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7:00 PM
:186229 Is there a multiplayer demo availiable for SCII?
if so, check the lag via that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz no
we are playing liverpool in europa league, we are so screwed...
Restarting browser just for safety...
What's the "we", @Cristina?
we = romanian team
7:02 PM
@Cristina is the borg
National teams play in the Europa League? News to me :D
not the romanian national team :P
@Jin do I keep font-weight: bold;?
@Juan battleping
most likely we will be pwned that is if no magic fairy appears and magically does a -10 roll for liverpool
7:04 PM
@badp no, you have to manually override bold, to normal
Okay; screenshotting... (preview: it looks fine)
:186264 cool, thanks!
its what I use for playing on korean servers
oow goal for liverpool...27 second....
:186276 ouch
7:08 PM
:186273 so you can play cross-regions no problem, right? you are not blocked for physically being in another region?
I wouldn't say no problem, I had to set up a korean account which is hard to do
@badp thanks!
what does everyone think about that font for question titles?
but to play in the US you shouldn't have that problem
You're welcome
I think it looks fine, also renders okay in bold form
:186286 hard how?
7:09 PM
You need a Social Security Number to play starcraft in korea
:186298 wat.
different country, different laws
:186298 Also, aren't australian servers clumped with Korea atm? That would be an easy workaround.
:186303 but you are in the europe region physically?
7:10 PM
Australian are SEA
@juan I live in the US right now
I mean, they don't block you or anything?
No, they don't block me
if you buy it for a region, you can play no matter where you are
So there are 3 asian servers: SEA, Korea, and Taiwan
as far as I know that's true, I haven't tested them all though
:186306 Aaaaah. I was just talking about SC II with someone in my WOW guild whose in Australia last night, and he was saying how it's nothing but koreans.
7:12 PM
Either he plays on the Korean server, or he plays on SEA and SEA is full of Chinese people and he doesn't know the difference between Korean and Chinese
Pretty sure it's the latter if thats the case
SEA serves China right now because they don't have their own server
if you go to your bnet account
and go to manage games
it'll put you in a region, click the change region button.
then you can select a different region to buy it in
@Jin want me to try Firefox too?
but here is the thing, if you don't have a residence and SSN in korea they won't let you buy it there
so essentially you have to either know someone there, or lie
...the tough sentimental story of @tzenes, forced to be married to a girl she does not love so he can play Starcraft 2.
7:17 PM
@badp is that for real?
:186344 what's your guess? :P
life's tough as a progamer
:186347 and that's not even a typo!
but both variations are true
@badp meh i think everything is possible
7:18 PM
I like how you used both the feminine and masculine pronoun for me.
> married to a girl she does not love
Giving you the benefit of doubt!
life's tough as a hermaphrodite progamer
i mean i've heard horrible parenting stories with WoW
btw it's amazing how well polling messages every two seconds works
I'm watching my messages come by with a quite noticeable delay on the VM and yet it doesn't affect chatting at all
:186359 ?
7:21 PM
forgetting all about your toddler and play WoW all day, the sorts
:186375 that's addiction alright
Ah, I had assumed it was my computer screwing up
:186375 I'm all for fun and games, some people need a serious priority realignment
@badp yes please.
7:35 PM
definitely. Tho i hate one thing more than this...the assumption that violence comes from playing video games
I definitely hate that less than child neglect
that's weird, I didn't uninstall Firefox on this VM
Installing Firebug...
they are both bad
There are a number of studies which show that violent video games do increase violence in children, both immediately after playing and over time
7:41 PM
There are a number of studies that claim the opposite
There are a number of studies
you begin, tzenes :P
no I don't have any
it's just true that for every study claiming x, there's at least one claiming ¬x
can't be bothered to go study hunting
7:42 PM
studies are sometimes non-deterministic
I know Doom 3 and Doom 2 and Doom 1 and Quake 4 and Quake 3 and Quake 2 and Quake 1 and Quake Live and Return to Castle Wolfenstain etc. didn't make me a serial killer
@badp thanks a lot, really appreciate it.
:186462 I would call into question the validity of such studies. The number of confounding factors are enormous and poorly understood and our measures of violence imprecise.
OK, so there were a number of studies where they had kids play violent video games and then put them in social situations
the result is that children who played games were much more likely to act violently within 30 minutes of playing the game
:186477 It also is in my interest to have this work well on Linux :)
7:44 PM
you can also see this effect if you have them watch violence between two people
or on a TV
its based on the principle of saliency
Sure, at times I have the mental image of unloading a double barrel shotgun onto somebody
now you can't replicate these results in adults
...who doesn't? :D
I try to force-choke people all the time
so far it hasn't worked... but I'm hopeful
7:45 PM
but you can track the children over time, and you can see that a larger exposure to violence does tend to correlate with the children having violent social interactions
have you tried force-joking instead?
(the above is a real typo)
@tzenes It's the claims of long-term effect that I find dubious. And of course that correlation and causation are not the same.
user image
You can't truly have a control group in broad-based social studies like this.
Dark Vader uses a Mac! I knew it!
7:46 PM
well, there are a number of studies which show that the nerons which make up the human brain often work as mimics of the experiences they have
kids are like a blank piece of paper, if you take care of it it's going be a well-formatted page, if not it's going to be a mess.
what's more children have a larger number of these (proportionally) than adults
additionally, you can see that saliency plays a long term effect on childhood development
Raising Kids the LaTeX Way
by J. K. Cristina
revision 3.14157
the more you expose a child to something they more likely they are to exhibit that behavior
bad-pun-of-the-day ×2
7:48 PM
:186508 7? twitch
i get the pun
all of it in it's glory :P
here is the thing though, this is true for any sort of social interaction, video games are not an exception
if you're exposed to violence through abusive parents, or through television, its the same as exposure from video games
:186511 the editors were using a certain old Intel fpu...
@tzenes but there are exceptions, I've played video games since the age of 5 and i don't feel the need to break peoples bones
7:50 PM
nor to torture them or hurt them in any physical way
I'm not sure what you're referring to as the exception here, but just because you have some exposure does not mean you'll exhibit the behavior
that's not the logical implication
It's important to distinguish between real life and fantasy
:186517 I would claim the magnitude of such an effect from abusive parents is much higher than that of video gaming or movies, etc. (To understate.)
that's upbringing too
the correct implication is: the more exposure you have, the more likely you are to exhibit the behavior
:186525 you really have no basis for that claim, but I don't know of any study which calculates the correlation in that case
7:51 PM
and i've been exposed for 17 years
yes, but how much? 8 hours a day? 1 hour a day?
its not like you've been rigged up to a machine which forces you to watch violence for the last 17 years
Clockwork Orange reference
tied up and forced to play GTA4 22 hours a day
an average of about 48 hours a week
:186530 You're right, I don't have a stack of papers, but I'd be highly surprised if you couldn't find a volume of studies on the effects of abusive parents on child's behavioral development that are far less controversial than those concerning exposure to violent media.
maybe more...
7:53 PM
some day i would just play non-stop, some days i had chores
I don't think you'll find any Java, it is very hard to obtain reliable data in that case
but believe me i had immense exposure to video-games for a child.
you can't easily do studies on children who live with abusive parents
:186540 Well thank you for circling back on my point and agreeing with me: reliable data is very hard to obtain, so any claims about statistics are pretty worthless.
for abusive parents maybe, but not for TV exposure
7:54 PM
:186547 They're hard for exactly the same reasons.
you mean the reason that abusive parents often don't let their children participate in psychological studies?
Thanks you @Jin for gtfo.ro
I don't think its the same reason...
People are much more willing to report on the amount of time they (or their children) spend watching TV than they are on the amount of time they spend abusing their partners (or children) in front of their children
@tzenes Don't be obtuse. You can't have a traditional double-blind trial with control experiment in sociological studies. You simply look at case studies and statistics of what is and try to draw conclusions. But you can't isolate one single variable like media exposure when you're looking at a national population. There are just far too many confounding variables which we simply do not understand.
no, but you can do regression analysis
if you couldn't do anything than sociology wouldn't be a science
7:57 PM
@tzenes If you understand all the variables. We can't.
I think that's a bit of a broad statement
Just because you can't do double blind studies like in medicine doesn't mean the entire field of sociology is incapable of producing scientific data. There are a number of other tools that can be used for statistical accuracy
But isolating one single variable out of the billions that affect our lives is insanely difficult. I think sociologists are being naive when they claim they can.
And even if you can show a correlation, explaining the correlation is exponentially more difficult.
I'm not sure you really have validity for that claim
it seems like a broad generalization
it reminds me of this: imgs.xkcd.com/comics/purity.png
Well then you're mistaking my claims.
When you have a system that's as complex as society and all you can do is observe it, the conclusions you can draw are limited.
I meant this one:
> even if you can show a correlation, explaining the correlation is exponentially more difficult.
8:02 PM
If you were studying bacterial growth and all you could do was wander around until you found some bacteria, watch it for a while, and try to make claims about how the exposure to salt in the rocks affected growth... well your claims wouldn't be very good, would they?
you're making an inductive leap there
its entirely possible they would be good claims
I'm drawing an analogy, yes, but I think it's valid.
I suppose that depends on your definition of a "good" claim. If you mean a true claim, then yes you could stumble onto one. But if you mean a claim well-supported by evidence, then no, it wouldn't be.
I don't think you're going to get me to agree that sociology is incapable of linking actions with developmental factors
I could list a whole large number of trivial examples where the claim would be well-supported by evidence but that's largely unrelated
Our ability to determine bacterial growth based on its circumstances without good controls is not really related to the ontological discussion of sociology as a science
Fair enough. I suppose I've exhausted my ability to try to persuade you. But my position remains that a sociological study attempting to draw conclusions about the affect on the entire span of our lives of one minor factor is fraught with imprecision and thus should all be taken with a grain of salt.
I don't disagree that many studies need to be examined carefully, but I think applying that to sociology as a categorical imperative is really a bit of a leap
8:08 PM
I don't think I've made any unsound leaps, but if you believe so it must be my own failure to explain my reasoning.
or mine in understanding
I think its more likely that you've had limited exposure to sociology and formed and opinion based on that
Well I really don't think it would be productive to have a "my science exposure is bigger than yours" contest...
no, probably not
I've got so much science exposure ...</sarcasm>
8:11 PM
... since we all know that @CRoss would win. ;)
and why would CRoss win :)
(via jin via kathleencreates via highexpectationsasianfather.tumblr.com)
curiosity nothing more
he has the power of sarcasm ... be hold him with awe
oh i can't be sarcastic with you guys, you are respectable fellows :)
:186694 Now I want to find the famous "C Student" foxtrot strip, but Google is not making it the first result like I expect
ok guys im off, have a nice day/nighty :)
nothing to see there, move along :D
I don't think that's meant for moderators only, is it?
I don't think it is indeed
8:29 PM
so what would be the fail?
or I'm missing something
most likely I am
I expected a onebox when I linked to that room
I guess they'll bring them when every site has their own chat
ok ok
8:35 PM
431 tweets, 6.2k followers, following 643 users
...the fuck is that
@ twitter link
unicode art ≫ ascii art
huh, neat
8:51 PM
this thread is hours of fun: forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=64234
why is the XKCD forums unblocked here?
9:17 PM
wow, APB died already
that was faster than Tabula Rasa or Hellgate London
yeah, I'm surprised
I would have expected a F2P phase first at least but damn
shoop down the tubes
their website also is uncerimoniously down
:187057 Well, APB was kind of an unmitigated disaster from a business standpoint.
there's a lot more going on there then just a game that didn't move enough units to sustain itself.
100 million dollar title sells a 5 digit number of boxes, going F2P isn't going to keep the lights on for another week really.
9:30 PM
APB had a whole bunch of nonsense going on with the hourly payment garbage, years of delays, and generally just too much goddamned money thrown at it.
That's still a big problem with today's games
The servers go down and you're left with a 10 GB brick
1 hour later…
10:42 PM
hey @Grace
Hey, @tzenes, @badp
Ever watch a movie called Mongol?
btw -- while tzenes is not the first 10k user in SEs, he should be the first to hit a silver tag badge
is he not?
@badp I have no clue. I haven't researched that
@tzenes No, I'm not a movie buff
10:45 PM
Its pretty good, you should check itout
What is it about?
a man named Temudjin
:187273 as far as I know I am the only person to get a silver tag badge on an SE2.0 site
:187294 indeed
tzenes has the only SE 2.0 silver tag badge. We're also one of the only 2 sites that has more than one bronze, and one of about 6 or 7 that even have tag badges
Go Gaming?
Go SC2 craze!
10:51 PM
We are a little over specialized
I've spent a bunch of time trying to learn stuff about Halo Reach to help when people start having those questions
It's okay, our site's activity will vary based on what's the game du jour
We're also the only place with a meta site that has 2 Mortarboards, and the only per-site-meta that has a Mortarboard on someone besides Jeff.
There's nothing we can or should do about it
go @grace
Then again some games can give more questions than others, think Portal 2.
Even if it'll be a huge hit, I don't think we'll get many questions about it.
10:54 PM
I got it on the second day of the private beta, too, so I am rather proud of it.
I still haven't got 20 upvotes in a single day ever
although I gained 195 rep on 2010-07-15
oh well, w/e
it loses its appeal quickly
:187359 why? You are just 190k rep away from a signed painting of unicorns
once or twice is cool, but after that it feels like playing taxes
I've lost maybe 30% of my potential rep to the repcap
@tzenes But you're just ever closer to SE 2.0's first Epic badge
10:58 PM
its a long way aways
I think I'm at 18 or 19
I've lost 2970 rep to the cap
That's just about how much you expected.
I shudder to think what Jon Skeets is like
Oh, by the way, I hope you didn't mind the ninja star too much, @tzenes, on the creep bug question
11:06 PM
G'nite, @badp
night @badp
11:59 PM
Angry Birds for Blackberry
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