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10:02 AM
This is a general purpose chat room, discussing Mathematics, as per math.stackexchange - please also feel free to create additional rooms as needed.
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8 hours later…
6:30 PM
hey, guys, i would like to have the font change for this site as it doesn't look cool as the one which we had during the beta stage! Anything possible
@Chandru1 well Jin's not here.
About Khan Academy vimeo.com/11731351
6:49 PM
@KennyTM: As a regular visitor to this site i am getting frustrated by seeing this font! :x)
@Chandru1 mods cannot change the CSS. If you think this is important you should start a new feature-request on meta.math.SE, although there's low chance of changing the font now, as Jin has already replied you that "this is subjective", and the community as I see don't really oppose to the serif font too much.
7:07 PM
Does anyone talk about mathematics here?

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