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8:59 AM
Q: (homework) tag should be deprecated (Requesting votes now!)

This is much healthier. Note. After over one month of discussion, there didn't appear to be anywhere for users to unambiguously vote for their preferred route. Three answers have been added below to reflect the major options. Leave the tag alone. Consider the tag deprecated, but do not remove it from the sy...

It seems that consensus is to remove the tag.
Now the users are asked to vote how to proceed.
Blacklist the tag (and then retag questions, which remain ).
Leave the tag, although it will be considered deprecated and removed from new questions.
Since there is call for votes, maybe the question should be marked as again.
Or maybe it is better if mainly the users who frequent meta vote there.
4 hours later…
1:27 PM
Q: Prove the principle of mathematical induction in $\sf ZFC $

ConstantineHow does one prove the principle of mathematical induction using the standard axioms of $\sf ZFC $?

If you look at revisions, it seems like a retag war.
Should this question be or ?
According to the tag-wiki the questions about ZFC belong to . However, the division is often unclear.
I have asked the same thing also in the Set Theory chatrrom:

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