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6:01 PM
@kalina Either that, or the floor is covered in laughing mouths
Depending on whether you want it to be creepy or cute
@SaintWacko well yes it could be a floor that is laughing
Yep, she announced her abdication. The throne will pass to Prince Willem-Alexander on April 30th.
@FAE gasp, shock
6:15 PM
@badp I got an 8.2
@FAE Yeah, I flunked one section
@badp Yeah, I got a 5 on one as well.
Ah, they're the same people that did the kerning game.
In my original try a while ago I also completely flunked the complementary part because I kept matching the wrong color
6:17 PM
Q: Sharing saves with different user accounts on the same PS3

CoronusI recently came home with a shiny PS3 game and my wife and I were so excited to start playing that we didn't pay attention/didn't care which account was currently active. So 2 days later, after 18 hours playtime, she jumped on her user account and there was no option to Load, only to Start New. ...


NicPlease don't laugh at me unless you just have to. My son and I have never played Halo before (and mostly lame family wii games). I wanted to be a cool Dad and get him Halo 4. We've watched all these great walkthrough videos on youtube and want to try those chapters - especially Sniper Alley. ...

I'm so cloooooose
2.990k rep :(
Destionation: RETROSAUR
@Lazers I feel like this has been asked before.
@fbueckert I'm sure it has
> I wanted to be a cool Dad and get him Halo 4.
@SaintWacko My Digisparks arrive today!
6:29 PM
@OrigamiRobot Nice!
So exiting!
@OrigamiRobot What are you going to do with them?
Coilgun and LED ball
Then I have one more.
@OrigamiRobot That's for my LED ball, right?
@SaintWacko @Wipqozn asked first :P
Also, you can probably make your own!
6:32 PM
@OrigamiRobot Aww, he did?
I thought I did :(
Lets check
Jan 25 at 0:25, by Wipqozn
Build a bunch of them, and thne send me one. No, two!
Jan 25 at 0:24, by SaintWacko
@OrigamiRobot Holy shit I must have that
That was obviously a request that was more than a request :P
That is not a request. That is a declaration of desire.
3 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
Also, you can probably make your own!
Damnit, Sigmund, quit going invisible! My summons can't see you when you're invisible!
Meant to hit Fn + L and instead hit Win + L
6:49 PM
@badp That's...a stupid way to determine skill level.
@fbueckert It's a sum of hours and achievements actually
(Makes it not much more awesome)
Curse you @Badp!!!!!!
my 2 rep :'(
6:51 PM
@Retrosaur Six exclamation points?
That'll be two more reputation
Only five!!!!111!!one!
Q: Loot quality between single player and co-op

Domenik VanBuskirkNow when it's said that loot quality is better when playing co-op, does that mean the best guns will only be found in co-op? It really comes down to two things. Is loot equal in quality between the two but harder to find the best stuff solo? Are guns dropped in co-op actually better than singl...

Q: How to counter Kha'Zix on mid?

JonI've problem with Kha'Zix. I've used Lee and Panth based on this counter page for KhaZix however the problem I do not get how to handle late game vs Kha :( any advise?

@Lazers Questions like this make me glad I have LoL on ignore.
@fbueckert Doesn't seem that offensive to me
@badp Oh, not offensive. Just, "I can't win!!! HALP!"
6:53 PM
Been there done that
Needs moar, "What have you tried?"
Shut him down early and mid game. Gank him. How would you counter a Vayne if she is the top alpha carry late game? Dont let her reach it, right? Same with zix. Inb4, keep the pressure, deny him, gank him. — user1337 33 mins ago
Alex Miller on January 28, 2013

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #41, featuring Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, Kyle Brandt, Nick Craver, and Geoff Dalgas, with Producer Alex calling in from Denver!  We have a bunch of systems administrators and the like here, because we are in the process of moving datacenters to our new home in New York City.

So what’s involved in the move? We hired movers to do all the de-racking and truck driving, so the work done by SE employees involved laying everything out and then wiring it back up. …

@fbueckert questions like every single lol question is why I have it on ignore
@BenBrocka I have a LoL question :(
Q: What makes a champion squishy?

OrigamiRobotI have gathered that squishy essentially means "easily killed", but I'm not sure how to judge a champion's squishy-ness. What factors go into being squishy?

7:09 PM
Needs far more jargon
You don't mention ults, jungling, towers or lanes. I refuse to believe that's a LoL question
But is has the LoL tag!
I will not fall for your robotic paper lies
@Wipqozn Evil: cannot solve puzzles.
@BenBrocka If I can understand the question, it's not a LoL question
7:24 PM
dragging corpses down vents is the matter of pressing down, spac and something else, maybe E. It's not working for me and until it does I can't progress
yeah, E S and Space. Rather awkward
Dragging corpses down vents is tricky at first but you get the hang of it
I love inspiring people.
ALso, @fbueckert, don't walk forward or you'll walk into a trap. I know they can be hard to see at times.
@Wipqozn he's such a dorf.
@badp xbox controller. also, have I mentioned you suck at video games? If not, I have now.
7:39 PM
@OrigamiRobot Huh, I was an answerer on that one.
user image
@agent86 I hate bacon.
@Wipqozn SHUN HIM
It's like you're not even human!
7:44 PM
Also, I'm imagining the complaints from other room mods if that got flagged :D
@Wipqozn did you see what happened to you, nemesis? this is why you never cross me when I post pictures of both dogs and bacon.
@Wipqozn Dammit, I gotta do something. Move and charge, maybe?
@Ullallulloo I am a Tortoise.
@fbueckert I'd just go defensive. Let the bear walk into the fire.
7:45 PM
@Wipqozn Eh. I spend more time running to enemies that you guys kill than I do hitting them.
@Wipqozn Spoken like a true turtle
@OrigamiRobot haha, nice one sir.
@Wipqozn Seven damage. About time I use one of my non-at wills.
@Wipqozn I think my script is borked. That or you haven't said this much
7:52 PM
@OrigamiRobot I thought you turned it off.
@OrigamiRobot There's probably something wrong with the random number generator
Post the code!
@GraceNote He tried to set it to a 10% chance, but it's never corrected another tortoise.
@Ullallulloo Could just be a very unlucky string then.
@SaintWacko Math.floor((Math.random()*10)+1) == 5
You can never tell it's really random, or if he's just a lucky tortoise though.
7:54 PM
@OrigamiRobot Tortoise test
@OrigamiRobot Hm, looks right...
@SaintWacko turtle*
Hey, there it is!
8:07 PM
Somebody found @Wipqozn's older brother! He was trapped in a box.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Holy crap
@Wipqozn Schroedingers Tortoise.
@LessPop_MoreFizz turtle*
@OrigamiRobot Once it's old, it's a tortoise. That's how these things work, right?
Haha. Really. Then come play with me trap-ass. I just wanted to know because friends are bored of CS but i want to play, so i need a way to see all the servers on LAN. You have a problem with that ? And i know all this stuff because i majored in Computer Science and i know how networks work. And one more thing to you Einstein, if my university wanted to trap us, they would not have come here, they would simply block the ports. Now if you know anything then reply else happy kidding yourself. — pRimei5 12 hours ago
8:10 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz turtle*
Somebody can't take a joke, apparently.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow
@OrigamiRobot Did you remove the randomiser?
@SaintWacko No, I just changed it to > 5 for tests
@OrigamiRobot Oh, okay
@agent86 Still a three button chord on the same hand shrug
8:13 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I couldn't tell if they found it alive or dead until the second to last paragraph. You'd think they could be a bit clearer
@BenBrocka Keeps you glued
Reality check: you're reading a gossip article about a turtle. Of course it's a shitty article.
> The red-footed tortoise feeds in the wild on fruit, leaves, feces and dead animals, a professor told Brazil's Globo.com, but can go up to three years without eating.
@OrigamiRobot turtle*
@Wipqozn Gross
@OrigamiRobot Would you rather they fed on live animals?!
@OrigamiRobot Aww, it doesn't show who it is a reply to.
Here's the non shitty version. Thirty years ago a turtle disappeared from a household in Rio de Janeiro. It was found again today in the storeroom. The end
8:17 PM
@RonanForman Happy?
@OrigamiRobot Delighted.
@OrigamiRobot if you want to be banned reply to this message with ERROR: NOT MY REAL DAD
oh well
was worth a try
What did you think the trigger was?
@badp You didn't say @OrigamiRobot Dance.
@OrigamiRobot It could've been "@Origamirobot and then anything"
8:28 PM
@SaintWacko What do you think the easiest way to make the frame for the LED ball is?
btw BoI 75% off on Steam
(If you don't have the game, do not grab the DLC until the next offer)
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is mildly horrifying.
@StrixVaria It's heartwarming, not horrifying.
Q: How do I pass level 3 in Jaws: Ultimate Predator for the 3ds?

JerryRoxI have just started playing Jaws and I have found the third level extremely confusing. It says to destroy the hunting ships but when I try to bash into them, nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

Q: How can I get other civ to attack me?

user1886933I am currently in a six nation game and I am surrounded by three smaller civs some of which are weak and some are quite strong. I would like to conquer the land which one of them holds, but want them to make the first move and declare war. If I declare war my reputation is damaged with the other ...

@badp all I hear is "blah blah I'm terrible at games and don't own a controller blah"
8:37 PM
@agent86 olololololo
I'm glad I can bring joy to your life
@FAE - re: Beatrix: That's fascinating. I know in many ways she is just a figurehead, but my grandma and aunt really get into the whole monarchy stuff. I will have to give them a call and let them know :)
I have 14.399 rep. For some reason, the 99 bugs me XD
@AshleyNunn I could down vote you if you'd like.
@Wipqozn While I thank you for your kind offer, I think I am alright.
@Wipqozn You'd need to downvote her twice.
8:56 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, it's usually much more of an older generation thing rather than ours.
@FAE Very much so.
@AshleyNunn The fact that there are people who are like, experts on the royal family and stuff is really weird to me.
@FAE yeah, me too. I don't get it. but it makes my gran happy, so that's good. I just don't get attachment to figureheads like that.
@OrigamiRobot Wood would probably be the easiest way, but it doesn't look all that great
Q: Is there any reason to sacrifice my self?

Domenik VanBuskirkBehind the W4R-D3N under Marcus' Shrine is a little pit with a button next to it. If you push the button the pit closes and doesn't open again. I'm guessing this is used in co-op since I can't activate it while I'm in the pit. Is this used for anything in particular or is it just a decoration of...

@LessPop_MoreFizz You just broke my brain
@AshleyNunn I can't stop laughing at the phrase "Sunshiney (in a 'sun never sets on the British Empire' kind of way)."
@AshleyNunn Yeah, same. I'm sure the announcement's probably on either youtube or one of the official Dutch news channels, so she could catch it online.
@FAE They don't have internet or a computer, but I can probably find it for them somehow in a way they can view
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, that one made me laugh
@SaintWacko I can get some square tubing and route slots in each side
9:10 PM
@OrigamiRobot That would look cool
I was thinking that some sort of metal frame would look nice
@LessPop_MoreFizz "But then you look along a couple more and there's a picture of a seal. I have no idea what it means, but click it to bring up a list of all the people who are "seals" and you're thrust into some kind of perplexing, connect-the-dots puzzle of ill-logic, in which you have to decipher what it could possibly be that unites Clare Balding (8), Mick Jagger (29) and Idris Elba (51)." hahaha
@FAE The whole thing just makes zero sense. It's amazing.
@FAE I want to now what the seal means XD
@AshleyNunn Me too!
And the symbol that was only used for two dogs.
@LessPop_MoreFizz The fact that someone a)made the list and b) there are people who likely care a great deal about it is just baffling
9:12 PM
@FAE Well if you go to the actual tatler site and go to the list, there are in fact tooltips for many of the symbols. But the tooltip for the seal symbol just reads "SEAL".
@LessPop_MoreFizz Weeeeeeird
@SaintWacko I'd have to cut a lot out so as to obstruct as little as possible.
@AshleyNunn This is a webpage with her speech on it and this is a direct download link to the video itself for your future reference.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, just some thin, spindly frame would be cool
@FAE You are awesome!
9:16 PM
@SaintWacko I don't have any tools to actually do that though. I wish I could just buy something that would work right out of the box.
@AshleyNunn :D
@AshleyNunn @Wipqozn hey guys... whatcha doin?
@fbueckert Just a tad bit carried away.
@fbueckert Jeez, with a name like "pissed off PS3 guy" I thought he'd be a useful addition to our site.
9:27 PM
@Wipqozn He could be, if he was calm.
But then, he'd be "calm PS3 guy"
@agent86 haha, crazy bear
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow. That's all I can say: Wow.
whew. It's been too long since I last top scored as engie
9:43 PM
(applies head to wall) what a day
@agent86 Thank you, I needed that
@jmfsg If you had an infinite amount of crates and wanted to get a strange grenade launcher from them, you'd have an expected spend of $9.96 = 4 keys precisely
If you can buy them for ~3 keys you save
especially if you don't actually buy keys from the store
...the same calculations for an unusual give me $249 perhaps unsurprisingly
I guess this infinite sum is a really stupid way of saying price/chance
1 hour ago, by agent86
I'm glad I can bring joy to your life
@agent86 slowest. pitstop. ever.
@MBraedley Rough day?
@Wipqozn My work computer crashed 3 times
9:55 PM
@badp I knew you'd complain. you're quickly working your way up to 2nd-nemesis. better watch out, @wip. your seat is under siege
Complaint? Hardly a complaint
I said that very much matter of factly.
@badp I'll show you a complaint.
What I see here is that @Wipqozn is showing to be a rather awful nemesis and @agent86 is looking for something more
@badp and I'll fact all up in your matter
in other words, @Wipqozn, @agent86 is cheating on you!
9:57 PM
oh no I di'int!
@badp WHAT!?!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!?!?1?1111ONEONEONE!?!?!?!?!ONEOEN1O111!?!!!!!?!?!?ONEON1?!!??!!
@Wipqozn I cross you every day, and I've yet to rue!
Although, for the record, I have a video prepared if you ever replace me:
@badp is the Panda in this situation.
I'd say there's a lot of rue-ing promised, and very little delivered.
10:00 PM
@agent86 There's no need to rue your plans, you tend to mess them up enough on your own.
@Wipqozn I will save this and watch it when you die the horrible death I have imagined for you from the moment we met.
That's right. I went there. tortoise shades
@Wipqozn turtle*
makes me wonder if that's their phone number + voicemail password...
@agent86 You should try it.
10:02 PM
@Wipqozn I'd probably end up connected to a phone sex line from my work phone, so no thanks
Area code is for W. Virginia
not sure how many sex lines are there
Maybe it's his ICQ number. Are they up to 15 digits yet?
@agent86 That's a pretty secure password, if so.
@agent86 Keyboard mashing, duh.
10:08 PM
@MBraedley There is not much else to do in West Virginia, so probably a lot.
@StrixVaria I know, right? nobody would guess that.
@badp just kind of curious that it follows US 10-digit dial numbers with a 4-digit number that seems common enough to be used as a VM password. I bet it's not, but it sill makes me go hmmmm
@agent86 "13049086809" is 11 chars
@badp I never traded before, I'd have to learn how to find one first... I'll look around
@badp 1's the US's code.
@StrixVaria That's the combination on my luggage!
10:10 PM
@Ullallulloo then you're missing a +
Q: ingress updated level from phone to browser?

130490868091234I have been been playing ingress for a few days now, and my phone shows one of the sides of the octagon half-way of being full, but when I log in to the website, I still see the octagon on the upper left side of the screen as being empty. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

Q: When should I start seeking out DLC missions?

IsziI've already played through Skyrim on the PS3. Now, finally tired of waiting on Bethesda to re-align their fecal matter, I've bought the game and all DLC on the Xbox 360. While I did enjoy the story and everything about the game the first time around, my new playthrough on the 360 is going to b...

Americans don't have time for pluses.
@badp psh. here in the US we don't use +. we just leave the number out there hanging in the breeze.
My password is a 20 digit true random combination of upper, lower, and numbers
Oh sure EC2 console tab, take up half a gig of RAM. No big deal. O_o
@jmfsg tf2outpost.com doesn't seem to have one handy
@TimStone chrome? I think it leaks memory pretty heavily on windows, sadly :(
you think?
10:23 PM
It's not too bad. I only notice heavy swapping ~daily and then I know it's just my four pinned tabs that need to be killed and reopened with little loss
Compare with Firefox, where you can only nuke the whole thing from orbit
(Firefox abandoned its plans for multiple processes right?)
hmm, building my new PC I'm going to have to re-activate windows
not really looking forward to that
got the key via MSDN and I'm pretty sure that subscription is lapsed
10:42 PM
Huh, an indie team is trying to crowdsource the cash to buy the Homeworld series from THQ.
10:56 PM
Random graph o' clock
@badp I forgot Macha existed.
@fbueckert That would be amazing
@SaintWacko I concur
@badp I didn't make that chart at all? O.o
11:03 PM
@FAE I didn't see you in the users list on the blog :(
I included people with 1 post as well
oh wait, page 1 of 3
@badp ...whoops
@badp oh badp, you character.
11:14 PM
Path of Exile is an open beta.
If I keep repeating that, I won't get frustrated at it dying on me every few minutes.
Oh, Prenda Law. You amuse me SO much.
Okay, this is with all 150 posts
If you made a post, you're guaranteed to be in there somewhere
@SaintWacko They're so tiny!
@badp Neat!
looks at @Wipqozn
@badp Do I still count as in if I just changed my gravatar? <_<
11:23 PM
@FAE You did?
@badp Aye.
Though my old one is more easily recognizable as me in a small slice.
@FAE Seems the same to me
@badp There is a distinct lack of me in this chart.
cc: @SaintWacko
@OrigamiRobot Wow, that's tiny
OrigamiRobot is even tinier than I expected!
11:30 PM
@badp I call it efficient.
@OrigamiRobot You tiny itty bitty USB powered robot
@badp That's what she said!
So anyone else read up on Prenda Law's latest shenanigans?
11:32 PM
This is a better comparison
@OrigamiRobot delicious
@OrigamiRobot What is the name of that again?
@FAE A hand.
@OrigamiRobot >_>
I think she meant the skittle
11:36 PM
Oh, then she replied to the wrong message.
Or, y'know, the Digispark.
@fbueckert Thank you. :P
@FAE Sometimes we take teasing to massive excess here in the Bridge.
I take full credit for @fbueckert's help.
@fbueckert @FAE likes to be teased.
Also, yay, more overtime!
11:37 PM
@fbueckert I usually wouldn't care about the delay but I wasn't the one who was wondering, Jochem was.
@OrigamiRobot I'd say I like doing the teasing more.
@OrigamiRobot You have such a mancrush on my boyfriend, and the wrong one at that. :P
@FAE I'm not the one in the wrong here.
11:39 PM
@OrigamiRobot I have been called a massive tease before, but the context is not appropriate for this venue. So I will leave it at that.
@fbueckert ...oh my.
@fbueckert Also, me too! highfive
@FAE highfive
And with that contribution to this derailed topic, back to work!
.....I totally walked in at the best moment.
Also, I am totally a tease, and I wear that label proudly.
@fbueckert Never heard of them.
11:44 PM
@Wipqozn If you're looking for some of the stupidest (and hilarious!) things a law firm can do, look 'em up.
@fbueckert Shall do.
Oh, man Prenda Law is hilarious
@SaintWacko The latest shenanigans sort of put a damper on their entire litigation strategy.
Which, if it turns out to be true, will result in criminal charges against the attorneys.
They're so bad at what they do I think they're run by a pro-piracy group
@fbueckert Link?
@SaintWacko Linkage
11:50 PM
Q: 2 PCs playing same game require to download patch 2 times, any solution?

Fire-Dragon-DoLThis is quite bad: me and my girlfriend plays Guild Wars 2. She just download a patch of 1GB on her PC and now to play I have to download it again or copy paste it from her computer. Are there any solution to avoid this, like sharing the game directory? Notice that we have 2 different computers ...

@SaintWacko speaking of patent trolls, did you hear about the newegg thing?
@fbueckert Ahaha, wow
@BenBrocka Haha, yeah
"This is bullshit"
@SaintWacko Indeed.
@SaintWacko they have the best lawyer ever
Not to mention that Alan Cooper has finally gotten around to suing the shell companies that are using his name.
So if it turns out his signature did get forged....John Steele is in for a world of hurt.
Although I suspect he'll just throw piles of money at Alan to make him go away and not bother the courts.
11:59 PM
I love my clothes washer. It plays songs. It's awesome.
Uh oh
@Wipqozn you didn't start listening to the household appliances again did you?

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