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7:36 AM
relevant to you folks...
A: What should be next for community events?

SPArcheonIf you take your time to look at the story of the event that was just shut down you will probably notice that part of an answer is already there. Winter Bash was not born on Meta. Winter Bash is just a generalization of Hat Dash, an event that started on Arqade and was then extended to the rest o...

7 hours later…
2:38 PM
Really, I was not part of the discussions about that, I became mod a lot later than those contests but yeah, Arqade had a decade ago a few contests where there were actual prizes on the line. Mostly games (Won Mass Effect 3 can't remember via what contest)

My guess is that SE tried something, and saw not enough return on the investment that is an actual prize in cash so they stopped doing so
There were also shirts and merch given away every once in a while
3 hours later…
5:23 PM
@Fredy31 But the point is that those had to be sponsored
When SE made swags for cheese cutting boards and watches (yep, got both) they were the ones to pay.
But I think the Diablo 3 thing was sponsored by Blizzard.
I think they could still find something like that that requires low effort.
Small things could work too. Maybe Mihoyo would actually give out one of those promo codes they usually give to streamers to put in their live streams in exchange for a banner on the site.
Mihoyo gets free ads, players get 60 primo, Stack get players that may ask something here.
Even a theme could work.
Have Square make a theme for FF7 on February for example, site gets free theme, Square gets exposure
5:44 PM
I mean, would anyone get mad if the site looked like this for a few weeks after a new Zelda game?
6:32 PM
@SPArcheon I'm not sure it was. The Mass Effect 3 promotion wasn't AFAIK.
2 hours later…
8:13 PM
Fuck me. I had a sticker on my Counter Strike AK thats worth 1.5k. Didn't even know it.

Wanted to scrape it to sell it, Counter strike crashed and it removed it from my AK, didn't put it in my inventory
3 hours later…
11:33 PM
@Yuuki For what it's worth, servers have been stable all week since upgrades Tuesday
Currently working towards the revolver unlocked at IL 70
(am IL 67)

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