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9:00 PM
@HereToRelax if you are young and enjoy speed, consider a model with big tyres, you will need the traction for stopping
no. i think the wire spokes just can't handle the 50lbs+ of hub+bike, perhaps lifting on & off the train did not help either.
Also at higher speeds the larger tyres will prevent damage to wheels...
be careful, treat it like a motorbike. and be careful of pedestrians if you are sharing lanes.
Ahhh, also marginally better re:areodynamics
@copper.hat ie dont be a jerk
how do we stop people making money of trading\speculating on stocks, whilst providing/producing not much of use.
9:02 PM
i like mountain biking (no jumps or the like) but find it a bit disconcerting to find e-mbers coming up steep hills.
Its a joke how much academics get paid when they could go into finance
Gotta go
is this really capitalism working ( for best interests of our society )
@Flows. what is wrong with speculation?
making money off money seems destructive for some reason
9:04 PM
you might want to understand why you think that before finding methods to stop it :-)
I know its simplistic view
weather forecasting is speculation.
but its a joke these days, seems like w.r.t job opportunities its like 1. interesting option 2. finance
and finance always pays better
of course.
just doesnt seem healthy
9:06 PM
in what fields are academics paid more?
sorry I just found out what my lecturer was paid today and it pissed me off
why does what someone else makes bother you?
He shouldnt have to choose rewarding job vs good financial stability
@Flows. consider the distribution of trader income (my bet is it is a highly skewed dist towards negative values, with a tiny tail at the top that you hear about all the time)
dream on.
9:07 PM
@AndrewMicallef probably
but still I know I could quit studies and sit at my desk trading crypto all day and make a lot
I dunno, i dont have time to check my hypothsis
lifetime benefits and hard to fire are very valuable, but those that have them place little of no value on them unless threats are made to reduce them.
but I dont want to waste my time watching graphs
@Flows. do the experiment and get back to me, i need data
9:09 PM
rants over
its like hunting.
see you
9:51 PM
@Flows. just wait till you find out what other kinda graphs you'll be looking at
10:16 PM
@Flows. hi @Alex!
10:50 PM
Hello world.
I resigned from the world a while ago.
Hello, Ted Shifrin, former ruler of the underworld.
@TedShifrin hi ted
hows it been going?
In case you didn't know, @Alex, Pedro defended his Ph.D. yesterday.
@TedShifrin pedro?
oh, you must mean doctor tamaroff :)
11:02 PM
i'm very proud of him
We knew him back when ...
he can't forget us in his fields medal speech
He still hasn't forgotten the food he ate at my house when he visited us in Athens, GA. :P
that's the truth. what did you feed him?
11:05 PM
I don't remember everything. I think when a bunch of math peeps came for dinner with him, it was Salade Niçoise (which he remembers) and grilled chicken. But he also fell in love with French toast for breakfast :P
And he demolished me in tennis in the days I could still play a little.
ohhh he'd have beaten me at that too.
He used to make lots of money teaching tennis in Buenos Aires.
much cooler than my undergrad jobs
Yup. I just taught freshmen calculus for money.
i was sort of a wedding planner
11:09 PM
"sort of"?
if you wanted to have an interfaith wedding, i was the guy who'd find two officiants willing to do it at the same time
Ah, interesting. Did you find people to officiate at gay weddings, too?
@TedShifrin yeah, that was pretty easy though, cause I just had a list of em
Cool. :)
11:40 PM
in california you can get your local county to deputize any adult whatsoever with the power to officiate marriages for 24 hours. most people don't go this route because it seems unofficial. but it is cheaper than the alternatives.
so of course it's what i did
Because you are as cheap as they come.
efficient i prefer to think
we spent the money where it mattered. on a taco truck.
there was both a chicken and a vegetarian option. no expense was spared as to taco ingredients.
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