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1:36 AM
Q: Is it possible to remove viewscreen weather effects?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasI'm playing No Man's Sky on PC (via Steam), and I've noticed that when I start my game on a hazardous planet, the "weather effects" on the viewscreen seem to persist even when I leave the planet. Is there a way to disable the weather effects entirely? I don't find it adds very much to the ambienc...

2:26 AM
Q: How do i give the player one air bubble instead of 10?

Dind1nI want to be able to give the player one air bubble or just make them drown a lot faster. is there any way i can do this?

Q: No Man's Sky: Is this supposed to be blood?

MillardWas watching a gameplay video and saw this: Is the red supposed to be blood, or is it your helmets HUD? Is it disabled if you remove player blood effects, or is their an option to disable it?

Q: Minecraft Fabric 1.17 cant create entity

Leon LavoieStory I am trying to write a minecraft mod after my favorite pet, gerbils (cute small desert rodents), so i started to learn how to make a mod using fabric (i used the official fabric website and Suited Llama's tutorials). I created an item without any major problems, but as soon as i tried to im...

2:50 AM
Q: Is there anyway to make it so you hear music disc anywhere? MC:BE

EliteMCBasically Is there anyway I can make it so I can hear a music disc anywhere without it fading away if I get far.

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6:34 AM
Q: What are the strongest characters in Paladins?

Mritunjay JadonI wanted to know some of the strongest characters for the Paladins. I have also google it and found a tier list paladins-tier-list but it's totally useless. Can anybody guide me to the strongest characters. I can select for the game.

Q: can i change the biome of your world

Ender1011I wanted to see if we can change the biome on my world. for example if it was a super flat plains can I make it a snowy biome after building in the world?

2 hours later…
8:14 AM
Q: Is it possible to generate a river biome with water in a floating islands world with sealevel = 0?

frage123I want to generate a custom floating island world with a river biome (with water in it), but when I change the sea level to 0, the river is empty. Is there any way to fix this? Can I generate custom river biomes with custom biomes already filled with water?

9:04 AM
Q: How do I change the thing under the crosshair back to normal?

StrangerjacPls, help me. So you know the thingy under the crosshair in Minecraft? My brothers' friend played on my pc and he changed the settings so the bar under the crosshair isn't there anymore but instead it isn't a bar and it is a sword that charges but it is NEXT to my HOTBAR. TYSM if you help me. (so...

2 hours later…
10:43 AM
Q: LoL - slow loading/recovery of client after game ends

Captain TrojanSince a certain patch - I cannot determine which one, like 6 months ago - I began experiencing an issue where my client is stuck on a "Game in progress..." screen for a minute after I finish a game. I tried: reinstalling LoL reinstalling LoL to a brand new SSD moving my TEMP/TMP directories to s...

3 hours later…
2:02 PM
Q: Will I loose anything by changing my Nintendo Account’s region?

MorganI recently moved from Australia to the US and have perched a US WiiU. To access my digital-Australian games I’d need to change the region on my account from Australia to USA but, I’m worried that I might loose stuff. Especially considering I would have to cancel my Nintendo Online subscription to...

3 hours later…
5:36 PM
jesus christ it's the skyrim 10th anniversary
what the hell
Q: When game is focused somehow my music and browser audio is lowered, any ideas?

J. RobinsonSomehow whenever I'm playing any game on Steam (any game, including WoWs, Satisfactory, and Cities Skylines) if i have the game focused (i'm in game), somehow my machine is lowering my audio for my browser and also lowering iTunes. I've also noticed that when in game the itunes music and browser ...

6:24 PM
Ugh, I knew I was going to regret not moving faster to get my computer fixed
7:12 PM
@Batophobia Oh right, E3
I hope XBOX exclusive includes PC
Oh right, I really need ty play stalker
@Wipqozn it does, mostly
The Xbox Console exclusives are console-only, but everything labeled just as Xbox Exclusive also comes to PC
Q: How do you pop the giant bubble in the Golden Apple Archipelago?

childe Tried running around it trying to find some puzzle mechanism. There's a set of 3 lasers converging onto a single crystal at one part but it doesn't seem like you can interact with it. Is there a way to pop the bubble?

Q: How can I heal the most health while outside of the world border?

Potato ChipsWhile outside the world border, I take tons of damage and would like to find a way to heal more than my previous solution. My way to survive being outside the border currently is to use Lingering Potions of Healing 2. This way was still not fast enough and I died. Here is the world border setting...

Q: How do I find the appid for a non-steam game on Steam

idbriiSimilar to How do I find the ID for a game on Steam? but this is about non-steam games (shortcuts). I'm trying to figure out what to name my custom artwork for non-steam games to get steam to recognize them. I know they go in this folder: steam/userdata/<userid>/config/grid I know there are three:

2 hours later…
9:34 PM
@Nzall Fantastic, that's what I was hoping. Thanks.
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
Q: PS4 Controller Issues

Coleridge JoseyI've had my PS4 console for about 4 years. I was playing one of my games and started to have a problem with the controller. I was unable to use one of my weapon or use the cellphone for the mission that I was doing. I should also mention that the charger cable cord doesn't fit into the controller...

1 hour later…
11:57 PM
Q: Bought refurbished PS4, can’t connect to either controller

MagnusI have very recently bought a refurbished PS4 for myself, and I’m sad to say I’m already having troubles before I can even play any kinds of games. Neither of my PS4 controllers I bought with it connect to the thing. One was straight out of the box too. They’re both Sony brand as well, nothing th...


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