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5:33 AM
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9:24 AM
@Wipqozn I was hoping for references to other anime shows in the World Masterpiece Theater but I didn't notice anything new really.
GFUEL - Isaac special edition preorders starts tomorrow.
Why this is relevant? Because there is hope that this means that we will get the 5 months later console update...
Why you want the update?
Because it has the GFVELLLL seed
1 hour later…
10:57 AM
> My channel was deleted so I will post this video on my channel to tell you the story.
For Celestia sake, stop that trend with video titles. I get what you mean, but please avoid the standard "If I lose the game I delete my youtube channel" format
11:49 AM
Why you should NEVER trust Sega lies.
> A few Sonic Origins FAQs:
Digital only. No plans for physical at the moment.
Now, wonder what?
They are doing the same "sell twice, idiots will buy" things they did with Mania!
So glad I didn't listen to their blatant lies and waited.
> Sonic Origins Plus Physical Edition ($39.99)
Main game
12 Game Gear games emulated and playable in the Museum
Classic Amy as a playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, and Sonic CD
Knuckles as a playable character in Sonic CD
20-page art book
Reversible coversheet with new, never-before-seen art
All previously released Sonic Origins downloadable content
all the game gear games (Including the actually good Tails Adventure and the forgettable Sonci Blast), Knuckles in Sonic CD and....
(so... in Cd... is the NPC Amy at the end of zone 1 still here when playing as Amy? Amy hugging Amy??? @Memor-X will be happy I guess....)
@SPArcheon selfcest is always a weird one, can't help byt feel it's more self-centred yuri when most yuri is the equal sharing of love between 2 girls
@SPArcheon what i want to know is the fate of the Sonic Origins
all the games that are in Sonic Origins were already available on Steam, just DRM Free (and apparently they were just ROMs aswell). Sega delisted them for Sonic Origins which now has Denuvo
those who got the originals can still play them even after they were delisted. if Sonic Origins is delisted i wont be surprised if the Denuvo verification is also shut down
so anyone who got Origins who still wanted to play the games will have to buy the "new" version. and the cycle repeats
consoles can get away with it because ganes are programmed specifically to a set bundled of hardware which has a lifespan of now-a-days near a decade
Sonic Origins isn't a year old
and it pains me to say it but if Sonic Origins is delisted and Denuvo fails because the verification is stopped, TakeTwo and EA are the better companies because atleast they keep their games up for a few years before they make them unplayable
i'm reading that they are going to offer a "Plus Expansion Pack" as an upgrade option but if it's like any other upgrade pack it'll be to get a separate game
12:17 PM
This is kind of a weird question but does anyone have any idle game recommendations? I realized I kinda got over my latest burnout and need to just obsess over one for a few days so I can burn out for another year.
@SPArcheon It WAS deleted though. He got hacked and YouTube took down the channel while it was being sorted
CookieClicker - https://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/
Evolve - https://pmotschmann.github.io/Evolve/
Idle Breakout - https://kodiqi.itch.io/idle-breakout
Critter Mound - http://jayseesee.github.io/Crittermound-Fork/
though 3 of those you might have already played since they were posted here before
@Nzall Yes, I realize that, I just felt that the tittle could be better, especially since you see a lot of similar tittles that are actually clickbaits (the standard "If I fail this challenge I delete my channel")
@Memor-X ARGH.... Evolve... You really want to destroy their spare time.
2 hours later…
2:15 PM
@SPArcheon I mean, the thumbnail makes it pretty obvious why his channel(s) got deleted
2:53 PM
@MBraedley I saw the discussion about that before. My point wasn't that the video is a clickbait. I was arguing that the title makes the video look like a clickbait because it adopt an overuses standard by many gamers youtubers
Thought 1: why use a sophisticated spearphishing attack only to host a RuneScape "doubling money" scam
Thought 2: oh god it's because the RuneScape "doubling money" scam works
I mean, his video comes out in the fist 10 results by searching "If I die I will delete my channel"
With all fucking scams: If someone puts in the effort to do that scam, it must work some times.

Like with those Saud princes that I still get sometimes. Its such a shitty scam that its now a running gag in general society.

But if someone is paying for the server that sends that shit; some people must get hooked every once in a while
Keep in mind that the people who buy BTC are not always the sharpest tools in the shed
And eventually the world is going to roll them
And then we can make an L on our forehead, looking kinda dumb
3:09 PM
@ave Antimatter Dimensions: ivark.github.io/AntimatterDimensions
Q: Rename [dungeons-dragons-online] → [dungeons-and-dragons-online]

StevoisiakI'd like to propose renaming the tag for Dungeons & Dragons Online from dungeons-dragons-online to dungeons-and-dragons-online. Presumably the tag was created back when tags were limited to 25 characters.

@Nzall especially today. Few years back you could say you could say you were an early adopter. Today? You are someone trying to catch up
But it still plays one of the greatest hits of scam: Get rich quick
Just peeling the first detail of that crypto scam: How the fuck would they double your money on the spot? Why the fuck would they tell you (in particular) if they found a way to literally double your money on the spot? Where does this money come from anyways?
And I mean with such a system, in an afternoon I could get as rich as musk starting with as much as a dollar.

Put in system, get back 2. Put 2 back in system, get 4. Continue until billions
Its crazy how many scams you can dodge with the good old adage of 'There is no free lunch'
3:32 PM
yep, I guess there is also main character syndrome for the question 'Why YOU in particular is getting that tip to get rich quick
4:01 PM
@Fredy31 I can certify that worked.
Back on the Ultima Online server I once played on, for a while you could buy a cat for 5gp and sell it for 6...
Also, I fell there is a word still missing in these latest exchanges, I am surprised no one mentioned that yet.
so please allow me...
4:27 PM
Q: Rename [world-in-conflict-sa] to [world-in-conflict-soviet-assault] or [world-in-conflict]

StevoisiakI'd like to propose renaming the tag for World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (an expansion pack for World in Conflict) from world-in-conflict-sa to world-in-conflict-soviet-assault. Alternatively, since there are only 3 questions and 2 of them mention the base game, it could be worth renaming to wo...

@murgatroid99 thanks!
tried and not a fan
@Memor-X playing evolve now
4:44 PM
@ave I guess it is time to say goodbye then. That one is a black hole for time.
And the name, so fitting.... the "gameplay" changing as you go on
Best wishes for you when you meet the.... "Doom 2 reference"....
@Memor-X ^ what have you done ... :P
Q: Rename [metroid-prime-3] → [metroid-prime-3-corruption]

StevoisiakI'd like to propose renaming the tag for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption from metroid-prime-3 to metroid-prime-3-corruption.

5:18 PM
Q: Rename [lego-star-wars-3] to [lego-star-wars-3-the-clone-wars]

StevoisiakI'd like to propose renaming the tag for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars from lego-star-wars-3 to lego-star-wars-3-the-clone-wars.

6:10 PM
Q: Rename [poochy-yoshi-wooly-world] to [poochy-and-yoshis-wooly-world]

StevoisiakI propose renaming the tag for Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World from poochy-yoshi-wooly-world to poochy-and-yoshis-wooly-world.

Yeah but in that situation, its fake cash.

As much as bitcoin could be said to be fake cash, it still can only be bought or sold with REAL money so such a hack is not possible
6:44 PM
@Fredy31 ^ :P
It is friday afternoon, dont have enough braincells left to figure out sarcasm
Furthermore, I didn't exactly have money issues as a tamer.
Ultima Online had a weird balance, and the tamer were on the "completely unbalanced" end
@Fredy31 btw, have fun with the fungus event...
it is the second part of some plot you probably missed -_-
@SPArcheon Well, I guess I kinda skipped the dialogue because there is often not much of worth in those events lol
@Fredy31 yeah... until they randomly drop Alice lore into a valentine day event...
or things about face/fake sky in a summer event
@SPArcheon there are parts of the lore that I stopped giving a shit long ago
especially those who are breadcrumbed in events that i missed the 2 first years of and a year since my start
Like I understand why they do it that way, FOMO, people will continue playing
but fuck coming late makes you not able to latch on it
6:56 PM
@Fredy31 not sure it is really so intentional, more like they have gacha badly deployed over an episodic jrpg base. It is not like you don't miss anything by trying to start playing WoW of Guild Wars now.
Like we often said, There is a bunch of weird decisions in Genshin; first, why the fuck theres a gapachon in a solo player game
7:10 PM
Second, what on earth is a gapachon?
7:28 PM
@Fredy31 do even most gacha game have actual multiplayer other than trash "ranking events" for whales to get hyped for?
7:51 PM
@SaintWacko The principle in some games that you pull from a lottery for stuff, usually for characters
Oh, I thought that was called gacha
Gashapon (ガシャポン), also called gachapon (ガチャポン), is a trademark of Bandai. Among the variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys that originated in the 1960s, it became popular in Japan and elsewhere. "Gashapon" is onomatopoeic from the two sounds "gasha" (or "gacha") for the hand-cranking action of a toy-vending machine, and "pon" for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray. "Gashapon" is used for both the machines themselves and the toys obtained from them. Popular capsule toy manufacturers include Tomy, which uses the trademark gacha (ガチャ, gacha) for their capsule machines, and Kaiyodo...
seems I wrote it wrong and you had the abbreviated version
Ahh, okay
8:48 PM
"Gacha" as a game genre gets its name from ga(s/c)hapon
if you remember these things from back in the day at the front of supermarkets and whatnot:
"Gacha" games are called such because they use that "put money in, get randomized prize out" as a central game(play?) mechanic
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10:34 PM
@Memor-X I'm playing Evolve, but one thing I don't understand: I got 7.2% Job Stress morale loss that I can't seem to be able to get rid of
Or is that just ".2% for every farmer, lumberjack and quarry worker?

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