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12:32 AM
@TrentHawkins i forgot Graces had multiplayer. curious how it works outside of battle and especially after the timeskip as if i remember correctly you only have Asbel for a while
the partner combo system in Xillia (Linking) i was more very passive on. i just selected 1 person to generally link with and never change from them. for the most part they would automatically help me or allow me an extra attack when using an Arte that had a Link Arte attached to it
Xillia 2 i can see it's probably a bit more active given Ludger had 3 weapons and certain characters Link Arts were more associated with a single weapon type of his (eg Elize's skills linked more with Ludger's hammer) but still found myself just focusing on just a single character and just use the Twin Blades. did limit Link Artes and Chains until Milla arrived
what i did like about those 3 games is how you would guard and dash which allowed you to quickly turn to your next target. Vesperia i can find some characters unlock a skill which might work the same but it was much later and i never got Yuri to learn it
6 hours later…
6:14 AM
Hi. I can easily find so many truck and heavy vehicle simulator games but I can't find car and motorcycle simulators. Anybody have any idea why is it that?

(There's a City Car Driving simulator game but it has graphics that I don't like).

I want some experience like Euro Truck Simulator but for cars and motorcycles where I get manual gear shifts and control options.
2 hours later…
8:28 AM
@SaintWacko I don't know if you actually tried it, but... I am really hating the current NMS expedition.
9:00 AM
@Vikas don't know about too much driving but Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has got a couple of locations you can drive around in but they aren't open streets
the 2021 version i think might have open roads but havn't played it to be sure myself
@Memor-X Oh. Does it have manual gear shifting controls? Or just accelrator buttons like GTA5?
@Vikas not too sure. i've not come across any manuals myself but some posts on steam suggest there is a manual shift though the information seems contradictory
@Memor-X Thanks. I'll check it on YouTube if it is worth my requirements :D
3 hours later…
11:46 AM
Bwhaahahaha.... Genshin reddit/forums right now are on fire... grab popcorn.
Apparently firs anniversary event were announced... and they are all raffle prizes.
@SPArcheon So let me get this straight: their idea of a first anniversary event... is only giving a fraction of the playerbase items from that event?
@Nzall Correct.
Either that, or really really really really bad PR department and those are only anniversary contest and the actual reward are yet-to-be-revealed.
For complete disclosure: hoyolab.com/article/957762
> Genshin Impact One Year Anniversary Community Event Rewards Preview
note it says "Community Event". That could mean that the "in-game" event will be revealed at a later time (post mentions anniversary is Sept, 28 so still time).
that said...
> Genshin Impact Anniversary Event "Recording Your Anniversary Memories"
Event Duration: September 28 – October 7
Event Rewards: Primogems ×100 (1,000 winners)
Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and HoYoLAB
^ based on name alone, this seems to be a "fan video contest".
Record a video and advertise it on Twitter/Facebook and 1k winners get... 100 primo.
If I am correct, a single gacha pull in the game is 160 primo.
so the prize doesn't even cover a single pull.
Seems quite stingy.
Some other contest seem a little better... Apple iPad 10.2", merchandise toys/figures and so on.
2 hours later…
1:35 PM
I'm not sure if I said it here yet, but I really like the new Coca Cola zero recipe
1:46 PM
@SPArcheon And let me guess, since there is a gapachon in this game, one pull on it gives you not much?
Like pretty much all mobile games I played that had a Gapachon, getting 10 FREE PULLS didn't give you much. Because you need a unit once for a 1 star, then combine 10 1-star for a 2-star, 10 2-star for a 3 start, etc.
So you need like hundreds or thousands of pulls to have anything of note.
its such a shit marketing thing... FREE 10 PULLS... its worth basically nothing. That or they are like FREE 4-STAR UNIT! But the rankings start a 3 star and end at 7.
2:27 PM
Genshin is kinda "better" then average on that.
Basically you can pull two things. Weapons and Characters.
Characters have 4 and 5 star. Weapons have 3, 4 and 5 stars.

Weapons 3 stars are useless and are the items you normally get from pulls.
Every 10 pulls guarantees a 4star item. Every 90 a 5*. Odds feel quite "honest" - by which I mean that I didn't see people claiming rigged or scam (coff coff BANDAI OPTC coff coff). Apparently on average people get a 5* in about 70 pulls.
As for the difference between 4 and 5 star characters, it is not like 5* are that OP compared to 4*. There are a few specific broken 5* from what I heard, but on average things are kinda balanced. Also, some 4* characters apparently are considered more important of some 5* because they are very powerful support.
Anyway, 10 pulls do indeed guarantee you a 4* something. I also believe that using those on the limited character banner give you a decent % to get a character instead of a weapon (since the limited banner has a limited 5* and 3 rate boosted characters)
Also - for now - it is not like the game has 200+ units "Azur Lane" style.
@SPArcheon ah, Bad Luck protection. Always good for RNG you pay for
@SPArcheon Can you get duplicates?
@Nzall you can, but it should at least power up the character you already have. Some get smaller, utility power up. Some apparently get quite significant ones.
yet, if you compare it to a standard card based gacha, the units difference are far more... specific?
What I mean is that the little I saw from gacha mobile games is that usually they release a character and then a special limited time event that is tailored on that character. New character is boosted in power during the event and its ability is just the one you need.
So, if you don't have that one, you have to try to use something else but... you get 2 or three viable teams, everything else fails because one of the debuf that you can't clear. So maybe it is 10 turns half attack - every unit only clears 6, but the power up on the new char during the even clear all 10...next event the char won't be boosted anymore so you have to get the new shinny one.
Genshin SO FAR doesn't seem to do this.
Yes, the pve "arena" mode gives some minor buff to current limited character but those are usually so generic that other older characters can get boosted too (for example because they just boost the element)
I think that since it is a 3d action rpg game it is quite hard to do something that only a character can beat without becoming too blatant, so they seem to just go for "waifu factor" to motivate players to spend on new character.
And sometime apparently the 4* are far more funny to play than the 5*.
See a recently released one. Sayu.
which gave a ton of free memes
2:52 PM
I love to have to come into the office because they pushed an update that broke all of our remote desktop network connections
I logged in here and it was asking me for a password for the wired network
@Unionhawk ouch.
I mean technically I could have called someone to restart for me
but it's way faster to drive 5 minutes than to describe to someone else where my desktop lives lol
an advantage of working on azure VM 90% of the time for once...
@Unionhawk What your computer is not on your desk, like a normal person?
'So you need to turn left after the space station, and if you land in the dungeon of the lich, you went too far, go back to the magical biscuit chicken'
@Fredy31 It is on my desk, but I'd be describing where my desk is to some Desktop Support Services intern
3:19 PM
o/ Wanted to ask this in chat first vs anything else to see if I've missed something.

There was a question made that generated a new tag 'earth born' https://gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/390695/revisions but that tag is for a game within a game, which to my understanding we don't do.

e.g we don't have a sub tag for the mini game with stardew valley even though there are questions about it https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/337428/how-do-i-beat-journey-of-the-prairie-king-in-multiplayer
If my presumption is correct, I don't know how we go about doing a tag deletion
remove the tag from the question and I think automated processes will take care of the rest
Okay, I edited the tag off the question
A: What scripts run at 3:00 UTC?

animusonThis is probably not a complete list, but here are some of the things: All tag-related processes. This includes recalculating tag scores, destroying tags that are abandoned, and awarding new tag badges. Clean-up of low-quality and abandoned questions. See what qualifies for automatic deletion. ...

so, hopefully gone by tomorrow morning :D
What dictates a tag as abandoned though?
It got an approved wiki description but it won't have any attached questions
hopefully 0 questions
3:23 PM
It's currently 0 because I removed that, it's brand new
A: What is the use of a tag with no questions?

cdeTags with no questions will be auto deleted nightly, but not all tags with no questions are really tags with no questions. Closed questions that include those tags will not show up under the normal tag page. You need to search for tag name and include the search operator for closed questions.

but it doesn't note anything about if it has a wiki entry
hopefully the wiki won't matter
I believe on Arqade there is technically no such thing as an abandoned tag
I know on other sites a tag will just die if it's only on a couple questions but here it's more than perfectly valid for a tag to live on just one question
idk I can take a look tomorrow-ish to see what happens with the tag
Right that's what I thought originally, and I've seen meta stuff for tag removal
3:26 PM
0 might still kill it, 1 definitely does not though
it no longer has any since I edited the question and left the comment that we don't do tags for games within games
A: Tag delete suggestion: minecraft-thermos

WriggleniteJust remove the tag from that question. Tags applied to no questions are automatically cleaned up.

so it's looking good
that was from 2018
relatively recent
3:50 PM
In the meantime, somewhere else....
The genshin official forum users basically agree that 100gems (less than 1 pull, probably less than 5$ if bought) for a FAN ART CONTEST is basically just trying to get artist to work for free advertisement.
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5:12 PM
...why is that answer +1/-3
1 hour later…
6:13 PM
@Unionhawk Is your desk that hard to find? They are putting IT people into the dankest dungeon or what?
There is a minotaur that asks you 3 IT riddles and you need to answer them before passing?
iOS 15 is out, I recommend updating as soon as you got an hour or so free
@Nzall Is it a major update? I'm reading this like if you stay on iOS 14 you could have some serious problems.
(Im not in the iOS system, so idk the details)
Like I just updated to Windows 11 via the test branch, and its not like I would say everybody needs to upgrade ASAP
@Fredy31 The exact opposite actually, iOS 14 is explicitly getting support after 15 releases which is not common with Apple
meanwhile I think microsoft is still supporting Windows 7 until next summer.
6:28 PM
@Fredy31 it is a major update, yes, but iOS generally installs quite painlessly. The main reason to install it is because Apple releases comprehensive lists of all security bugs they fixed with every release, so if you don't update to iOS 15 soon or keep updating iOS 14, you may run into issues
hopefully it forces people to support WEBP
@Fredy31 support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/… Windows 7 support ended in January last year
got a client a month ago that couldn't see WEBPs on his website, and I wanted to punch a wall. Chrome/FF have supported WEBP for like 3-4 years now, Safari on mac? need the latest iOS that came out last november
Might be thinking of Win8 then, or completely wrong
Windows 8.1 will end in 2 years
Windows 8 ended in 2016 actually
Windows 8.1 is long outdated, but technically supported through 2023
yep what I saw too when i googled it
6:31 PM
@Fredy31 yes, that's what I mean
pisses me off when people just... dont update their shit and its reported as a bug
god I love that the contract at my current agency stipulates 'OUR WEBSITES ONLY SUPPORT THE LATEST EDGE/SAFARI/FF/CHROME'
but i'm eyeing a job at SRC (french CBC) and I'm gonna guess those sites are still supporting or at least got fallbacks back to IE6
At least in the current web fallback support is not a common thing. I remember when i was in college for this, when they were giving instructions for the end term project, you could hear an audible sigh when they said 'must support IE6-7'
(For those who dont know, IE 6 and 7 were done when Netscape was dead, but FF was not yet on the market. So the only browser was IE. And they decided to not give a fuck about standards and so you had to code in the microsoft way for a shit ton of things)
so you had to program a lot of shit twice. Once the standard way, and a second time the IE6-7 way
6:46 PM
When I started my previous defense contracting job we had to support a naval website that was so old and crusty used out on the ships for like supply management. It was band-aided together all over the place. Extremely hard to use
but thats the US Government for ya
And, it only worked on IE
using VB.NET webforms backend 🤢
yeah, i often heard that why did IE6-7 survived for so fucking long was banks and governments. They had web interfaces done in the early 2000s, and that shit only worked in IE6-7 for some ungodly reason. So they had to keep IE6-7 on the machines
@Fredy31 youtu.be/GFvaRgFf4LU?t=81 Idk if you ever heard of this guy on youtube, but the video relates to this conversation LOL
And the site in that video reminds me of how annoyingly hard it was to use that government site we maintained
And it must have been there for 20 years, nobody gave the fuck to remove that
Some of the comments on the video are pretty interesting as well - some insider knowledge of how and why it is what it is
And yeah that interface must have been developped to run on a 600x800 screen, and they didn't do any responsive (even if responsive design has been a thing for a good 15 years now)
Well, I can tell you now without looking at them. Shit was developped to work with computers 20 years ago, and probably with a mentality that the code would be adapted and updated over time. Chase just never called them back to update the content
probably an exec that was just 'meh, shit works'
that and/or the company that developped it was a BEAST in security, and that is still actively maintained, but the frontend part of that company is... not great.
or, go back to what i said earlier. An exec saying 'meh, shit still works'
no need to spend shit to make it beautiful if it still just works
2 hours later…
8:38 PM
Basically like your friend that still runs their 2003 Civic. Yes, it still works, get you from A to B... but comon dude, you fucking put as much money as a new car in the last year to keep that piece of trash alive. Just bite the bullet and buy a new car.
So update on the iOS update: after updating my iPad, I could immediately spend 30 minutes rearranging my home screens, because Apple decided it could add a bunch of widgets to my home screen without my consent, completely messing up the ordering I had. I ended up just reordering everything, as in tossing everything off the screen and only adding those apps I wanted to use
2 hours later…
10:34 PM
Hey all, checkout screenshot of the week #48: Nighttime

Q: Screenshot of the Week #48: Nighttime

Timmy JimHello and welcome to the forty-eighth edition of the Screenshot of the Week! To start with, congratulations to the winner of the previous contest! pinckerman's submission of their winged partner Phosphor from the game imortals-fenyx-rising with 11 upvotes! To submit a screenshot, simply post it ...

10:52 PM
lol, i had a moment recorded ready on the weekend to screenshot that was also set at night. a shame that the power got cut and corrupted the video file
11:42 PM
I have so much fun looking through my screenshots for these contests
11:57 PM
@SaintWacko That's good to hear. When the mod team first decided to give this a shot we weren't even confident it would last a month. Yet here we are now nearly 2 years later and it's still going strong.

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