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9:32 AM
The more I read about it, the more I think the release of FF7 Rebirth will be an HUGE mess
1 hour later…
10:52 AM
@SPArcheon why's that?
@Memor-X see this.
in Sugarcube Corner, 2 hours ago, by SPArcheon
soon, they will learn what "have a foot in both camps" means
wrong link, that one was for Snowpaw who just called Cthulhu "Fluffy". See edited one
> Aosagibi
Long-lived herons develop shining scales on their breasts, which fuse together from their feathers. With each breath, they blow a yellow iridescent powder from their beaks that scatters into the wind. During the autumn nights, their bodies radiate a bluish-white glo
@Fredy31 ^ so basically they become a consecrated beast?
@SPArcheon while there are things in that list we don't know the answers to, there is some things in there which can exist even in the original game
> Seph line about Tifa 'You know I killed her, so who is she?", never happened in the original
missing a key bit of context in the same section of the trailer
Sephiroth mentions Jenova's Shape Shifting just before, seeding the idea into Cloud that Tifa didn't survive at Nibelheim which makes sense because he, Sephiroth and Zack never saw what happened to Tifa after the Reactor
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12:19 PM
@Memor-X I think that you are focusing too much on specific examples but in this case the point wasn't any specific thing in the first place
point is that they are clearly trying to market to two opposing audiences.
The "Aerith lives" and the "Aerith dies".
After FF16 I get the felling they are already at a new low on user engagement (say what you wish but FF16 sales were lower than they expected and the reception not that great either)
Now, either they try a desperate and pathetic move to delay the tragedy... "game ends a second before Aerith should die, we will meet again in part 3 in 4 years, hopefully our executives will find a solution"
or they will have half on the fanbase at their throat either case.
Save Aerith and go for a different plot?
FF7 Zealoth screaming "THEY RUINED THE GAME! KILL THEM!!!!"
Kill Aerith again?
Either way, they are doomed.
And I will add that personally... I will enjoy much the scene, while eating pop-corn and drinking bubble-tea
The "idiots" manged to sell expectations that the thing - Aerith specifically - will have a different outcome, starting with the very first Japan tv ads for the game
in Sugarcube Corner, May 28, 2020 at 13:42, by Derpy
A- Anyway you..
B- Yes?
A- Have you never played FF7?
B- Well.. I haven't.. rather.. No
A- What about you?
C- Well, I have... I mean.. I've watched it.
A- The scene that remains in your memories?
C- Whaaa.... the event where Cloud dresses up as a girl!
A- Full score answer!!
C- Oh, and when Aerith.. Seph...
A- Ah! Stop!! You can't say That!
B- I know (about) Aerith
C- Right right right
B- It was written on the web.
C- Seph....
A- Wait wait wait..... What have you guys done!
B- Seems like there is another route
"The route does not exist, but only in the old game. What will happen now will happen in the Remake" etc etc etc
at the same time they constantly reassure the "purist" that want Aerith death that there is no "big change" and it is "the same game".
They tell everyone what they want to hear.
But now the second game can't live in a limbo like the first one.
The "truth" has to be said, we will finally know if they sold a new story or the old one.
And it will go bad for them
Either way.
I mean... Imagine if Toby remade Undertale and the whole advertisement campaign was about hinting you may get to save goatson this time but then.. it is not true.
Game can be good and all ... but fans would be mad at you....
1:22 PM
@Dragonrage I've tried that, but I like double-tap to skip ahead or rewind, and I think last time I tried to do that using Firefox it just failed.
@SPArcheon I'd go with the Doctor Who "Father's Day" solution: we save her, but it fucks up the timeline so badly she saccs herself
@Nzall See line above:
1 hour ago, by SPArcheon
also, see why people HATE Chrono Cross (and by extension the guy who made it to retcon Trigger)
Oh wait, Aerith IS already saved?
1:43 PM
@Nzall See above, the Remake (a name that by their own claim has "plot significance") has many differences to the original
one of the central point being the fact that Aerith seems to know how the original game plot went.
@SPArcheon I haven't really played either game yet, and I haven't kept up with the story all that much. All I really know is that there were some major changes in part 1
@Nzall So far the dev have tried to appeal both those who would want a different plot with Aerith living at the end of the game and the purist crew who thinks that any difference would ruin the game.
But the first game is just Midgard. So while there are difference you should realize that the main twist is not there.
The second game... it should end at the point Aerith died in the original.
So.... this time they don't have a way out. Either she dies or she doesn't.
They can't play pretend anymore.
And since they in a way promised both outcomes, they are royally doomed
The only way they can save themselves (imho) is by going full "Future Trunks Dragonball Z" mode
two timelines, one she survives with Zack (since most of the ones wanting her alive would also claim she was Zack girlfriend not Cloud) and one with Cloud&Tifa that stays the same as before
How about they make it a player choice?
Even if it's through some sort of convoluted "you need to complete this 273 step plan and she survives, and some of the things you had to do were in Part 1"
2:10 PM
@Unionhawk I want to play payday so bad, but the server issues and my game crashing without a way to fix it make it impossible.... :(
@Nzall there is no connectivity between the games. Also, I don't expect them to go alt routes. That could be an option, true, I just don't see them commit to it.
As now, I am thinking they will either change it and try to win over the old fans who wanted her to stay dead with the whole "this is a sequel" thing or they will try to sweeten the pill with the alt timeline stuff (your original plot is still there in world A, she lives with Xeno Zack in Cotton City world B)
But yep, alt route would be great since ....
A) it would be basically what they said in the Advertisement for the first game, they explicitly said that "another route did not exist back then"
B) they could make third game "Pokemon"
FF7 Restored: White Tifa and FF7 Restord : Red Aerith.
And you know someone would buy both.
.... please be a thing... I want to see the day FF publishes two versions of the same game with a different poke party member in each.
3 hours later…
5:41 PM
@SPArcheon FF7 Restored: Red XIII
5:55 PM
@Yuuki The joke was that one version you get Tifa as the legendary pokemon party member, the other one gives you Aerith. But you can trade if you buy both.
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8:36 PM
@Nzall i use safari still actually. not the greatest browser, but it works ok
2 hours later…
10:55 PM
As a webdev, please dont.

Fucking hell seems all the 'this bug only happens in one browser' cases I get now are from safari
11:20 PM
Also fucking hell I hate SO. Ask a question about a security vulnerability, saying Hey ELI5, I don't understand the concept as to why I should patch this vulnerability. Answer JUST PATCH IT stackoverflow.com/questions/77183102/…
Like god fucking damn it fuckers, I know any bit of cybersecurity is important, but I don't need to rebuild a whole website for an attack that is so out there that on the whole internet it happens 10 times a year
and if the site is compromised, load a backup and I can NGAF
Im sorry if theres any here, but fuck I hate cybersecurity guys
Like yeah, I could replace the door to my house by a bank vault door, will make people can't pick my lock, but is it worth me putting 100k down to make the change? It WOULD BE SAFER....
Every time I get a cybersecurity audit god damn it makes me think they get their pay check only by fear mongering
did you design the system originally?
I made the website, 5 years back. So jQuery was a commonly used thing
but now its a security vulnerability it seems. And I would basically need to redo most of the site to do so.
But yeah, my question is pretty solid, IMO. But for SO downvoted, close vote, etc
And then we wonder why we dont have new users when when you ask a question you spin a wheel to know if the answer will just be a slap to the face and told to sit the fuck down
But yeah, its my curse.

Clients that have a fuckton of people have put their grain of salt on the site, and then wonder why they are salty about the bill...
@Memor-X But yeah, the thing is, they call jQuery as a vulnerability... jquery is sent with the site for the display. There is absolutely no link between jquery and the server architecture
I think you'd need to give way more information about what your site is doing and how it's set up for you to be able to give you a more detailed answer
Like if you could break my server with jQuery, what stops a wanna be hacker to just inject JS in the page via the console and thus, breaking my site without having to even find a vulnerability
The general case is that someone sends someone a link to https://fredy31-site.com/?hey-jquery-send-my-saved-passwords-to-hackersite.com
11:30 PM
Think I've been thourough; there is absolutely no private information on the website. Only sessions cookies would be login of the admins to the CMS. No personal info, no transactions. If someone throws the site to the trash, we can just load a backup
Yeah, I can't really do that. Don't want to expose a client
And someone clicks that link and their browser does something, and you get blamed because it's your site
and if the client watches what comes up with their site on google, question might come up and I look like a moron
@Fredy31 what else can the admin do?
But yeah if you don't have anything that's secure on your site you might be fine
change contents. thats it
also the thing I just dont get is that if you have something in the hash or in the $_GET, that would mean something on your site responded and modified the code with that $_GET
for me, whatever hash or $_GET you throw in the site, except for some very particular $_GETs, it wont change shit
11:33 PM
Yeah that's why I'm saying you'd need more details to be able to answer
@Fredy31 including adding malicious code?
But if jquery is ever looking at the query params, or loaded something from another site or something, that's a possible case where something bad could be read by jquery and it could do stuff on someone else's browser
because i wouldn't rule out an admin account getting compromised because someone was stupid at work
@Memor-X code edition is disabled. But they have their own server, so they could put code in via FTP if they are morons
@Memor-X Yup, what I find funniest is that you could spend hours and hours on cybersecurity, guess what. Most hacks I hear of these days the weakest link is not a computer
its a moron
Like the Desjardins (Bank) hack my personal info was a part of; Just an employee that took basically the whole table of clients of the bank, took all the columns like the SSN, clicked export. Put it on an USB key and by the time the bank figured it out, info was already compromised and on the dark web
All the cyber security in the world could not prevent that.
That's just regular security
11:39 PM
But yeah I think its one of my worst pet peeves at my job. Someone making me split hairs when I thoroughly know that its not fucking needed
It's better to be overly cautious instead of just hoping it'll be fine, sometimes it is an issue you urgently need to fix
But yeah, there's only so much detail a rating /10 can give you for a security vulnerability until you just have to do the research and see how it'll affect your particular setup
I see what you are saying, but also.
- Site has been running for 5 years. No hacks.
- Rating on 10 of how much the security would be improved: Security would probably go from 9.7 to 9.72
- If the site gets hacked and destroyed, nothing of note can be looted from it, and loading a backup would fix everything.
And part of my job is to tell the client what should be the best approach. Spending thousands of dollars for a very small improvement yes would make me work, but still its annoying to work splitting hairs while there is a lot more better work to do
Like I said at the beginning: You have a house. When you go out you lock the door, turn on the security system. Cool.


Its gonna cost you 100k. Yeah, can't say its not safer, but still. I'm now a construction worker that has to figure out how to put a fucking bank vault door as a front door.

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