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12:27 AM
Q: Why does Gaming.SE use tags differently from other SE sites?

Nick TThe use of tags on Gaming.SE seems fairly apart from other sites. Dozens of the tags are meta and essentially useless for someone to follow and be an expert in. Aside from some specific cases, knowing a game involves most aspects of it (not just game-mechanics, [tag:], and knowing spoiler and...

12:43 AM
Q: Is Minecraft Turing-Complete?

OakMinecraft has the redstone wires mechanism that can be used to build circuits. Is Minecraft Turing-Complete, i.e. can it be used to simulate a Turing Machine (if we ignore the problem of infinite memory)?

12:57 AM
@Oak Cool question bro
Damn Notch, why do you have to answer all the interesting questions :(
2:00 AM
So who thought up in the Stargate movie that you'd have this giant ring with all sorts of symbols that would only go a single place?
Seems like such an obvious extension to be like "it's an address a la phone number that can go a ton of places"
4 hours later…
6:04 AM
Isn't that pretty much the premise of the TV series?
6:41 AM
Yeah, but the original stargate concept (the movie) was just a point-to-point link
1 hour later…
7:50 AM
Q: Is there any way to extract voice chat audio from TF2/Source demo recordings?

ChiperSoftI have a bunch of demos recorded in TF2 from before the Hatless update. Any attempt to open the files in TF2 for playback causes it to toss up a few resource loading errors that I'm assuming are the result of changes in the update, and the demo never loads. Really all I want from these files is ...

8:11 AM
Q: Getting Max Payne sounds to work on Windows 7

OakTrying to run Max Payne (the original game from 2001) on Windows 7 64-bit, there is a serious problem with the game sounds - no music, many effects missing, stuttering, slowdowns etc. Looking online I was able to find this guide for fixing it on Windows Vista (which probably applies to 7 as well...

1 hour later…
9:11 AM
Q: Team Fortress 2 Bad Performance on Mac

errorhandlerI was wondering if anyone else has had bad problems with Team Fortress 2 running on a mac (not bootcamp or anything like that) for example here are some of the problems I've been having: When doing anything server related (joining, refreshing lists) my internet doesn't work (only TF2 can connec...

9:50 AM
Q: Why do some sites notify me of favourite changes while others don't?

Robin GreenAlso, what happened to this feature? It doesn't even appear on MSO any more, unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

10:11 AM
Q: Xbox Redeem Codes Recycled?

TangoI just wanted to know how the xbox redeem system works, and if microsoft recycle previous codes?

10:51 AM
God bless mobile phones
I was looking at the ars technica comments on the glados@home story
then at the middle of page 2, a comment starts 'holy crap' and puts a couple of screenshots.
fucking jerk. Luckily I'm on a mobile so I could bail out as soon as I recognized he was spoiling everybody
so be aware, be vigilant and be playing those games! I'll get contributing later today. :D
1 hour later…
12:22 PM
RUSH is quite a good game, actually.
1:46 PM
Q: Which questions should be on-topic on Drupal Answers, but not on Stack Overflow?

kiamlalunoDrupal Answers is the Q&A site about Drupal, but which of the questions about Drupal are on-topic on Stack Overflow, and then be asked on both the places? As Stack Overflow is a programming Q&A, I would expect that any question related to how to use a module, which module to choose, wh...

2:16 PM
Q: Fly and walk in Spaceship

KikaimaruIs there another game like Parkan 2, where you can walk as a character and fly in a spaceship?

3:16 PM
> arg2 chatroom user Willox indicates since 88 is the ascii code for 'X' then it might mean the Auxiliary Power will kick in at X 375,466 potatos using the number Steve posted in the BostonIndies Has anyone seen Ichiro messages we received April 13th.
tl;dr: get 2k more potatoes, and we might see a release tomorrow.
Q: bug: network profile misses accounts?

sibbaldiopsisI have accounts on area51, cooking, and english, but when I visit my network profile page http://stackexchange.com/users/7b7d3917-d33e-4b98-84d1-8072fd6c52ca?tab=accounts it only shows area51 and english. what gives? is this a bug?

Q: Ideas or solutions to resolve the issue of absence of local multiplayer gaming servers

Sandeepan NathIntroduction I am asking another question revolving around the problem of absence of popular local Call of Duty Servers in my country, i.e. India but this time I am not asking you guys to provide me a list of servers. I am instead asking what could be a generic and sustainable solution to this pr...

fu feeds
Although I hope it doesn't unlock too quick because I've gotta while yet to go.
3:47 PM
@ThomasMcDonald It didn't
@RonanForman I can see that. :)
There saying How about 475,466 now
1 hour later…
4:58 PM
Vanish - Don't Be Afraid. Sexy Space Disco Indie Prog? Yes please.
1 hour later…
6:18 PM
Welcome back @ArdaXi
Sorry on the 20 hours delay; limited connectivity and whatnot
I can see my avatar again!
Also hi.
Oh wow. Almost every starred message is 1-2 days old.
@ArdaXi did you do that to your Steam profile yourself?
@failbadp What?
The potatoes?
I meant, everything else
Err, yeah. That 'files missing' bit has been on there for over a year.
The avatar I changed an hour ago.
6:25 PM
I ask because Golden Potatolord used the exact same avatar
I know. That's why I chose it.
Well, partially. Also because Atlas is much more awesome than P-Body.
Working on my last potato as we speak.
I got all the 8 potatoes I could get
I'm a lazy completionist, if you'll give me that.
Or a cheap one.
@failbadp Which games do you have?
6:34 PM
Welcome back! :D
The Ball's puzzles are kinda difficult.
In other news.
@ArdaXi lolwut
I still have 123 Kick It, Amnesia, Audiosurf, Bit.Trip.Beat, Defense Grid, Killing Floor and Portal to give away
I doubt my desktop would run most of those. :(
7:11 PM
@GnomeSlice It can probably run Bit Trip Beat. Are you into hand-eye coordination "rhythm" puzzles?
1, 2, 3, Kick It isn't a game I would mind playing a demo of.
Wait for it, wait for it.
Golden potato get.
gee, that makes two or three from Gaming? (@ThomasMcDonald)
@failbadp 123 Kick It isn't a game, per se.
@ArdaXi Pretty much like Audiosurf?
@failbadp No. I mean, literally, it isn't a game.
7:12 PM
@failbadp Not yet
6 to go
It was released before they made it into a game.
That's... interesting
In other words, it's not something you'd play if it wasn't for the ARG.
Going to have to redo at least one potato tomorrow though.
(It was for a good cause!)
7:13 PM
yeah, a few games I kinda long for are out of promotion
In other news, games I now hate:
* Amnesia, for damn nearly giving me a heart attack
* Kick it, for being awful
* Cogs. It's not even fun.
* Toki Tori. The level you are required to do for a potato is boring.
Looks like Amnesia's one is ;)
As is Kick it
Games I will probably go back to now:
* Defense Grid
* Killing Floor
* BTB (although I may have used a speedhack)
@ThomasMcDonald Oh? Gimme.
7:15 PM
I got stuck in the Amnesia demo ("stay out of the water!"), so I'm okay with not owning it at all.
I still have to get one BTB potato legitimately.
And all the others are new games I've kinda enjoyed, bar TWEOTW which I've not played yet.
@ArdaXi Uh, you can "hack" the Descent one?
@ThomasMcDonald I cheated on most games.
@ArdaXi Same.
7:15 PM
@failbadp You could unlock the potatoes for a couple of games using a website.
However, tomorrow those are going to be reset.
I got most of them using legitimate hacks.
Like for Defense Grid, I used a savegame that had almost finished the level.
In other news, if you don't want to discover the outcome of Portal 2, the steam forums are a really bad place to go. fml.
I know I "cheated" on the search box for SMB via savegame
@ThomasMcDonald I'm not going anywhere but here. I trust you guys.
@ThomasMcDonald Pretty much the entire internet is bound to be
(I just came back here because I wanted to brag about my potatoes really)
7:17 PM
This Toki Tori level is shite.
Dejobaan was really negligent.
They left get_overlay_url methods exposed in DLLs.
Aaanyway, I haven't had a coffee in an hour or so, and I still need to do this level.
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we charge our lazers in search of additional questions that might be 'd.
@failbadp Does this mean I can now spoil Portal 2 for you?
@ThomasMcDonald Which potatoes do you still require?
@ThomasMcDonald NO!
7:24 PM
@ThomasMcDonald If you want to see just how many 9's fit in the "Suspend for X hours" box, then yes
@failbadp Right, so where do I begin? ;) <-- added to indicate sarcasm
@failbadp For once, I condone your threats of moderator abuse.
@ThomasMcDonald You don't. <--- Italics for emphasis.
@ThomasMcDonald How about Youtube.
@ThomasMcDonald Did you get all the Dejobaan potatoes legitimately btw?
I'm sure there's a video hacked to have kittens on the thumbnail and spoilers thorough!
7:25 PM
Um, the 2 for Toki Tori, 2 for TWEOTW, and the 2 for Kick It w/wo Razer hardware or useful DLL.
@ArdaXi Hell no.
@ThomasMcDonald The Python script?
Which were the Dejobaan games? Is it just AAaaAA & Kick it?
@ThomasMcDonald And TWEOTW
Ah ok
7:26 PM
How did you get the AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAa ones then?
Potato bins I did legit, but I to slowed the hidden level down to half speed.
I simply used the exploit I mentioned earlier.
9 mins ago, by Arda Xi
They left get_overlay_url methods exposed in DLLs.
So 38 hours left give or take
If they remove them, I'll simply do it again.
But with more caution.
@failbadp There is an appropriate image for this.
7:28 PM
I still need to join that potatolord group.
mouse hovers the forecast position of the flag button
@failbadp sry what? Also, does anyone else not have anyone to run co-op through with on Tuesday?
It's, uh, one day 14 hours
@ThomasMcDonald I was planning to play w/ the guy I gifted Portal 2 to honestly, dunno about his free time tho
There's a lot of guessing going on about when the auxilliary power will kick in (i.e. the potatoes)
7:30 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Hasn't it always kicked in?
Apparently not
I thought it was the main reason why the release date keeps going down
Trollgabe is amazing.
7:32 PM
@failbadp No, that's time ticking by.
@ThomasMcDonald I already predicted that two hours ago. I'd love it, personally.
@ArdaXi Not really
But, they'd have to do it differently.
They would start it with Chell in Aperture Laboratories.
If you take a look at the graph (cpucount.zapto.org) it rather looks like the progress is slowing down. Which makes no sense if there were really a multiplier effect of the potatoes.
Then it turns out you're on the Borealis, Gordon Freeman storms in and the rest of the game is played from his viewpoint.
in Partners in Science, yesterday, by fail badp
	var g_originalEstimate = 258900 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
	var g_updatedEstimate = 255881 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
in Partners in Science, yesterday, by Nick T
	var g_originalEstimate = 257513 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
	var g_updatedEstimate = 254494 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
in Partners in Science, yesterday, by Nick T
var g_originalEstimate = 257401 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
var g_updatedEstimate = 254382 + ( Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) );
7:34 PM
Ninja edit.
Although I can't really say I understand WTF do those lines do
seconds since epoch divided one thousand added to a "constant", wtf is the purpose? Obfuscation?
That is the offset from now when the game is going to be launched (the integers)
@failbadp Rather easy. They take the current time in ticks, divide it by a 1000, and add 257401 and 254382 to it respectively.
@ArdaXi uh, ticks long 1k seconds each?
I'm not sure getTime is in seconds.
I thought it was milliseconds.
7:35 PM
I think it is in seconds.
In which case it would make sense to divide by 1000
It's milliseconds. (WTF?)
1 303 068 910 865 seconds = 41 292.644 years
I don't think so. It's not in seconds.
Time since epoch is in seconds.
But anyway, it's just an offset from now
7:36 PM
Floating point numbers FFS
Math.round( new Date().getTime() / 1000 ) is time since Epoch in Javascript.
@ArdaXi that's retarded :)
Which is reduced every second.
@failbadp Javascript is retarded.
@ArdaXi jQuery is awesome, you should try that instead
7:37 PM
Aaaaanyway, I still have to do this level.
@ThomasMcDonald That's what I said. Javascript, jQuery, what's the difference?
@ThomasMcDonald Still that one level, huh?
@ArdaXi It's a joke/MSOmeme.
@ThomasMcDonald I was continuing the joke/MSOmeme.
@ThomasMcDonald Need more jQuery math plugin?
7:38 PM
People tend to confuse Javascript with jQuery these days.
@ThomasMcDonald 3 or 6? (Or normal 123)
I loved the shower curtain reference.
(Portals were initially meant as shower curtains)
This should still be safe to use, assuming you open the links through the game's overlay, not your regular browser.
This level is so annoying.
Hmm, the bar for Toki Tori is going up 8%/hour
Let's see which they removed. 5? That makes no sense.
Oh, it does.
Now, for my plan.
7:51 PM
Weird, because the potato counter on the GLADOS@Home page didn't get hit
399,906 potatoes for now
Either I got the games wrong, or I'll never be able to get those potatoes back.
I still have 8/8, 100%
Just crossed 400k with 38 hour to go. :)
It started with 120k potatoes
I'm guessing SOMETHING will happen at 500k
7:57 PM
Since it didn't happen at 400k?
Yes, it has to.
Sunday, 22:00:00 CEST, 37:57:01 left → Tuesday, 11:57:01 CEST
Weird. I can't figure out which potatoes I need to get.
I don't get it. Not AAAAA, not Kick It
Q: Silent Hill: final boss with almost no ammo

pt2ph8So, I've been playing Silent Hill for the last two days and I finally got to the final boss, Samael (the one that attacks you with the blue lighting). Somehow I managed to get there with just a few shotgun bullets and about 10 pistol bullets. I also have some rifle ammo but don't have the rifle ...

@failbadp Good for me.
8:07 PM
@ArdaXi > UPDATE: Cheated potatoes have been removed from profiles, but they have not been removed from the overall potato count. If you previously used the web page to give yourself the potatoes, you have the chance to re-earn them now, though they will not increase the counter on the glados@home page (no double dipping!).
Yes, exactly.
I've tried everything, but I can't figure out which 5 they removed.
That site worked for BTB, SMB and the Dejobaans
It could be they simply bar you from earning them again
It says he can re-earn them
@failbadp "If you previously used the web page to give yourself the potatoes, you have the chance to re-earn them now"
2/3 BTB ones are easy. 2/2 SMB are easy with the save file.
8:08 PM
I got the SMB ones.
I can retry it.
Wha? I got a potato for meaning.
But I did SMB legitimately!
Fine, I'll just die 11 times again.
That leaves three mystery potatoes then.
So I still need to unlock one from BTB, and either aaa or wonderful
But I don't know which.
Thank god, finally done it
8:26 PM
In the next 3 or 4 hours BTB & Toki Tori will be finished, pushing it to a ~10am CEST release, I think.
Descent is driving me crazy.
Use a speedhack to slow it down then, or rather, slow the boss down.
Cheat Engine is pretty awesome tool.
How does it work with BTB then?
Got it, thanks.
8:32 PM
Oh, okay.
Another person stole by GLaDOS: steamcommunity.com/id/theendhascomeforyouall
In a way, I'm glad Youtube doesn't allow videos to be changed
Whatever happened with that game buying thing Grace started anyway?
@ArdaXi Too late for Portal 2, and some time until the next game is released
We have 20 people now in the meta thread, I would have expected more somehow.
Oh Hi @Arda when did you get back?
8:45 PM
2 hours ago, by fail badp
Welcome back @ArdaXi
Two hours ago.
@RonanForman 2011-04-17 18:18:05Z
He requested his self-unsuspension to his self-suspension 22 hours ago, but I didn't check my email in those 20 hours :(
@failbadp 'Tis okay. It gave me time to focus on what's important. Potatoes.
8:58 PM
Oh hey, if it isn't my favourite blonde tsundere mermaid
'sup @Arda
@Mana Don't make me regret coming back. ;-)
I mean, seriously? 'Favorite'? :P
You sounded like you would regret coming back anyways
@ArdaXi Fixed
9:00 PM
what's annoying about that is that as a Canadian I'm supposed to spell it "favourite"
Calling me a favorite 'something' is an insult.
An insult to my faux-Englishness
but since my online friends used to be predominantly American I'd get called out on it every time I spelled it that way
And now you get called out here when you spell it this way.
so I just started typing it as favorite to avoid that
I approve of the refound ousness
9:03 PM
anyways food, bbl
has been in chat 2 0 hours without physical injury
btw Toki Tori is 90% done
It's been the focus for like 5 hours now
Only need 2 potatoes now.
If only I knew which two.
9:23 PM
Please, if a post is obviously unsalvageable, contentless spam -- flag as spam. 6 flags as spam delete a post. 200 flags for mod attention don't.
9:34 PM
Q: What is the best HM Pack Mule in Generation V?

tzenesI realize this is a slightly unconstrained question (what qualifies as best?), so let's constrain it a little. In Generation V we've reduced the number of HMs to 6. Now given I can only stick 4 moves on a Pokémon, let's first constrain this problem by limiting the moves to HMs 1-4 (Cut, Fly, Su...

Ugh. I just don't know which games I still have to get potatoes for.
@badp Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
That explains stuff.
Q: How to nerf ghasts with nethrar?

Tobias KienzlerNethrar is a bukkit plugin to offer a Netherworld experience in SMP. Unfortunately, worldguard doesn't seem to offer an anti-ghast-destruction option like the creeper option that prevents creeper's explosions from destroying blocks (but not players). Is there a similar possibility for ghast e...

10:04 PM
Gah, I can't get TWEoTW 1st potato.
Q: free/non-free mmorpg with the best background music?

lurscherI've played Lineage 2 a bit couple of years ago and i still think that the best part of playing it was actually the contextual & background music. I've tried several ones among the free ones but i've not been very impressed by the music. I know it might seem weird to mention the music as a f...

2 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: Display combined rep total on Stack Exchange users reputation page

xiaohouzi79I think it would be useful to display the combined flair (or something similar) alongside the graph on the SE reputation tab. As it stands (although the information is available on another page) it is difficult to do the maths. You can currently see the individual totals together by hovering ove...

Q: Boats keep breaking in my canal

ZoredacheI have a canal that is 4 wide, and 1 block deep. The entire canal is made of source blocks and completely level. Unfortunately my boats keep breaking after only travelling a 50-60 blocks when I try to navigate the canal, and I don't really understand why. Does my canal need to be deeper, wider...


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