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1:31 AM
Q: how long until tamed wolves stop attacking?

777_degreesI have a new dog and I accidentally hit an iron golem. That iron golem is player made, so it will not attack me, but then my dog tried to attack him. Before anything happens, I asked my dog to sit. How long until I can make the dog stand without attacking the iron golem?

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3:25 AM
Q: Make a row of hidden barrel

Dav_Did HuI've watched many videos, and tried some myself, but none of it seems to work, what I'm trying to do here is make a row of hidden barrels. Obviously there are many way to hide it but I'm trying to do this. After opened

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4:39 AM
So I posted this answer about de-aggroing tamed wolves in minecraft. I got a DV, explaining that it doesn't answer the question. They then posted the exact same information that they claimed I hadn't posted?
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
Q: How do i change panning angle on player 1s turn in fnf?

GGianniI am trying to make a reskin over daddy dearest and the reskin in question is a lot shorter, and I want to change the camera position when it is his turn to fit his height, how do I change this?

7:27 AM
Q: Where am I this Week? #1

Joshua BizleyThis is the first challenge thread in the "Where am I?" series. Welcome and have fun! A "Where am I?" challenge involves posting a screenshot from a game and having other users guess in the comments not only which game it is but where in the game you are. If the game supports turning off the HUD,...

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12:31 PM
Q: Minecraft microsoft problem

Joury salahhow do I play multiplayer on Minecraft I, have java and it has something to do with the Microsoft account please help.

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1:47 PM
ooo briefings are up for cross the pond
2:09 PM
Q: How to find North and South in the Nether

LeBiscuitI have been trying for days to find a Nether Fortress. I've looked up different ways on how to find one and I happened to stumble upon an answer that might help me. The question he asked was just what I was looking for. Someone answered him and said, "There are infinite nether fortresses in the n...

Q: I was wondering how can I get 15 HPS score in spacebar counter

Liam NoahI have been putting in a lot of effort recently to get the max hits per second on online spacebar counters. But unfortunately, none of the tricks or methods available on youtube or google has helped me. Can anyone help me get maximum hits on the spacebar?

2:57 PM
Q: minecraft 1.7.10 crashes when I attempt to join a world

katy10015---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't be sad, have a hug! <3 Time: 22.04.21 16:21 Description: Unexpected error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex(Buffer.java:540) at java.nio.DirectIntBufferU.get(DirectIntBufferU.java:253) at bma.a(SourceFile:271) at bma.a(Sour...

3:41 PM
@Ben the fact that the other answer is accepted is also weird enough to deserve a mod checking if by chance there is an "ip overlap"....
^ Think this could be worth, @Unionhawk ?
Q: Bought games don't show up in library on new PC

Yama994I've got some problems with my steam library. After buying a new pc, I logged into my steam account there and downloaded a few of my games I was in the mood of playing, including some free games and one of my paid games (Game Dev Tycoon). This was a few months ago. When I wanted to download the o...

Q: My game doesn't detect save files

xqckkkThe save files should be located in appdata\locallow\sks\theforest\ right? well i they are there, all 3 of my slots are there but they dont show up in the game at all. is there a fix to that?

@SPArcheon I checked our usual ways to detect for socks earlier
@SPArcheon I felt the same way. Thought that was mighty suspicious
@Wrigglenite nothing found I assume then.
@Wrigglenite Really we should get @Wipqozn to do it. He knows a lot about socks
3:47 PM
Also feel free to flag for moderator attention when you notice anything suspicious
@SaintWacko I'm the best meme.
@Wrigglenite Notice taken, thanks, didn't know what the preferred route is here. On the Meta Tavern we often resolve some similar problems "live" in the chat.
If this is the preferred option here I will use that in the future, sorry.
It's less likely to get lost
Our flag queue is usually empty so it's easier to do it that way
yep, probably that is the difference. On Meta it is often the opposite
anyway, still felling odd.
@Wrigglenite To be fair it's usually only empty because you're a flag machine. You're basically the new @Ash.
3:55 PM
The user that reposted the same quote in a separate answer now says they were on mobile and the full competitor answer didn't show.
Not to suggest the rest of us mods are lazy, BUT, it is a lot of work getting out of this hammock.
@Wipqozn I wish I was comparable to Ash
But that does not explain why the OP would accept that version. Probably overthinking it though, time is quite close and this is probably a case of "I accept the first option in the list"
@Wipqozn Gotta Handle 'Em All?
... and this is probably a new low level for bad puns.
@SPArcheon That's why it's great. IT's @Yuuki grade.
@Wipqozn can do worse.... let me try...
@SaintWacko alwasy suspected that the Paratroopa must be a sock of the Koopa Troopa
4:04 PM
@SPArcheon And has commented on their answer asking the asker to accept the other answer instead
Hey, can I become a meme? Like Wipqozn?
@OKprogrammer Doesn't work that way. You have to do something like post a picture with something unintended in the background, or just be old
conversely, you can be eternally young
Silly @Ronan. Never aging.
@Sterno This has been what's keeping me from playing Stellaris
4:07 PM
Actually most of our memes are really, really old at this point.
Ok I have transcended an am now of eternal youth.
Bridge ain't what ti used to be.
RIP @GnomePhone
well, all ti is is making incredibly overpriced calculators because they're the only accepted brand for standardized testing so i'm okay with that
Q: How do i make it say Hi in chat on Minecraft?

Bean BrosHow do i make it say Hi in chat on Minecraft? i put /tellraw @a "Hi" in a command block and it works. but i wanna make it say it every 30 minutes. Any help please?

@Wipqozn That's surprisingly coincidental
4:08 PM
@Ronan Happy birthday?
You'd think I know this since I have you on faceobok, but I never check it anymore.
So I no longer have any idea when birthdays happen.
I'm not on facebook anymore
That would do it too
When I got my new phone I didn't bother install the app, so I only check it like once a week now. I barely used it before anyway.
@Ronan Hey, happy birthday!
4:13 PM
It's an RL friends bday too.
Could @Ronan secretly be that friend?!!? IS his whole UK thing just a cover?!!?!
@Yuuki Don't they also make missile guidance chips?
Happy birthday @Ronan!
@Batophobia *on Playstation
i think the last time i used facebook was during harvey
4:14 PM
Indeed, but not in the "you have to have our subscription" way
@Batophobia I've been playing that on PC
It's alright
@Wrigglenite I've had multiple people tell me I need to buy it
It's an open world game with side quests and collectibles and most fights involve finding a way to cheese the enemies
Lots of "must've been the wind" type stealth
That's not to say it's not enjoyable
4:47 PM
@Batophobia funny, was going to post that.
but since we are at it.
Currently available notable titles: "Horizon: Zero Dawn", "Enter the Gungeon", "Subnautica" and "The Witness"
Apparently more games are coming to the promotion at a later time (according to the official Playstation Blog)
Anyway, a weird idea came to my mind.
Some user posted a question about a new crawlspace layout in the BoI last expansion that features an item behind a wall.
I posted an answer and among other things mentioned that oddly [HOW TO JUMP!] works to bypass the wall despite making no sense (the room is viewed from the side, so a jump should not move on the third axis).
Then it came to mind - considering the item is a reference to Super Mario, the fact that the jump can extend on the third dimension in a 2d space....
A bug or a very obscure reference to flipping in Super Paper Mario?
If that is the reason the item works that way... kudos to Edmund.
> Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
> https://store.steampowered.com/app/1205450/Turnip_Boy_Commits_Tax_Evasion/
6:02 PM
@MBraedley Oh my
@SPArcheon Wow. Kinda makes me wish I had a playstation
@SPArcheon That would be cool, but I suspect it's just because it actually is a horizontal room with some stuff thrown on it to make it seem vertical
6:32 PM
Q: How to transfer save data into a new ps3 when the old one is not working?

Pedro AlceuI am well aware of the PS3's built in backup system and the cloud backup for PS plus users (not my case). Unfortunately, that's not an option for me, as my old PS3 bricked beyond repair, and i don't see a lot of advantage in getting a new one if i can't have my old save files back. I'm told if i ...

6:57 PM
Q: since necrozma absorbs "light" can he fuse with other pokemon than lunala and solgaleo

Cat of doom2necrozma is described as absorbing the "light" from lunula and solgeio. this is supposedly the same "light" that created mega crystals and such. therefore, could necrozma absorb rayquaza? not only is rayquaza legendary and therefore would have more of the life energy that created the superweapon ...

7:45 PM
Q: Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What parts of the story are new and what was in the original?

Fredy31As far as I know, where the Remake currently ends is about 5-6 hours in the original game. But they blew that up to a good 20 hour game. So I guess there are huge parts of the remake that did not happen in the original. So what parts of the game, in general, are added to the remake, and what was ...

@Nzall Yikes
8:23 PM
@Nzall oh damn
8:34 PM
Q: Among Us questions I have about things (Found by Youtuber Chary)

KirbychuIf your username is 00000, the secret gray crewmate's name, will your color become gray, or will nothing happen at all? And what happens if you run into the crewmatified long cat meme picture in The Airship's vault 10 times? And does Patient 0 really exist?

Q: What is the name of this Macromedia Shockwave game with a small plumber unclogging pipes from the inside?

ClockworkThis was a Macromedia Shockwave game I played online, which was likely made before 2008. The gameplay was pretty straightforward: we had to unclog the pipes and help all the water flow down. If any water remained stuck, or if the character died (shocked by a power outlet), you lost a life and ev...

8:59 PM
Q: In animal crossing new horizons, do old villagers that move out remember you when you meet them again?

SethI had Chrissy move out, and I ended up seeing her again. When I met her, she had no clue who I was, even if she said she will never forget me. Is that just what villagers say when they leave as well?

@Nzall Grain of salt time. If Canada Computers were to try to sell those GPUs without building them into a system, they might be breaking contractual terms with Nvidia and AMD. There's a Linus Tech Tips video about this that I can't find, but suffice it to say if those GPUs are slated for OEM builds, they must go in OEM builds.
And because retailers have an easier time getting cards for OEM builds compared to straight retail, this allows Canada Computers to continue selling GPUs, just with an entire system around them.
9:46 PM
Q: Minecraft Forge not opening

Minecraft person ishWhy when i double click on forge nothing pops up and nothing happens. What am i doing wrong? I have the correct version of java and i've restarted about 500 times. I have also got the version on my mc launcher. NOTHING POPS UP. My normal launcher works just fine but forge does not.


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