worse fo gcd if it were a problem. There is even a specific notion of domains where one has a gcd, creatively called gcd-domain.) — quid 6 mins ago
Thanks! I should point out that the tag (gcd) was previously discussed here. (The accepted answer is the suggestion to create the synonym.) — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago

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