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12:30 AM
Down from 0.5xA in several hours to 0xA in 6 minutes
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1:41 AM
Q: Hill Titan Pterosaur that fires! How to kill this monster?

BsAxUbx5KoQDEpCAqSffwGy554PSahMy Fortress has been randomly chosen to be the destiny of the attack of a flying Hill Titan that can throw fire: An enourmous hairy pterosaur. It has four long curving horns and it moves deliberately. Its mint green hair is unkempt. Beware its fire! It is tough, but it is slow to heal and very w...

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7:42 AM
@DannyuNDos Umishika (海鹿)
8:07 AM
@DannyuNDos ^
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2:40 PM
Dear Sony Spy, if you lurk here and read this... why is not CrunchyRoll integrated with PSN and included in PS Plus Extra tier? You own them.
3:04 PM
@SPArcheon because the smarter idea is to make them pay twice, once for PS Plus and once for Crunchyroll
@Memor-X crunchy is about 40$ years. PS Premium is 160$. They could merge the two. But that is not the point. My main issue is WHY it is not integrated in the Sony marketplace.
They have a ps4/ps4 app that is kinda better than the site for some things...
So let me just use one account and pay with PS store credit.
Less Accounts == Less Passwords == WIN
Give me OAuth from PSN
Would also give a platform advantage.
Want to watch on Switch? Account and separate credit
Ps5? use your PSN and your psn prepaid cards.
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7:39 PM
Q: Screenshot of the Week #100: Celebration edition!

WipqoznHello and welcome to the 100th edition of the Screenshot of the Week! Wait, 100th?!!? Wow! That's right, this is the 100th time we've done Screenshot of the Week. Suggested by Joachim, and inspired by a similar event over on Photo.SE, the mod team never imagined that the SOTW would go on to be th...

8:23 PM
Guards have to at least say "hey you" before they return fire, so if you accidentally deal nonlethal damage, just shoot him again
The new players getting used to the new systems are still kind of funny but like
If the guard says stop, probably do it unless your gun is out
and if it is shoot him
you can get caught trespassing an unlimited amount of times unmasked, but if you try to run then you're cuffed and now you have to be careful
I think we might have another LOSS situation in the webcomic world. In Grrl Power, the current arc is about the main heroine summoning a good friend who is also a young succubus for a classic "let's look at horror movies and then at shirtless men" sleepover, only for it to get quite out of hand and the entire building falling under an uncontrolled lust aura spell...
Though honestly, it's not entirely tone deaf in the same way that Loss was
And the succubus assaulting the heroine kinda makes sense in the context of the comic, where succubi are biological constructs engineered to need sex to survive, but it still feels a bit off

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