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2:39 AM
and anyone else, chapter 2 is out 9/17
3:22 AM
@SPArcheon I didn't read the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure I know what's it about from the title. Raiden Shogun had a skill description that said her skill would work different than it actually did, which basically made her a must-have character, she would basically become essential in any team comp for the utility and damage boost she provided.
The whales in genshin spend tens of thousands of dollars to get c6 of the character, get the weapon, max her out, only to find out that the skill doesn't work as described. Mihoyo then "fixes" the description and now people are mad because the character they spent way too much money on isn't what they thought they were getting
it's not being mad about a skill description, it's being mad about the character not working as initially advertised
and in a gacha game where people literally spend tens of thousands of dollars, that can be pretty serious
from the reddit thread
> Specifically, it is on the grounds of the unethical description change that happened an hour after everyone pulled.
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7:10 AM
@Unionhawk !!!!
7:53 AM
@Elise not very precise. Raiden has a skill that is kinda useful, but it is also made less useful by her element, Electro. Electro based attack apparently are considered less efficient compared to other element because their reactions are a) less powerful and b) often cause big knock-back, which is regarded more as a problem than something useful most of the time.
that said, she was seen as a potential match to one specific character that already used Electro damage. The character called "Beidou" - the idea was to trigger her special attack which gives an effect that triggers on normal attack DAMAGE, switch to Raiden and use her special attack while boosted by Beidou.
The problem apparently is that while in her special mode Raiden still uses normal attacks, the damage of those normal attacks is considered Burst Damage.
And apparently the game makes a distinction between the attack and the damage type.
So, you have special abilities that trigger on a normal attack that can be triggered while Raiden uses her Musou move because the attacks are still normal and then you have Beidou special cases that does not trigger because her move is coded to look at the damage TYPE instead than the attack type.
The fuss apparently was caused by the fact that many player watched beta-leaks and in the beta Beidou did indeed trigger on Raiden special. So when they found out that the actual release didn't work as the CLOSED beta (which technically was under NDA) they raged.
The legal thing came into play because the wording on the skill is quite incomprehensible, borderline wrong, and was changed AFTER the character released, so now people are claiming that the product was altered after being sold.
The fact that the demo you can play with Raiden does not include Beidou (so you can't realize the problem before getting the actual char or reading about it) is also a part of the chaos
@Unionhawk WHUT?
Wasn't the dog like "no more demo until complete???"
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9:59 AM
Q: Asking to identify the game based on keyboard combination only

trejderThe oldest question on identify-this-game-like questions that I found here is 7 years old. So my introduction question is whether this class of questions are or are not allowed here as of today (2021)? If they're allowed, then currently the game-identification tag's wiki states (emphasis mine): ...

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11:13 AM
@Unionhawk My word
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2:37 PM
@Unionhawk How should questions about chapter 2 be tagged? Just [[deltarune]], or would it have a new tag
I guess it's hard to determine when chapter 2 isn't out yet
3:07 PM
@Stevoisiak The same way we treated other episodic games like Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft Story Mode,...
@Nzall I think Deltarune is a bit of a different case, considering the 3 year gap between chapters
@Stevoisiak what makes the 3 year gap relevant? It's still the same game AFAIK
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4:34 PM
Q: Is it possible to know how long a nuclear reactor has been running in Civ 6?

vianna77If I'm not mistaken, recommissioning a power plant is the way to avoid nuclear accidents. Per some descriptions I saw around, I should do that every 10 to 20 turns. So, is there a way to know for how long a Nuclear Power Plant has been running? I would be impossible to pen+paper to track that kin...

4:53 PM
Q: Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

Timmy JimThere is a on going Meta SE post about unpinning the accepted answers on a post from the top of the list of answers. In fact, Stack Oveflow has already unpinned the accepted answers. For Stack Overflow, there are good reasons behind the change. As a developer, I'll often see older questions on S...

5:41 PM
@SepiaLazers A lot of the time, the person asking the question may one one of the least qualified to judge "correctness". I really like this idea.
Seems like a great idea for the Minecraft questions
Here's my argument for applying the change on BCG. I think the same reasons mostly apply here
@InvaderSkoodge I started reading Malazan
I'm currently on book 2
@Wipqozn Nice!
Book 2 is a huuuuuuge improvement over book 1
5:48 PM
I've kind of stalled on my re-listen in the middle of book 3.
Book 1 was kind of a mess.
@InvaderSkoodge Yes
It was neat to listen to it a second time, though, when I actually understood WTF was going on.
I still haven't finished Rhythm of War.
Not because I'm not enjoying it, but I just haven't been reading at all.
Audiobooks when I exercise and that's it.
@InvaderSkoodge You're probably WFH, so no more train reading?
Yeah, I've been WFH since the whole thing started, and I'm actually permanently WFH now.
A bunch of people will start going back Eventually, but not me!
I'm in EXACTLY the same situation. It's now 10 months since RoW released and I think I'm only just nearing the point when the Sanderlanche starts
I no longer have the 30 minutes each day on my commute
5:57 PM
I mean it's not like I don't have time where I could be reading.
I just for some reason decided to spend all my free time for the past 6 months learning Japanese instead.
So that's progressing, but the reading isn't.
Also apparently a suggestion I made for the German Duolingo course like 6+ years ago was finally accepted, so glad to hear they're on top of things.
(Not using Duolingo for Japanese; it's quite ineffective.)
@InvaderSkoodge I spent pretty much all my free time the past 18 months gaming
spent so much time playing WoW
I got super into Rocket League for like 4 months and made it to low Diamond ranks.
Like, 5 hours per day most days of the week
I wasn't able to get into any MMOs even when I didn't have 3 kids.
MMOs are right out now :P
Didn't stop until less than 2 months ago when the lawsuit happened and Blizzard had one of the worst PR fumbles I've seen in a long time
Like, literally, if they had just said "We take these accusations very seriously and will start an immediate investigation into the facts and fully cooperate with the investigation by the California DEFH", I would probably still be playing, but instead they claimed they were outdated lies and an attempt at the California government to bully the company out of the state. Definitely also didn't help that they tried to act like they knew how the family of one of the victims felt
But now? Every week they dig themselves into a deeper hole
Like, 2 days ago they got a THIRD lawsuit filed against them, this time for retaliation and other unfair labor practices
6:42 PM
Sir Clive Sinclair, creator of early home computer ZX Spectrum, has passed away: theguardian.com/technology/2021/sep/16/…
7:49 PM
@InvaderSkoodge it really depends on the content of the site in particular. kinda glad that this is a site configuration option rather than a network-wide setting
@InvaderSkoodge i honestly play ffxiv like a singleplayer game most of the time
really, the whole game feels designed from that aspect
more like a singleplayer game with occasional multiplayer elements than a WoW-esque MMORPG
8:11 PM
@InvaderSkoodge That's pretty snazzy. No more long train rides for you.
@InvaderSkoodge 3?! Thought you only had 2! You've certainly been busy.
8:54 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah I guess I haven't really been in chat much for like...2 years? But the youngest is going to be 2 in a few weeks.
@InvaderSkoodge Oldest is.... Around 6?
Just turned 7.
@InvaderSkoodge Honestly the hardest part about this to believe is we've been part of this community for over 7 years
Hasn't it actually been like 11 years?
2010 IIRC
@InvaderSkoodge 10 years for me. I joined April 2011.
9:20 PM
Fun fact about US drug names - under FDA rules, the name of the drug must not imply it actually works, which explains why the name of most drugs sound like complete nonsense unrelated to what they actually do, because if they actually named the condition they're for they may violate this rule
9:45 PM
Related fun fact: "Tylenol" and "acetaminophen" are both derived from the full chemical name of the drug: N-acetyl-para-aminophenol and N-acetyl-para-aminophenol

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